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Airplane crash - pic by shutterstock

Git sprints carefully towards SHA-1 deprecation

Following the February controversy over whether or not Google's SHA-1 collision broke Git, its community has taken the first small steps towards replacing the ancient hash function. For context: the Chocolate Factory last month produced the first reproduceable SHA-1 collision needing relatively* low computing power – something …
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Heathrow Airbus collision 'not a drone incident'

The UK's Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, has told Parliament that what was thought to be the Britain's first recorded incident of a collision between a UAV and an airliner was probably "not a drone incident" after all. A British Airways Airbus A320 flying in from Geneva was approaching Heathrow airport on 17 April …
Lester Haines, 28 Apr 2016
493 Griseldis showing a debris trail

Ouch! Subaru telescope catches astroid prang

Astronomers have announced evidence that a main-belt asteroid called 493 Griseldis took a hit from another object in March of this year. Shots taken by the Subaru 8m optical telescope showed that Griseldis had grown a tail – and unlike a comet's tail, which points away from the sun, the asteroid's tail was “not in the …

A loud, confusing, exciting jumble of the great and the gregarious

Collision 2015 We may have been a few miles from the famous Las Vegas Strip and all the noise and splendor, but there was no shortage of hubbub in the two giant, aircraft-hangar-like pavilions that hosted the Collision techbiz conference this week. It was loud. Loud and busy. Probably too loud and busy. The big stages were shrouded in …

You've just woken from a 3-year coma. Cloud is everywhere. So how are you gonna make your millions and retire?

Collision 2015 It wasn't that long ago that when you wanted decent software you went to a retail store like Staples and bought a cardboard box with a CD inside. Then slowly we moved to downloading software and now it's hard to imagine anyone carrying a box to a counter when they can sit in their office or at home with a computer and a …

Why don't you rent your electronic wireless doorlock, asks man selling doorlocks

Collision 2015 We should rent our Nest thermostats, Sonos speakers and August smartlocks, according to Jason Johnson, the CEO of internet-of-doorlocks upstart August. Speaking at the Collision conference in Las Vegas earlier today, Johnson bemoaned how difficult it was to get smart tech into the home and challenged the industry to come up …

Why MakerBot failed – but 3D printing is far from dead

Collision 2015 3D printing posterchild MakerBot moved too fast with untested technology and that's why it was forced to cut 20 per cent of its staff, abolish three divisions and closed three shops. That's according to another 3D printing company whose CEO we spoke to at the Collision conference in Las Vegas this week. Matthew Fiedler of re: …
Neutron star collision

Interstellar Fight Club: Watch neutron star tear Goliath a new hole

Vid Ever wanted to see two super-dense neutron stars rip each other apart in a mega-annihilation that leaves nothing behind but a gaping black hole? Now you can, after NASA put together a supercomputer simulation of just such an event in our universe. Youtube video A neutron star is the compressed core left behind when a huge …
Giant impact, common at the end of planet formation

Moon was formed when PLANET SMASHED INTO EARTH

That old theory that the Moon was formed out of fragments of Earth blasted into space after a massive planetary collision 4.5 billion years ago has gained support from two new studies. Giant impact, common at the end of planet formation Boffins have tried to figure out exactly how a giant impact in our solar system made the …
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Hubble snaps aftermath of galactic pile-up

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured an impressive image demonstrating what happens when two spiral galaxies crash into each other at high speed: Galaxy NGC 2623 captured by the Hubble Space Telescope The European Space Agency's Hubble site explains: "Studies have revealed that as galaxies approach one another, massive …
Lester Haines, 14 Oct 2009
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NASA tweaks killer asteroid's trajectory of death

NASA has recalculated the trajectory of asteroid Apophis and concluded that Bruce Willis can stand down from a state of doom-body-busting readiness. Apophis - agreeably described by the agency as "approximately the size of two-and-a-half football fields"* - has got a lot of press since its discovery in 2004, when it was …
Lester Haines, 8 Oct 2009
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Hubble snaps fall-out from Jupiter impact

The Hubble Space Telescope has turned its new Wide Field Camera 3 on the aftermath of the 19 July collision between the gas giant and an unidentified object: Hubble image of the collision aftermath, taken on 23 July. Pic: NASA NASA describes the image as the "sharpest visible-light picture yet" of the atmospheric debris …
Lester Haines, 27 Jul 2009
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Sub-prang panic: Calm down, it happens all the time

Analysis There's widespread media panic at moment over the news that French and British nuclear-missile submarines collided beneath the Atlantic earlier this month. But in fact atomic-powered and -armed submarines have been bumping into each other - and sometimes sinking - for decades with no significant effects. No, seriously. They …
Lewis Page, 17 Feb 2009
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Satellites crash over Siberia: Iridium bird destroyed

A defunct Russian satellite has collided in orbit with another from the Iridium satcomms fleet, according to reports. Both spacecraft were wrecked, creating two large clouds of hazardous high-speed debris. The International Space Station (ISS) is not thought to be in danger, however. The Guardian quotes US air force colonel …
Lewis Page, 12 Feb 2009
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UK cops' road accident reporting going paperless

The British police road accident reporting and mapping system is to go paperless, it has been announced. Officials believe that replacing paper forms with electronic ones on mobile terminals will allow faster and more accurate identification of trouble spots. “Britain has one of the best road safety records in the world," said …
Lewis Page, 27 Jan 2009
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Today is not Hadron Collider Day

All the world's media is going bananas over "first beam" day at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) - the world's most stupendous particle-punisher, which switched on this morning (following an initial hiccup which appeared to be fixed by the traditional expedient of turning it off then on again). Today, it is being strongly implied …
Lewis Page, 10 Sep 2008

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