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Broadcom's new chip aims NFC at every smartphone

Communications chipmaker Broadcom has made it easier and more cost-effective for smartphone manufacturers to include the new hotness of tap-to-communicate near-field communication (NFC) in their handsets with the release of a new quad-radio wireless chip that provides support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM, and NFC. Broadcom's new …
Rik Myslewski, 12 Dec 2012

Turnbull upends bucket on data retention proposal

Australia’s opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull has made his strongest statement yet against the proposed data retention regime, asking an audience in Melbourne whether people are casting themselves into a “digital dungeon”. Delivering the Alfred Deakin lecture, Turnbull has created a poser for Australia’s …
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Man charged over alleged April Jones Facebook trolling

Lancashire police arrested a man on Saturday for allegedly offensive remarks he posted on Facebook about missing five-year-old April Jones from Machynlleth, Wales. Officers said they had arrested and later charged Matthew Wood, 20, of Eaves Lane, Chorley, "with sending by means of a public electronic communications network a …
Kelly Fiveash, 8 Oct 2012
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Reborn UK internet super-snooper charter to be unveiled today

Home Secretary Theresa May confirmed this morning that under existing UK laws her department receives half a million requests to intercept communications data in the country every year. Later today, the Home Office will unveil its plans to greatly increase the amount of internet communications information kept on file in the UK …
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Jun 2012
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Kcom shrugs off revenue slip to boost profits

Comms services provider Kcom jacked up profits for its full year despite a slip in revenues, preliminary results released this morning show. The erstwhile local telco said this didn't distract from its ongoing refocusing, and it still intended to up its dividend this year. Kcom turned in total revenues of £387.3m for the year …
Joe Fay, 22 May 2012
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Multi-color laser created by UCSB scientists

A group of University of California Santa Barbara researchers is touting a new technique to create multi-coloured lasers. The coherent light of lasers is created by pumping a suitable material with energy. The energy is absorbed by electrons in the material, which move briefly to a higher-energy state; when they shed that …
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Boffins render fibre obsolete

Even if they don’t travel faster than light, neutrinos have one killer advantage over other physical layer transmission systems: you don’t need to lay fibre or wires to carry messages. Working at Fermilab, a research team from the North Carolina State University and the University of Rochester have sent one word – “neutrino …
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Space soldiers save satellite from FLAMING DEATH

The US Air Force Space Command's 14-month effort to save a $2bn military communications satellite overcame failed thrusters, threatened explosion, space debris, and destructive radiation, thanks in great measure to tiny thrusters with a mere 0.05 pounds of oomph. It wasn't easy, as reports in a blow-by- …
Rik Myslewski, 4 Jan 2012
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Acer joins NFC party with mid-range blower

Acer has boosted its Liquid range of smartphones with its first handset to boast touch-to-pay NFC capabilities. The Acer Liquid Express is a mid-range blower that comes with an 800MHz processor and Android 2.3 Gingerbread. There's a 3.5in touchscreen and a 5Mp camera, as well as a 2GB Micro SD card included in the box. Acer …
Caleb Cox, 30 Nov 2011
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Ofcom tarts up telco report with pretty coverage maps

Ofcom has published the first of its triennial reports on the UK's communications infrastructure, but more importantly there are pretty maps too. The regulator is required to provide a detailed study of the UK's telecommunications to the Ministry of Fun every three years. The report is supposed to include details of what …
Bill Ray, 1 Nov 2011
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Brits love their phones, but spend less than ten years ago

Ofcom's annual report on the state of the UK communications market shows we are all doing more with our phones and tellies but we're not spending any more doing it. Despite the fact that almost a third of UK adults now have a smartphone, or that 93 per cent of us are connecting to the internet over broadband while watching our …
Bill Ray, 4 Aug 2011
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Boffins shine 800Mbps wireless network from flashlight

German researchers have discovered how to fill a room with 800 megabits per second of wireless data using an inexpensive LED setup. "Using red-blue-green-white light LEDs, we were able to transmit 800Mbit/s in the lab," said researcher Klaus-Dieter Langer. "That is a world record for the [visible light communication] method …
Rik Myslewski, 2 Aug 2011
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Spyeye sperm-blimp in US flight trials

A company seeking to sell novel, sperm-like robot airships for surveillance missions says that its "Argus One" tadpole spy blimp has "completed initial flight testing". The firm has also renamed itself for the third time. The STS-111 unmanned airship in test flight above Germany. Credit: Sanswire-TAO Vorsprung durch …
Lewis Page, 20 Apr 2011
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Hydrogen powered hybrid stratocraft prangs during test flight

A radical new prototype hydrogen-powered high altitude robot aircraft, intended to remain airborne for a week at a time, has crashed during a test flight in California. The Global Observer drone, which had taken off 18 hours previously from Edwards airforce base, was lost at 2:30pm local time on Friday. It was the aircraft's …
Lewis Page, 4 Apr 2011
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Giant 5-year-mission aerial wing-ship to fly in 2011

US military plans to build a mighty unmanned wing-ship able to cruise the stratosphere on flights lasting five years have moved forward with the announcement that flight tests of the "Vulture II" prototype are expected to commence next year. Vulture II is being produced by US aerospace mammoth Boeing, building on its …
Lewis Page, 11 Mar 2011
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International Telecom Union drags self out of past

ITU There's plenty wrong with the International Telecommunication Union, but formal proposals here at its quadrennial Plenipotentiary congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, prove that many attendees want to fix the creaky United Nations' agency. Those proposals show that the ITU is aware of its problems: its closed nature, its budgeting …
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Oct 2010
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Living with Unified Comms

On-Demand Webcast This final instalment in our unified comms series gets to the meat and potatoes of living with Unified Communications. It’s a detailed look at what you can expect once you’ve implemented a unified communications solution. As ever, the programme is fronted by our highly experienced end user, Darren Lloyd, from Newport City …
Team Register, 2 Jun 2010
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How ready is your business for unified communications?

Workshop Although unified communications (UC) still has some way to go before it achieves mainstream adoption, businesses increasingly understand what it is and what it can deliver in terms of benefits to the business. Moreover, sentiment towards UC is generally positive, with a significant proportion of companies already having it on …
Josie Sephton, 26 Mar 2010

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