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Starlight-sifting boffins can now spot ALIEN LIFE LIGHT YEARS AWAY

Pics Boffins have made a breakthrough in the search for alien life with a new technique for determining the colours, chemical composition and even physical characteristics of exoplanets that are light years away. Chemical analysis progression of HR8799 planets Chemical analysis progression of HR8799 planets Credit: American …
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Aerial laser gunboat 'burns hole in fender' of moving car

The Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL) ray-cannon, mounted in a specially-equipped Hercules transport plane flying above New Mexico, has now succeeded in "putting a hole in the fender" of a ground vehicle driving along beneath it. The not particularly awesome result was announced by Boeing, maker of the ATL, yesterday. "In …
Lewis Page, 14 Oct 2009
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Coin-sized nuclear isotope battery minted

A boffin in Missouri has invented a nuclear-powered battery the size of a penny. Professor Jae Kwon believes that radioisotope batteries can hold a million times as much juice as today's chemical types, perhaps offering the potential for devices like torches and cellphones which would never run flat. The sulphur-isotope …
Lewis Page, 8 Oct 2009
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US spontaneous human combustion raygun video released

Vid US-based arms'n'airliners globocorp Boeing has released video of its aircraft-mounted ray cannon, the Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL) in operation. The company doesn't say how far the carrying Hercules transport plane was from the target vehicle in the vid, but there's no audible engine noise on the soundtrack, suggesting …
Lewis Page, 2 Oct 2009
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Oz bottle shop falls for 'double your money' scam

Three Oz businesses have been taken for a total of AU$160,000 after handing over cash to scammers in the belief a wonder chemical could double their money. According to the Stonnington Leader, the twin owners of a bottle shop in Malvern, Victoria, were approached by two men who expressed an interest in buying the business. The …
Lester Haines, 23 Sep 2009
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DARPA seeking Genesis-style godware capability

US military wacky-professor bureau DARPA has outdone itself this time, issuing a request for "intelligent" electronic components and chemicals which can "self-organise" themselves to form complex items such as routers, fuel cells, biofuel factories or medical drugs. Indeed, reading between the lines it appears as though the …
Lewis Page, 23 Jun 2009
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US raygun jumbo jet now firing live blasts in flight

The US Missile Defence Agency's long awaited blaster-cannon-in-a-jumbo-jet, the Airborne Laser (ABL), is now carrying out inflight test zappings. Reports suggest that the actual laser is doing well so far, but that the carrying 747 is suffering technical problems having been grounded for a lengthy period while its energy weapon …
Lewis Page, 4 Jun 2009
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DHS offers glimpse into life of its top snot'n'slobber expert

The widely-feared US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in a praiseworthy attempt to reach out to the American people, has offered up a glimpse into the exciting life of its top spittle expert. According to the DHS: Mark Nicas has given some of his best years to spittle. He builds models – the mathematical kind – of how …
Lewis Page, 16 Apr 2009
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US airforce to get ground refuelling robot

The US Air Force may demonstrate a small ground robot capable of refuelling aeroplanes unassisted next year, according to reports. Flight International says that the US Air Force Research Laboratory Materials and Manufacturing Directorate is developing the robot. Initially it will refuel the much-maligned F-35 Joint Strike …
Lewis Page, 4 Feb 2009
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USAF seeks diamond gunports for electropulse ray-cannon

The US Air Force has made an appeal for a range of new technologies which it will need in building its planned new arsenal of aerial rayguns. In particular, it wants large artificial optically-correct diamonds for use as portholes through which to shoot electropulse microwave blaster cannons. Under its "Directed Energy [Weapon …
Lewis Page, 28 Jan 2009
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US WMD report: Dirty bombs, chem weapons are bunk

A US congressional investigation into terrorists and WMDs has concluded that there will be a WMD attack within five years unless prompt international action is taken. The report also effectively says that the only kinds of WMD worth worrying about are atomic bombs and biological weapons. Bob Graham and Jim Talent, both former …
Lewis Page, 4 Dec 2008
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Northrop scoops DARPA laser RIFLe cash

US weaponry goliath Northrop Grumman has landed a contract to develop new, lightweight, efficient rayguns for the American armed forces. The technology push is called "Revolution In Fibre Lasers" (RIFL) and is intended to scale up the amount of power delivered by fibre laser systems. Fibre lasers might offer more efficient …
Lewis Page, 20 Oct 2008
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Nuke-nobbling US laser jumbo fires test beams

America's famous nuke-toasting aerial ray cannon jumbo jet has at last fired its first energy beams in ground testing, according to prime contractor Boeing. The Airborne Laser (ABL) system is now complete, and testing will progress to a live intercept against a ballistic missile in 2009. Boeing's concept of an ABL in action …
Lewis Page, 9 Sep 2008
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Northrop in electric blaster cannon milestone

US war-tech behemoth Northrop Grumman announced yesterday that it had achieved another milestone in its battlefield raygun programme - ahead of schedule. Company blaster cannon execs believe that the first tests at combat power - 100 kilowatts - will take place as planned by the end of this year. A 15-kilowatt JHPSSL laser " …
Lewis Page, 3 Sep 2008
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Logic-gate 'supermolecules' play noughts & crosses

The Royal Society of Chemistry has awarded a Belfast-based boffin a prize for developing "intelligent supermolecules" which are on an intellectual level with (some) human children - able to win games of noughts and crosses. The unfeasibly tiny nanobrain developments sprang from the normal-sized brain of Professor A Prasanna de …
Lewis Page, 21 Aug 2008
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Boeing chuffed with latest raygun-jumbo ground tests

US aerospace colossus Boeing has informed the world that everything continues to be fine with its plan to build an enormous nuclear-missile-blasting laser cannon inside a jumbo jet. According to the company, the business part of the ray weapon has now begun ground checks using its deadly, poisonous, corrosive chemical fuel - …
Lewis Page, 29 Jul 2008

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