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Tor pedo torpedoed: Ex-US cybersecurity guru jailed for 25 years in abuse pics sting

A former US government cybersecurity official who was arrested in 2013 on charges of participating in an online pedophile ring has been sentenced to 25 years in prison. Timothy DeFoggi, who at the time of his arrest was acting director of cybersecurity for the Department of Health and Human Services, is the sixth person to be …
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EU, US launch biggest ever global fight against online child sex abuse

Some 48 countries have agreed to join forces to halt the spread of online child sex abuse videos and images. EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström will team up with US Attorney General Eric Holder to launch the Global Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse Online at a conference held today in Brussels, Belgium. The …
John Leyden, 5 Dec 2012
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Child porn victims seek multimillion-dollar payouts

In December 2008, Virginia-based deputy sheriff Arthur Weston Staples III received a visit at home from police investigating claims he had traded child pornography images online. The former Vietnam vet, who had no previous offenses, was eventually sentenced to more than 17 years in prison after investigators found 400 to 600 …
Dan Goodin, 2 Nov 2010
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MPs call for crackdown on pre-paid credit cards

The government has been urged by MPs to tighten controls on pre-paid credit cards, with claims they help child abusers avoid detection online. Labour MP Geraint Davies said the cards were routinely used by paedophiles to hide their identities as he proposed a bill on Wednesday to force credit card companies to act. He wants …
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Man posed as teen lesbian to snare girl's nude photos

A Maryland man has admitted he posed as a teenage lesbian to trick a 15-year-old girl he met online into sending him sexually explicit photos. Michael Speelman, 52, of Adelphi, Maryland, went on to feign the suicide of "Lisa Stauffer" - his teenage lesbian alter ego - after she and the victim had established a romantic …
Dan Goodin, 20 Oct 2009
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IWF pulls Wikipedia from child porn blacklist

The Internet Watch Foundation has removed Wikipedia from its child porn blacklist, despite its contention that the free online encyclopedia includes an image "potentially in breach" of the UK Protection of Children Act. On Friday, under instructions from the IWF, several major UK ISPs began censoring a Wikipedia article …
Cade Metz, 10 Dec 2008
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US uni hacker skirts child abuse charges

A University of Pennsylvania student was sentenced to three months in custody on Tuesday after confessing his part in a cyber attack that crashed the server of the US uni's engineering facility two years ago. Ryan Goldstein, 22, of Ambler, Pennsylvania, will also face five years on probation following his release from custody …
John Leyden, 22 Oct 2008
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Paedo case expert Jim Bates arrested on child porn charge

Early last Thursday, police in Market Harborough and Rugby arrested two forensics experts, Jim Bates and Chris Magee, on charges of "conspiracy to possess indecent images of children". Jim Bates has frequently given testimony in computer forensic and child pornography cases, and had been working on a case along with Magee, who …
Jane Fae , 17 Sep 2008
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Comcast plays New York anti-porn game

After a legal threat from New York attorney general Andrew Cuomo, Comcast has joined the grandstanding American politician's quixotic crusade against online child pornography. In signing Cuomo's anti-child porn "code of conduct," the country's second largest ISP has agreed to shutdown certain Usenet newsgroups containing " …
Cade Metz, 30 Jul 2008
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New York threatens Comcast with anti-porn suit

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has threatened Comcast with legal action if it doesn't fall in line with his quixotic campaign against online child pornography. And the American ISP is set to do exactly what he wants. Over the past several weeks, Cuomo strong-armed five stateside ISPs into signing his very own anti- …
Cade Metz, 22 Jul 2008
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Finland censors anti-censorship site

Finnish police are blocking more than 1,000 legal websites, including one belonging to a well-known internet activist, under a secretive system designed to prevent access to foreign sites that contain child pornography, according to a group that advocates for individual rights online. Among the estimated 1,700 destinations on …
Dan Goodin, 18 Feb 2008
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G8 ministers call for IT biz help against child porn

G8 justice and interior ministers meeting in Munich have called for private sector assistance in battling online child porn. UK, US, French, German, Canadian, Italian, Japanese, and Russian delegations issued a joint statement yesterday in which they said that "ISPs, IT professionals and financial institutions...should be …
Lewis Page, 25 May 2007
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Credit card fraud fears cloud Operation Ore

Many of the child abuse download suspects snared in Operation Ore may have been innocent victims of credit card fraud, according to a BBC investigation. Operation Ore, the UK's biggest ever child pornography investigation, involved the prosecution of 2,000 suspects among 7,000 Brits whose credit cards were used to pay for …
John Leyden, 10 May 2007
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Child porn investigations keep FBI agents busy

A Virginia man has pleaded guilty to receiving child pornography using peer-to-peer software provided by iMesh. David Leroy Knellinger Sr, 59, faces five to 20 years in prison, a fine of $250,000 and supervised release for an indefinite term after being released from prison. Sentencing has been scheduled for Aug. 17, 2007. …
Dan Goodin, 30 Apr 2007
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Operation Ore: evidence of massive credit card fraud

There are few subjects as emotive as child pornography, and few accusations that can so quickly and permanently tar a reputation. Merely to be accused of a child pornography offence is to be convicted in the public consciousness. But now it seems that Operation Ore, which saw some 7,272 British residents targeted on suspicion …
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Apr 2007

Commercial child abuse websites growing

The number of websites making money by selling pictures and videos of children being sexually abused is continuing to grow. There was a 34 per cent increase in reports made to the Internet Watch Foundation's (IWF) hotline - 31,776 reports in 2006. These reports led to confirmation that 10,656 URLs on 3,077 websites contained …
John Oates, 17 Apr 2007
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Supreme Court refuses to review 200-year sentence for child porn

The US Supreme Court has refused to hear the case of a man who was sentenced to 200 years in prison for the possession of child pornography. It was one of several recent actions indicating that America's courts are getting tough on kiddie-porn suspects in an age where the trafficking of such images are easier than ever. Lawyers …
Dan Goodin, 3 Mar 2007
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ICQ users slammed in priest child porn case

An English Catholic priest has been convicted for downloading child pornography from an ICQ chat-room, used by "dozens of paedophiles". The Reverend John Wingfield, 56, stored the obscene images on a computer at a Catholic girls school in Kingston, Surrey, where he used to teach. He was put on two years' probation and placed on …
Drew Cullen, 15 Aug 1999

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