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Cloud moving at a snail's pace

EU Citrix Cloud users experiencing non-virtual problems starting up their virtual desktops

Using Citrix Cloud in the EU? You might want to consider taking a longer lunchbreak as the virtualisation service is having a bit of a moment. EU customers using Citrix’s Gateway Service are experiencing what the company describes as “intermittent issues,” and struggling to launch virtual applications or desktops. Problems …
Richard Speed, 25 Oct 2018

Pesky 'restructuring charges' make off with Citrix's cloudy cash

You win some, you lose some. Citrix has embiggened its quarterly revenues – while at the same time shrinking profits by a couple of million dollars. How did they manage that? The firm on Wednesday reported revenues of $742m for the second quarter of fiscal year 2018, a 7 per cent increase on the year-ago quarter of $693m. …
Gareth Corfield, 26 Jul 2018
Cloud desktop

'It's legacy stuff brute-forced in': Not everyone is happy with Citrix's cloud

Though Citrix may see its future in the cloud, some users of the service have complained that its promises may be a little too vapoury for comfort. Folk have taken to social media to vent their frustration with the platform, which Citrix markets as being fast, adaptable, secure and good for clients with hybrid or cloud-first …
Richard Speed, 11 Jul 2018
Lawsuit stamp 404s mentions of F5 Networks

References to F5 Networks have vanished from Citrix’s web page, and The Register understands a possible lawsuit is the motivation for the deletions. F5’s portfolio includes the BIG-IP application delivery controller, which competes with Citrix’s NetScaler. F5 has suggested BIG-IP can do a job improving the performance of …
Simon Sharwood, 29 Jun 2018

Citrix snuffs Xen and NetScaler brands

Citrix has rebranded most of its stuff. As The Register foreshadowed in January 2018, the company’s swept aside some old brands, although not with the “Citrix Plus” scheme we reported at the time. Instead we’re getting “Citrix [ProductName].” XenServer, for example, will become “Citrix Hypervisor”. XenApp and XenDesktop will …
Simon Sharwood, 14 May 2018
The Citrix X1 Mouse

Citrix joins the ‘reinvent the future of work’ chorus with a workspace app and security stuff

Citrix has used its Synergy conference to pitch itself as a vendor capable of changing the way you and your users work. CEO David Henshall’s spiel is that organisation are using a multitude of on-prem, SaaS and cloud resources and users are therefore “having a hard time finding what they need” while “context switching” between …
Simon Sharwood, 10 May 2018

Citrix sues VDI challenger Workspot

Citrix has taken legal action against desktop virtualization challenger Workspot, alleging patent infringement and false and misleading public statements. Workspot offers desktop virtualization (VDI) and application virtualization with its control plane entirely in the cloud, but desktops and applications either on-premises or …
Simon Sharwood, 23 Apr 2018

Application publishing gets the WebAssembly treatment

British outfit Droplet Computing thinks it’s found a new way to package and publish applications, by bundling them up to run using WebAssembly so they can run in a browser, online or offline. WebAssembly is a low-level safe binary format designed to allow C/C++ code to run in web browsers. Droplet’s eyed off WebAssembly since …
Simon Sharwood, 10 Apr 2018
Australia with ethernet cable

Citrix opens its third cloud region, this time in Australia

Citrix has extended its cloud to Australia, with a new “Asia-Pacific South” region joining its US-based and EMEA efforts as of April 4th, Sydney time. David Nicol, the company’s antipodean director for cloud services and new business, said the company has made the move because some of its top ten global customers are …
Cloudy shopping trolley in the sky (representing cloud sales/procurement). Photo by Shutterstock

Citrix swallows Cedexis to give NetScaler more multi-cloud cred

Citrix has bought traffic optimisation company Cedexis for an undisclosed sum. Cedexis focuses on traffic mostly outside the enterprise perimeter, “dynamically optimising the flow of traffic across public clouds, data centres, CDNs and ISPs”, the canned announcement says, for better application performance in hybrid and multi- …

Measure us by subscriptions, says upbeat Citrix

Citrix has posted a strong fourth quarter, claimed its turnaround plan is working better than expected and asked the world to measure its health by looking at the number of subscribers it secures. Interim chief financial officer Mark Coyle presented a mixed set of numbers: revenue of US$778 million was up six per cent year- …

Goodbye Netscaler, Xen. Hello Citrix SD-WAN, Citrix Desktop, Citrix...

Exclusive Citrix will try to reinvent itself with integrated cloudy products – and ditch some of its long-standing brands in favor of a naming scheme without the Xen badge it has nurtured for years. An internal staff memo, obtained by The Register and which we understand has been shared with industry analysts under non-disclosure …
Simon Sharwood, 19 Jan 2018
NVIDIA GRID old kepler models

GPU teleportation: 2018’s first virtual pissing match

The wonderful world of x86 server virtualization is so settled that analyst firm Gartner last year decided it no longer needed to bother with a magic quadrant comparing the handful of remaining suppliers. But the big players are still finding a few ways to advance their wares and niggle each other at the same time, and 2018’s …
Simon Sharwood, 11 Jan 2018

Citrix hurls patent suit at network tiddler Avi, claims rival smeared NetScaler

Citrix has launched a patent suit against rival Avi Networks accusing it of patent infringement and of spreading "false claims" about Citrix's NetScaler networking products. The patent dispute centres around Avi's Vantage Platform, a software-defined application service. "Avi Networks is using Citrix's patented technology …
Kat Hall, 4 Jan 2018
Child wearing a suit and using a computer

Citrix cracks Windows Store's monopoly on Windows 10 S apps

Citrix has released a version of its Receiver app for Windows 10 S, and in so doing made Microsoft's lightweight cut of Windows for schools a bit more interesting. Microsoft offered the world Windows 10 S in May 2017 and recommended it to schools on the basis that it can only install apps from the Windows Store. That plan was …
Citrix's single-slide strategy, Q3 2017

Citrix promises to transform by doing more of the same

Citrix's new CEO has revealed his plan for the company and it looks like more of the same. Speaking on the company's Q3 earnings call, CEO David Henshall said “to understand the context behind our strategy, you need to step back and look at the infrastructure from a customer's point of view.” “They are adopting cloud services …
Simon Sharwood, 27 Oct 2017

Tech giant Citrix, sync 'n' share startup Egnyte fire lawsuits at each other

Two file sync 'n' sharers are at war. Google-backed Egnyte is suing Citrix for unfair competition and Citrix is counter-suing Egnyte for unfair trade practices, among other things. The battle started when Egnyte hired seven ex-Citrix sales people, in the process of setting up a regional sales office in Raleigh, North Carolina …
Chris Mellor, 20 Oct 2017
Nice try

Citrix endorses tool that lets vSphere manage XenServer

Citrix has endorsed a third-party product that lets you manage its XenServer virtualization stack with VMware's vCenter Server. Citrix's argument for doing so is to keep the management tools you like, but move to a better hypervisor. Cute argument, Citrix. Shame it's fanciful. Here's why. Citrix decided to stop competing in …
Simon Sharwood, 19 Oct 2017

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