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Nokia's Ovi wunderkind is off ... to Nokia-backed Vision+

One of Nokia's high flyers is leaving the company – but will still be spending Nokia's money. Tero Ojanperä, an executive vice president, member of the core Leadership Team (and, don't forget, UN Young Global Leader) will head up a Nokia-backed investment fund called Vision+. The new investment fund "seeks to help communities …
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Aug 2011

Bundled music newbie Boinc aims for year-end launch

The disaster that was Nokia's Comes With Music hasn't deterred entrepreneurs from having another go at bundling music access with hardware. Beyond Oblivion has raised a huge amount of cash to do much the same thing – and told the FT it will launch by the year end. The service will be called Boinc, continuing the tradition of …
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Aug 2011
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Nokia axes music bundle in 21 countries

Nokia has confirmed that it's terminating the music service formerly known as Comes With Music in most of the territories in which it operates, including the UK, by the end of the year. Subscriptions will continue in six remaining nations Brazil, China and India. This contradicts an earlier wire service report that suggests the …
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Jan 2011
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Nokia launches DRM-free Comes With Music

Nokia is to launch its Comes With Music service in China, without Windows DRM, for the first time. The service bundles a year’s worth of unlimited downloads with selected handsets, and the account can continue when a new CwM phone is purchased. The DRM was used to tie to the music to one desktop and one phone at a time, but …
Nokia X6

Nokia X6 Comes With Music

Review Nokia's X6 smartphone is more than just another touch screen smartphone in an overcrowded market. In its 32GB form, this well-spec'd music phone will only be available with Nokia's Comes With Music package. It'll be hard to avoid, and is likely to benefit from aggressive subsidies. Nokia's X6: one of the few models currently …

Nokia's X6 now Doesn’t Come With Music

Nokia has updated its X6 Comes With Music (CWM) handset with a rehashed model that... er... doesn’t come with music. The Finnish phone giant unveiled its X-series handset line – the successor to its established XpressMusic range — in September 2009. Nokia_X6_02 Nokia's X6 now comes with...just 16GB The X6 was the first …
James Sherwood, 26 Jan 2010
Nokia 5235

Nokia intros updated Comes With Music touchphone

Nokia has introduced its latest Comes With Music phone, the 5235, though the handset's not set to go on sale until Q1 2010. You can look up tracks on the handset's 3.2in, 640 x 360 touchscreen - or use it to look at pics you've snapped on the phone's 2Mp camera. The 5235 has a 3.5mm headphone socket, so you can listen to your …
Tony Smith, 11 Dec 2009
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Nokia Comes With... 23,000 users

Despite saturation advertising, Nokia's Comes With Music bundle has attracted just 23,000 users in the UK, according to music consultancy MusicAlly. Nokia hasn't commented on the claim, but says it's satisfied with the roll out so far globally. In Singapore, Nokia said last week, CWM has increased digital download sales by …
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Apr 2009

Pair of Nokias comes with more music

Nokia wants to keep the beats flowing, so it’s added two more phones to its XpressMusic portfolio, along with a more basic model aimed at radio listeners. 5730_01 Nokia's 5730 is the first XpressMusic phone with a slide-out Qwerty keypad The 5730 and 5330 are both compatible with Nokia’s Comes With Music service – its …
James Sherwood, 11 Mar 2009

T-Mobile issues 5610 XpressMusic display alert

Nokia’s Comes With Music offer seems to have hit a slight snag: T-Mobile has announced that some of the phones shipped with the package are defective. Nokia_5610_XpressMusic_01 Nokia's 5610 XpressMusic: T-Mobile's issued a lights-out warning The network operator’s temporarily discontinued sales of the Nokia 5610 …
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3 officially joins Nokia’s music bundle

Mobile operator 3 confirmed that it’s the first UK network to offer Nokia’s Comes With Music bundle directly to punters. Carphone Warehouse claims the right to be the UK’s exclusive retail partner for the deal – but 3 has a chain of around 150 stores. How do they stack up? Carphone offers the Nokia 5310 Music Edition for £25 a …
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Oct 2008
Nokia Comes Wit Music

Nokia's free music offer isn't so free

Few music business people expect Nokia's unlimited free music giveaway to be repeated, or even last very long. There simply aren't enough large consumer companies prepared to take such an expensive gamble. And Nokia's richest partners aren't interested in helping out. But it's a radical and interesting offering that merits …
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Sony Ericsson apes Nokia's 'Saw You Coming'

Sony Ericsson is imitating market leader Nokia and will bundle "free" music with its handsets, the FT claims today. As with Nokia's "Comes With Music" program, selected Sony Ericsson handsets will come with a year's worth of unlimited liability downloads. Apart from suggesting a launch date of next month, no further details …

Sony Ericsson and Nokia fight over uncapped music downloads

Sony Ericsson is poised to jump on Nokia’s recent Comes With Music announcement by launching a rival unlimited music download service. According to sources unknown, quoted in a report by the Financial Times, SE’s believed to be in discussions with “all of the major [record] labels” over a music subscription service offering …

Future iPods to come bundled with free iTunes access?

Apple could soon offer an unlimited music bundle with future iPods and iPhones if the plan strikes a chord with the music industry. Such a scheme might see the company adding around $100 to the price of the hardware to allow punters who selected that package to access the entire iTunes Store music library for free, for as long …
Tony Smith, 19 Mar 2008

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