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Bloody Serial Killer Shower Curtain

Let's kill off the meaningless concept of SW-defined storage

Comment Software-defined storage has become a meaningless and useless concept. It doesn't tell you anything useful beyond the vague idea that software drives the hardware. Well, yes, when virtually every storage hardware product you use is based on commodity hardware then it would, wouldn't it? I met a person the other day who said …
Chris Mellor, 9 Jun 2015
Victor Johansson shows off Keyflex

Bendy, twisty keyboard wins Microsoft input tech competition

Microsoft last night announced the winner of a student design competition which saw two dozen scholars conceptualise ideas for future input devices. The MA Industrial Design students from Central Saint Martin's College of Arts and Design, London had their work on show, with half of the group shortlisted by Microsoft and one …
Caleb Cox, 26 Apr 2012
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Designer pitches game arcade laundry

One bright student has decided to merge his love of videogames with the task of laundry, creating a hybrid machine that puts a new spin on household chores. Kingston University design student Lee Wei Chen realises playing videogames is far from productive. So in order to get kids helping around the house, he came up with this …
Caleb Cox, 23 Sep 2011

Concept phone punted as ultimate music handset

Getting a friend to hold your handset near the guitar as you jam isn’t the best way to record your musical prowess for posterity. So a design firm’s drawn up plans for a mobile with music at its heart. Ondo_01 Ondo: capture, edit and send music with one phone Ondo’s been described by firm Pilotfish as a “music editing …
James Sherwood, 21 Apr 2009

The ultimate mouse?

Stick the word concept before a product name and you’ve got yourself an instant excuse for craziness. Well, the concept Alien Mouse is no exception. alien_mouse The four-part Alien Mouse: comfy This four-section mouse is designed with ergonomics in mind and designer Mizanur Rehman claims that his Alien Mouse “is the …
James Sherwood, 25 Jul 2008

Hi-tech couch, coffee table pitched at modern sloths

Getting up from the sofa to play a DVD or turn on the stereo is such a pain, isn’t it? One designer thinks it is, so he’s sketched plans for a concept coffee table that plays DVDs. Digital_coffee_table Lea's concept table stores and plays DVDs Designer Peter Lea’s coffee table has a circular DVD storage rack integrated …

Pong, the dining table

If you’ve reached that age where Saturday nights are taken up with dinner parties, don’t you sometimes wish you could be playing videogames instead? Well, thanks to one inventor, you can now do both. Pong_table The Pong table isn't for eating off, or is it? Mortiz Waldemeyer has designed a white dining table that doubles- …
James Sherwood, 29 May 2008

Yes! It's the dancing suit!

People used to put on their dancing shoes, but they’ll soon have to dig out their dancing suit too. Because a designer has stitched together plans for an outfit that turns your shape shifting into real music. pacer_suit Designer Nikola Knezevic's Pacer Suit: you dance, it makes the music The Pacer Suit may look like …
James Sherwood, 28 May 2008

Don't like your phone's look? Then build your own

If you don’t like your phone any longer, don’t just buy another one – build yourself a handset of your own. No, we’re not crazy - we’re talking about DIY phone assembly. easy_tiles Designer Tzu-Fu Wang's Easy Tiles phone: don't give it to kids Designer Tzu-Fu Wang has created a concept handset that’s based on the idea of …
James Sherwood, 21 Apr 2008

The USB wedding ring

Victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning asked us to count the ways I love thee. But if modern-day wedding ring designer Jennifer Flume gets her way, then you’ll be counting the ways in gigabytes and diamond carats. USB_wedding_ring The concept USB wedding ring has in-built storage space Flume has designed two concept …
James Sherwood, 19 Mar 2008

Designer dials in Chanel phone

Designer handsets and phones with the backing of a prominent fashion label are ten-a-penny nowadays. However, a concept model designed on behalf of Chanel really stands out from the crowd. Chanel Chanel's concept hanset To start with, it’s a slider handset, but not your run of the mill Samsung G600-type slider. The concept …

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