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Intel introduces 'Ivy Bridge'–ready chipsets

Intel has announced that its new 7-series "mainstream" chipset family is now available and being used by OEMs in mobile and desktop systems for the current 2nd Generation Core processors today, and will be ready to support the "Ivy Bridge" 3rd Generation Core processors when they appear later this quarter. In addition to the …
Rik Myslewski, 10 Apr 2012
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More 'Son of Nehalem' details leaked

A few more details emerged Wednesday about processors to be based on Intel's next-generation Sandy Bridge microarchitecture - and if you've recently invested in a socket-LGA1156 motherboard, it appears that it won't accept Sandy silicon. The Sandy Bridge news doesn't come from Intel itself - and the company didn't respond to …
Rik Myslewski, 22 Apr 2010

Nvidia taps Transmeta team for x86 chip, claims analyst

Nvidia has taken on staff from one-time star of low-power processor design Transmeta, an analyst has claimed, to drive its own x86 core development programme. In a note sent to investment clients yesterday, Doug Freedman of research house AmTech said Nvidia has to be considering a move into the x86 CPU market "by necessity to …
Tony Smith, 4 Nov 2009

AMD grows very own Opteron chipsets

Advanced Micro Devices has delivered its first server chipsets derived from its acquisition of ATI Technologies. The Fiorano platform that launches today will have three different chipsets, not the one pairing of the I/O hub and southbridge that we had been lead to expect when AMD sped up its Opteron chip roll out in April, …

Nvidia licenses SLI for mainstream Intel chipsets

Nvidia has announced Intel's upcoming P55 Express chipset will support its SLI multi-GPU technology. Could this be the "big surprise" Nvidia CEL Jen-Hsun Huang alluded to last week in reference to his company's battle with the chip giant over processor bus licences? Probably not. After all, Nvidia has already allowed Intel to …
Tony Smith, 10 Aug 2009

AMD to intro 6Gb/s Sata III chipset in early 2010

AMD will roll out its next generation of desktop chipsets in January 2010, Taiwanese motherboard-maker moles have claimed. Two chipsets are in the pipeline: 'RD890' and 'RS880D', the latter an integrated offering equipped with a 700MHz 'RV620' graphics core and AMD's UVD 2.0 video decoder unit. Both chipsets support …
Tony Smith, 16 Jun 2009

HP warns of Nvidia problems

HP has offered free repairs for 38 models of its Pavillion Slimline range of desktop machines, which are having problems with Nvidia graphics units. Last week, Apple admitted similar problems with MacBook Pros and offered free repairs to affected customers. HP said on its support site that the problem was "attributable to the …
John Oates, 14 Oct 2008

Intel releases USB 3.0 controller interface spec

Intel has provided chipset makers with a draft specification for a USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Interface (XHCI), making good a promise it made a couple of months ago. According to the chip giant, the XCHI will allow chipset makers to develop hardware that can communicate with USB 3.0 system software in a standardised, …
Tony Smith, 14 Aug 2008

Intel touts G45 chipset's full Blu-ray support

Computex Intel yesterday formally launched its G45 and G43 integrated chipsets, part of the 'Eaglelake' family. But you'll only get full Blu-ray Disc support with the first of the two, it admitted. Not a first, of course. The chip giant was quick to tout how the integrated parts were the first chipsets it had made that incorporates …
Tony Smith, 4 Jun 2008
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Samsung taps Infineon as second source for UMTS chipsets

Last year, Nokia sparked the biggest realignment of the handset chipset market for years when it diversified its supply chain to create more competition to its silicon alter ego, Texas Instruments. Now Samsung has made a similar move, just as the world’s second largest handset maker faces a rejuvenated challenge from Nokia in …
Wireless Watch, 29 May 2008

Intel delays next-gen integrated chipsets to fix video bug

When does an Intel chipset launch? When it's first mentioned by the company in public? The next time? The time after that? The 'Eaglelake' chipset family has been discussed by Intel on several occasions, but it'll apparently be truly launched next month. The Eaglelake line - aka the 4 series - comprises the P45, P43, G45, G43 …
Tony Smith, 7 May 2008

Intel prices up next-gen desktop chipsets

Intel has added a low-end discrete chipset to its upcoming 'Eaglelake' product line, it has emerged. The P43 will join the P45, G45, G43, Q45 and Q43 chipsets when they're launched next quarter. An even lesser part, the G41, is scheduled to arrive in Q1 2009, sources claimed. As its name suggests, the P43 is a cut-down P45, …

Intel says X48 will ship mid-March

Intel's upcoming gaming-centric chipset, the X48, could finally make it to market by the middle of March, the chip giant has apparently told its mobo-maker customers. Perhaps co-incidentally, Asus yesterday announced a pair of X40-based boards, adding its name to the list of vendors who've unveiled such products, a list that …
Tony Smith, 6 Feb 2008

Intel holds back 3.2GHz gaming CPU release

Intel's next Core 2 Extreme gaming processor, the QX9770 - reviewed here - won't debut until late February/early March and not this month after all, it has been claimed. The new schedule is attested by Taiwanese motherboard-maker moles cited by DigiTimes. We can't say we're entirely surprised. In December 2007, it was claimed …
Tony Smith, 16 Jan 2008

Nvidia's AMD-aimed nForce, GeForce chipsets due this month

Nvidia is expected to roll out a bumber crop of chipsets during the first three months of 2008, including AMD-oriented versions of its latest nForce 700 series. The release schedule, according to a report on Chinese-language site HKEPC, will also see the arrival of new integrated chipsets for AMD that'll go out under the …
Tony Smith, 2 Jan 2008

Intel previews integrated DirectX 10 graphics core

Intel has unveiled the next version of its GMA integrated graphics engine family, a part it claimed will deliver three times the 3DMark06 performance of its predecessors, today's GMA 3100. Of course, the 3100 isn't Intel's top-performing integrated GPU - that award goes to the GMA X3500 that's built into the company's G35 …
Tony Smith, 22 Oct 2007

Asus Maximus Formula Intel X38-based mobo

Review Intel’s new X38 chipset sweeps aside the elderly 975X and storms to the front of the queue as the natural choice for anyone building or upgrading a Core 2 Duo, Quad or Extreme PC. In essence, the X38 is a souped-up P35 with added support for the next-gen 1600MHz frontside bus (FSB) as well as Intel’s 45nm 'Penryn'. As things …
Leo Waldock, 18 Oct 2007

Intel confirms 'Skulltrail' Quad SLI support

Nvidia will be bringing Quad SLI to Intel's upcoming 'Skulltrail' eight-core gaming platform - at least, that's what the chip giant is telling companies it hopes will be selling the new motherboard. Skulltrail will go on sale in Q1 2008 as the Intel D5400XS motherboard based on the company's as-yet-unlaunched 5400 workstation …
Tony Smith, 16 Oct 2007

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