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Boffin: Will I soon be able to CLONE a WOOLLY MAMMOTH? YES. Should I? Hell NO

Poll It will definitely be possible within the foreseeable future to bring back the long-extinct woolly mammoth, a top geneticist has said. However, in his regretful opinion such a resurrection should not be carried out. The assertion comes in the wake of a new study of mammoth genetics as compared to their cousins the Asian and …
Lewis Page, 3 Jul 2015
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Mad Apple patent: Cloneware to convince trackers you don't like porn

Apple have patented the idea of using data clones to hide from surveillance: data clones that will browse the internet under your name but will look at basket-weaving sites instead of porn. In one of the stranger Apple patents that we've seen in recent months, author Stephen R Carter details a way of stopping eavesdroppers …
Anna Leach, 19 Jun 2012
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US Supremes hammer final nail into Psystar coffin

The long and sordid Psystar saga creaked to its anti-climactic close on Monday: the US Supreme Court has refused to hear the hackintosher's request to review an appeals court's September 2011 decision not to overturn a December 2009 permanent injunction preventing the Florida company from selling Mac OS X–based clones. "We are …
Rik Myslewski, 15 May 2012
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Japan, Russia in plan for elephant to birth CLONE MAMMOTH

Japanese and Russian boffins are planning to impregnate an elephant with a mammoth embryo cloned from viable fossil DNA discovered frozen beneath the icy Siberian tundra, according to reports. AFP reports that a joint team of boffins from Japan and Russia discovered mammoth DNA - which they consider to be in good enough …
Lewis Page, 5 Dec 2011

Apple victorious: Courts deny hackintosher's final plea

The long-running legal imbroglio between Apple and hackintosh-maker Psystar has – almost – been brought to an end: a federal appeals court has affirmed Apple's 2009 injunction of death that prevents Psystar from selling Mac products from now until eternity. This case has traveled a long and bumpy road, one filled with …
Rik Myslewski, 29 Sep 2011
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Faustian descent into backup hell: A play in two acts

A laptop user wanting to remove the backup software Acronis True Image found himself in a Kafkaesque world: the vendor's own clean-up software could potentially render his laptop unbootable. But then a Ghost came to the rescue. The sequence of events played out like an Elizabethan play, so that's how we've treated it. …
Chris Mellor, 29 Sep 2011

Tablet maker threatens, then robs Apple

The publicity whores at China's Shenzhen Great Loong Brother tablet-PC maker are at it again. First, they raised a worldwild rumpus by floating the prospect of a lawsuit accusing Apple of stealing the design of their tubby P88 slate for the iPad. Now they've blatantly ripped off the look and feel of Mac OS X, pasted it onto …
Rik Myslewski, 10 Mar 2010
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Hackintosher's new line: Linux and T-shirts

The irrepressible Hackintoshers that earlier this month were pronounced bleedin' demised, only to respond with a Pythonesque "I'm not dead yet!" cry of defiance, have reemerged with a new business model: T-shirts and Linux boxes. Mid-month, Florida's Psystar was slapped with an injunction by the US District Court for the …
Rik Myslewski, 30 Dec 2009
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Apple wants life ban for clone maker

Apple is seeking a permanent injunction to stop Psystar ever again selling cloned Mac software or hardware. Apple won a recent injunction but wants this to be extended to cover Snow Leopard, because otherwise Psystar will not stop copying its intellectual property. The company is also seeking damages and attorney fees. It is …
John Oates, 25 Nov 2009
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Hackintosh maker rises from the dead

Psystar, the Florida-based Hackintosher that's been giving Apple fits for over a year, refuses to die. The Unofficial Apple Weblog (better known amongst fanbois as TUAW), published a copy of the upstart clonemaker's latest newsletter, which announces to its customers that not only is the company preparing to emerge from …
Rik Myslewski, 3 Jul 2009
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Apple wins right to continue Hackintosh beating

Erstwhile Apple clone-maker Psystar is trying to escape, but Apple won't let them. Psystar, which announced its line of Mac clones just over a year ago, filed for bankruptcy this May in order to elude Apple's legal minions - but Cupertino is having none of it. And neither is the judge. Last Friday, Judge Robert A. Mark of the …
Rik Myslewski, 24 Jun 2009
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Hackintosh maker files for bankruptcy

Macintosh clone vendor Psystar has filed for bankruptcy protection in Florida, effectively stalling its legal battle with Apple while the company tries to resuscitate its coffers. The clonemaker petitioned for Chapter 11 protection on Thursday in US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida. Court documents …
Austin Modine, 26 May 2009

NetApp guarantees virtuality

NetApp is setting itself up as the natural storage partner for VMware server virtualisation, provisioning virtual desktops faster, associating its 50 per cent storage savings guarantee with VMware's 50 per cent server savings guarantee. The firm is putting its money where its mouth is by offering $1m of its kit and services to …
Chris Mellor, 10 Apr 2009
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Copyrighted mice give OK on vat-grown organs

Scientists in Hawaii and Texas have unveiled some good news for planned "therapeutic cloning" techniques, in which new genetically-correct tissues would be grown in the lab for transplant into people needing replacement parts. Quite apart from religious/ethical concerns about the likely need to create human embryos - which …
Lewis Page, 25 Mar 2009
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Immortal Dr Who jellyfish poised to rule Earth

The worldwide jellyfish-threat trouser state was officially raised from "damp" to "brown" last week, as reports emerged of a dreadful new oceanic menace: that of immortal rebirthing ocean-prowler hydrozoan clone swarms, described by top jelly boffins as "silent invaders". Joining such well-known scourges as the famous quarter- …
Lewis Page, 3 Feb 2009
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Hackintosh clone surfaces in the Argentine

First Psystar, now OpeniMac. It appears that Apple's lawyers may soon be playing Whac-A-Mole with upstart cloners. Apparently, Psystar's latest legal troubles - the dismissal of the company's anti-trust complaint against Apple and the upgrading of Apple's suit against them to include alleged DMCA violations - haven't deterred …
Rik Myslewski, 8 Dec 2008

Apple and Psystar enter out-of-court counseling

Before Apple and Psystar take their fight over Mac clones to court, the two must first attempt to work out their legal scrape with private mediation. The companies have agreed to participate in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) under court orders, according to filings turned up by The Mac Observer. The two have been …
Austin Modine, 20 Oct 2008

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