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UNIX developers Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie working on a DEC PDP-11 minicomputer

Is hyper-convergence a good thing? Ask a mini computer veteran

Hyper-converged systems integrate compute, storage and networking into a single purchasable entity that is easier to deploy, operate and manage than traditional best-of-breed component systems. They are a step up from converged systems that integrated just storage and compute. That's the simple story – but the definitions are …
Chris Mellor, 14 Apr 2015

Data General's Tom West dies

Obit Tom West, who created Data General's Eclipse 32-bit mini and was immortalised in Tracy Kidder's Pulitzer Prize-winning book Soul Of A New Machine, has died. Credited with helping to save Data General (DG) after DEC announced its VAX supermini in 1976, Joseph Thomas West III was born on 22 November 1939 and died at his home on …
Chris Mellor, 24 May 2011

Pillar pillages SPC-1 benchmark

Pillar has announced a sparkling SPC-1 benchmark, bettering IBM's Storwize V7000. Oddly EMC is not present in SPC-1 results and NetApp's results are 2008 vintage. What's going on? The SPC-1 benchmark is for block-access storage, not for filers, where the SPECsfs2008 benchmark is used. There are high-end SPC-1 results, ranging …
Chris Mellor, 26 Apr 2011

EMC declares war in the channel with entry-level VNXe

The unified CLARiiON/Celerra VNX line lived up to leaked expectations in EMC's announcement today, with the entry-level VNXe. The company has extended its channel programme to sell the new lower-cost systems to small and medium businesses – putting it head to head with offerings from Dell and NetApp. The VNX converges the …
Chris Mellor, 18 Jan 2011

EMC to launch low-end VNXe box

Next week is a big week for EMC. Not only will it combine CLARiiON and Celerra mid-range arrays in the VNX family on 18 and 19 January, EMC will also launch a low end VNXe3000 range. According to Oz writer Simon Sharwood, the VNXe is an all-in-one integrated box, unlike the larger VNX products, and resembles the stealth …
Chris Mellor, 12 Jan 2011

EMC to release hot flood of unifying products

EMC will introduce VNX5000 and VNX7500 products unifying its CLARiiON and Celerra mid-range storage arrays, according to documents seen by El Reg. The CLARiiON range is in its fourth CX4 generation and EMC's mainstream block-access storage array. It is accompanied by the Celerra NX4 and NX3e block and file-access array which …
Chris Mellor, 4 Jan 2011
vulture tv reporter

EMC plays the name game

EMC has registered a new trademark: VNX. The company quite likes product or technology names headed up with the letter V - for virtualisation. VMAX is the latest high-end Symmetrix array and VPLEX is the federation technology for these arrays. There are Celerra NX4 and NX3e products, unified file and block access arrays, and …
Chris Mellor, 19 Oct 2010

EMC to converge CLARiiON and Celerra arrays

EMC is about to converge its CLARiiON and Celerra arrays into a new V-CX product, according to a pair of sources with knowledge of the situation. This will be presented as virtualised unified storage with new levels of VMware integration, the sources say. The product will apparently come with iSCSI and FCoE block access and …
Chris Mellor, 26 Mar 2010
Dick Egan, EMC co-founder

EMC co-founder kills himself

Obituary Richard Egan, the colourful and vigorous co-founder of EMC, went into a linen cupboard of his home at the Four Seasons condominiums on Boylston Street, Boston, and shot himself in the head with a shotgun on Friday, ending his fight against terminal lung cancer. Egan had an amazing life, encompassing involvement in the Apollo …
Chris Mellor, 30 Aug 2009

EMC preps FCoE I/O module

EMC has confirmed industry suspicious that is developing a hot-swap Ultraflex FCoE module for its storage arrays. Yesterday Chad Sakac, EMC's VMware Technology Alliance veep, revealed: "We’re now, of course, developing an ultraflex IO module for FCoE, which (is) hot-swappable." FCoE (Fibre Channel Over Ethernet) sends Fibre …
Chris Mellor, 1 Jul 2009

3PAR F-class jumps into Clariion competition

Enterprise storage array supplier 3PAR has introduced a downsized T-Class system, the F-Class, to take on high-end dual controller modular storage arrays in enterprise data centres. The T-class can have up to eight clustered controllers and has found a good market in hosting and cloud/web 2.0 suppliers. The entry-level E-Class …
Chris Mellor, 6 Apr 2009

Dell to flog EMC Celerra NAS

Dell is going to resell best buddy EMC's Celerra NX4 NAS product, giving suppliers such as NetApp stronger competition. EMC and Dell are also extending their partnership for another five years to 2013. Currently Dell supplies EMC Clariion AX and CX modular drive arrays with the CX positioned as Fibre Channel-access arrays …
Chris Mellor, 9 Dec 2008

EMC in fourth-gen CLARiiON call

EMC's fourth generation CLARiiON mid-range storage array is announced today with a 4-model range topped by a quad-core processor and offering flash drive support. As prefigured the CLARiiON CX4 Series has up to twice the performance, twice the capacity, twice the memory and twice the number of LUNs (logical unit numbers) of …

Oracle teams with Dell, EMC for warehousing

Oracle launched a data warehouse initiative today by teaming with Dell and EMC to produce an easy to deploy, pre-configured data warehouse hardware and software package. The new Oracle Optimized Warehouse combines software, hardware, storage, I/O and networking built on Oracle Database and pre-configured for Dell PowerEdge …
Austin Modine, 27 Sep 2007

EMC goes disk mad with storage bonanza

As previously anticipated, EMC is rolling out a major storage initiative, upgrading almost every storage platform the company offers. Today's announcement covers the Symmetrix, Celerra, Centera, and Clariion lines, as well as a new entry-level file management application. Symmetrix EMC is introducing a new flagship model of …
Austin Modine, 16 Jul 2007

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