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Qualcomm faces $853m fine for alleged antitrust violation

US chip giant Qualcomm is to face a fine of $853m (£696m) for alleged antitrust violations by South Korea's top regulator. The Korea Fair Trade Commission today reached the decision after a three-year probe of Qualcomm, finding that some of the company’s business practices have violated Korean competition law. The fine is the …
Kat Hall, 28 Dec 2016
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AMD to decimate workforce several times over?

With AMD announcing lowered expectations for the third quarter and CFO Thomas Siefert shown the door or finding the exit on his own a month ago, the talk has turned to what the company will do to get to profitability - and the prospect of deep job cuts. The Wall Street Journal jumped out in front with the layoff rumors, citing …

AMD shares jump at birth of The Foundry Company

AMD shares rose more than 18 per cent on Wall Street this morning, following confirmation from the struggling chip maker that it will spin off its manufacturing operations and build a wafer fab in conjunction with its money-spinning bedfellow, the Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC). As we reported earlier, ATIC will …
Kelly Fiveash, 7 Oct 2008
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Intel slings sue ball at N-Data

Intel has filed a lawsuit against Negotiated Data Solutions, LLC (N-Data) in a royalties dispute about the industry standard for Ethernet computer networking. Chipzilla wants a court to rule that N-Data's patents are invalid or were already paid under an agreement with National Semiconductor Corporation, which originally owned …
Kelly Fiveash, 19 Aug 2008

AMD pitches latest Opterons at swollen boxen

AMD today pushed out its latest round of quad core Opteron chips, this time designed for four-socket and eight-socket x86 server beasts. The Sunnyvale, California-based chip maker said it has already begun shipping processors, which are in its 2300 and 8300 models and aimed squarely at the enterprise market, to Hewlett-Packard …
Kelly Fiveash, 9 Jun 2008
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STMicro boss admits: 'We need to do more pruning'

STMicroelectronics NV plans to close or sell another 10 to 15 per cent of its operations as Europe’s largest chip maker attempts to cut costs up against a strong euro. CEO Carlo Bozotti told the Financial Times that the massive restructure that STMicro has undertaken over the past year was not enough. "We need to do more …
Kelly Fiveash, 29 May 2008
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EC denies 'provisional decision' on Intel anti-trust probe

The anti-trust arm of the European Commission today denied that it had reached any provisional decision in its ongoing probe of Intel’s marketing and sales practices. EC competition spokesman Jonathan Todd said: "There is no provisional or internal decision on this case. The investigation is very much active and ongoing," …
Kelly Fiveash, 28 May 2008

AMD grabs for the data centre with low-power server chip

AMD today launched low power quad-core Opteron processors for the x86 server market, once again playing catch-up with Intel. The chip maker said that the high efficiency (HE) processors have a thermal envelope of 55 watts. That compares to the company’s other quad-core server chips that clock higher thermal envelopes of 105 …
Kelly Fiveash, 12 May 2008
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EC takes aim at Qualcomm

The European Commission has launched an anti-trust investigation into chip maker Qualcomm. It is the third chip or memory competition case launched by the commission since July and follows a recent commission competition court victory over Microsoft. A competition law expert has said that the case highlights how confident the …
OUT-LAW.COM, 3 Oct 2007

Toshiba gives price-cutting AMD the nod

Toshiba is to start shipping laptops with AMD processors, effectively bringing to an end its exclusive partnership with Intel. The computer giant said it will add AMD microprocessors and graphics chipsets in up to 20 per cent of its Satellite laptop models. It's a move that could bring significant savings for Toshiba which …
Kelly Fiveash, 30 May 2007

IBM builds alliance to tackle 32nm design

IBM is teaming up with four other chipmakers to develop manufacturing technologies for semiconductors that shrink the average circuit feature to 32 nanometers. The alliance, which is aimed at containing the spiraling cost of building bleeding-edge chips, also involves Chartered Semiconductor, Samsung Electronics, Infineon …
Dan Goodin, 23 May 2007

AMD unveils ATI Radeon HD 2000

Readers may recall a few weeks ago that The Register was invited along to the launch of AMD's latest range of graphics card, the ATI Radeon HD 2000 series. But, having stepped off the plane at Tunis, we learned that a press embargo prevented us from reporting anything about the launch until today. Despite AMD's efforts to …
Kelly Fiveash, 14 May 2007

AMD's Q1 revenue goes missing

AMD has walloped investors with its second revenue warning in as many months. The chip maker today revealed that it expects first quarter revenue to come in at $1.23bn. That's miles away from a onetime forecast of revenue between $1.6bn and $1.7bn. A price war with Intel and falling channel sales are both to blame for the first …
Ashlee Vance, 9 Apr 2007

Fickle AMD rocked as channel gets revenge

AMD's obsession with top server and PC makers has proved costly. The chip maker claims to have focused on so-called Tier 1 OEMs at the expense of its longtime channel partners and now blames declining channel sales for its expected first quarter revenue miss. Earlier today, AMD warned that Q1 revenue will likely come in well …
Ashlee Vance, 5 Mar 2007

AMD to miss Q1 sales target

AMD today smacked investors with a sales warning. The chip maker no longer expects to hit a first quarter revenue target between $1.6bn and $1.7bn. CEO Hector Ruiz will explain AMD's revenue miss at a financial analyst conference later today. Hopefully, he has already found a pound of flesh that can be spared. AMD announced …
Ashlee Vance, 5 Mar 2007

AMD chipset roadmap does include Intel

AMD will continue to develop chipsets for Intel processors, the company has apparently claimed, although it also admits it's not shooting for marketshare dominance. So said AMD sales and marketing VP Jochen Polster this week, according to a DailyTech report. Polster said the company wants a decent share of the third-party …
Tony Smith, 2 Mar 2007

AMD preps PCI Express 2.0 'RV630' GPU for May?

May will see the arrival of AMD's 'RV630' graphics chip, it has been claimed, and the company has prepared three reference card designs for the part - two of which will support PCI Express 2.0, though only the PCIe 1.1 board may make it to market for launch. According to claims made by Chinese-language site HKEPC, the RV630 …
Tony Smith, 1 Mar 2007

AMD blasts 'devious' Intel

AMD today attempted to rescue some initiative in its battle with Intel with pot shots aimed its rival's server, desktop, and even developing world strategies. At the San Francisco launch of the Vista-pushing 690G, AMD's first chipset since the integration of ATI, regaining momentum lost across the board by Intel unleashing …

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