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Chef Automate gives Chef, InSpec and Habitat a single dashboard

Chef Automate: Firm's DevOps odds 'n' sods crammed into one parcel

ChefConf Chef has announced Automate, a new product which incorporates all its main DevOps tools into one bundle. The announcement was made at the company's ChefConf event currently under way in Austin, Texas. Chef Automate is essentially a bundle of several existing products – Chef, Chef Delivery, InSpec and Habitat – with …
Tim Anderson, 12 Jul 2016
Adam Jacobs, Chef CTO and writer of Habitat

A new Habitat for applications? Chef launches open source app automation project

Chef, IT automation for DevOps, has announced Habitat, an open source project for application automation. Developing and deploying software is too hard, according to Chef co-founder and CTO Adam Jacob. An application may work fine on a developer's laptop or as a prototype on a single VM (virtual machine). "However, if you …
Tim Anderson, 14 Jun 2016

Software automation and AI in DevOps aren't the fast track to Skynet

Software automation is becoming intelligent, going deep into systems and is even going "autonomic" and helping create self-healing systems. If we engineer too much automation into our new notion of intelligently provisioned DevOps, then are we at risk of breaking the Internet and causing global nuclear meltdown? Maybe it’s …
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Chef plugs Ruby vulns with Server release

Chef pushed version 12.4.0 of its Server out the door this week, and plugged a number of security vulns in the process. The Mary Berry of config management software vendors said it had updated the version of Ruby on Rails in its oc-id authentication to fix a range of CVEs. The same update apples to its Management Console, …
Joe Fay, 29 Jan 2016
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Chef manages a major bump for console

Chef has pushed out a brace of updates for its management console, one of which fixes a newly unearthed vulnerability in the product. The recipe-mongers described Manage 2.1.0 as a “major version” bump from 1.21.0 – though it added “the major change being that the package is now called “chef-manage” instead of “opscode-manage …
Joe Fay, 3 Dec 2015
Chef workflow, now including compliance based on the new InSpec framework

Chef launches Compliance: Server security policy as code

Chef Software has released Chef Compliance, a product which aims to automate verification of server security policies to enable rapid application delivery without threatening compliance. The company has also announced general availability of Chef Delivery, a continuous delivery product first announced in March 2015. The …
Tim Anderson, 6 Nov 2015

DevOps tools: The beginner's guide to Chef

In the DevOps model, developers and system operators work closely together throughout the software development process to deploy software more frequently and more reliably. Many new third party and proprietary tools have been developed to support automation, measurement and sharing. Chef: "IT automation for speed and …
Kat McIvor, 7 Oct 2015

Chef to take DevOps 'mainstream' with $40m funding round

Chef, the IT automation software vendor, has secured $40m and three new investors in the latest round of funding. The valuation of the company is undisclosed. The new investors are DFJ Growth, which led the Series E round, Millennium Growth and - taking a "strategic investment" - HP Ventures. In other words DFJ put in the most …
Drew Cullen, 10 Sep 2015
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'It's not layoffs, it's operationalising our strategy'

QuoTW This week, ICANN passed the buck on .sucks, NASA warned of imminent contact with aliens and Microsoft turned everyone's old PCs into Windows 10 adverts. Here are the best quotes we could dig up before the pub came calling: Apple has denied fanbois their right to camp out in front of stores in the hope of getting on TV for …
Team Register, 12 Apr 2015
ChefConf 2015

Everything's code, 'zero tolerance for assholes': Yup, it's ChefConf

ChefConf 2015 took place last week in Santa Clara, with around 1500 attendees focusing on DevOps using Chef software to automate infrastructure configuration and application deployment. What is DevOps? Defining it is a struggle, according to Chef CTO Adam Jacob who devoted a large part of his entertaining keynote to the …
Tim Anderson, 9 Apr 2015
Yahoo Lockport Data Center Servers

Give in to data centre automation and change your life

As an IT professional, unless you’ve been living under a rock you are probably familiar with automation, even if only in passing. Automation process has been in use in the business world for many years, but somewhat paradoxically IT is usually the least automated department in any organisation. Whole data centre automation …
Aaron Milne, 24 Feb 2015

Chef and HP cook up partnership for infrastructure as code – even on Windows

HP Discover HP Technology Services has announced a partnership with Chef to include infrastructure automation as part of its Datacenter Care offering, at the HP Discover event today in Barcelona. Chef is open source software (under the Apache 2.0 license) for script-driven configuration of servers. The Seattle-based company of the same …
Tim Anderson, 2 Dec 2014

Over half of software developers think they'll be millionaires – study

IT automation-tool supplier Chef has sponsored a study that it says shows software developers are "emerging as a new power class" who believe their jobs are recession-proof, and that money will flow to them like honey. "Traditionally considered a disenfranchised group that was underappreciated and not well understood in …
Rik Myslewski, 14 Apr 2014

Security breach at Opscode as attackers download databases

Updated Opscode, the commercial side of the open source Chef configuration management tool beloved by Google, Facebook, and IBM, has warned customers that a flaw in an unnamed third-party application has left its wiki and ticketing system pwned. "The attacker gained escalated privileges and downloaded the user database for the wiki …
Iain Thomson, 1 Aug 2013

Opscode cooks up deals to serve Chef automation from IBM, Joyent clouds

Opscode's Chef configuration, change, and cloud management tool is spreading around the clouds and has been formally adopted on the heavenly infrastructure from IBM and Joyent. The news comes as Opscode is hosting its ChefConf 2013 user and partner conference in San Francisco this week and is touting the uptake of Chef as a …
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Do you need to command an OpenStack cloud? Hello, Rackspace

Once you get a complex piece of software like OpenStack built, the next thing you have to do is make it easier for system administrators to use. Then you have to integrate it with the various management tools they already have deployed in their data centers. This is what Rackspace Hosting, one of the driving forces and …

Opscode guts Chef control freak to scale it to 10,000 servers

Opscode is in a race with Puppet Labs to become a next-generation management tool, and its latest Chef product, which does configuration, change, and cloud management, is used by some of the name-brand hyperscale cloud application operators out there. As part of the launch of the Chef 11 tool, Facebook is outing itself as a …

Opscode adds services for Chef control freak

Opscode, the commercial entity behind the open source Chef configuration management tool for servers and their software, is getting into the services racket. Not just because it wants another revenue stream, but because customers need help getting up to speed on using Chef quickly. The company, which is based in Seattle, …

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