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Cambridge Analytica

BOOM! Cambridge Analytica explodes following extraordinary TV expose

Updated Controversial data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica has been hit with an emergency data seizure order in England following an extraordinary series of events Monday night that revolved around a TV undercover expose. Following a day in which the company became the focus of attention online, in print, and in the UK Parliament …
Kieren McCarthy, 19 Mar 2018

Woman caught on CCTV performing drunken BJ blew right to privacy

Ofcom has rejected a claim that Channel 4 infringed the privacy of a pregnant Southampton woman by broadcasting CCTV footage of her administering drunken oral pleasure to a chap in a tower block lift. "Ms K" lodged a complaint of "unwarranted infringement of privacy" to the TV watchdog regarding the 9 June 2014 episode of CCTV …
Lester Haines, 20 Mar 2015

Snowden to warn Brits on Xmas telly: Your children will NEVER have privacy

Celebrity whistleblower Edward Snowden will hit Britain's TV screens tomorrow to warn families: "A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all." The ex-NSA sysadmin – temporarily exiled in Russia after leaking documents about the US and the UK's massive internet surveillance operations – will give this …
Chris Williams, 24 Dec 2013

Fear the Embarrassing Bodies webcam

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Some of my colleagues get writer's block. I suffer from reader's block. I may have a mild form of dyslexia or it may be due to having a very short attention ... you know, whatever. Today, I am unable to reach the end of the following sentence without forgetting how it started. You have a go... A multi-tiered, hybrid approach …
Alistair Dabbs, 31 May 2013
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It never ends: TV exposé tags new Android privacy howler

The UK’s Channel 4 News has dropped a fresh load of privacy grief in Larry’s lap, with an expose into the way advertisers hitch-hike on apps’ permissions. The Channel 4 piece has drawn a furious response from European Commission VP Viviane Reding, who has told the broadcaster: “this is against the law, because nobody has the …
Xbox Live: Summer of Football

BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm, 4OD aim for Xbox

Microsoft has signed up video-on-demand companies Blinkbox and Lovefilm, and Channel 4's catch-up viewing service 4OD, to bring their offerings to the Xbox 360 this year. BBC iPlayer will be coming too. So will Channel 5's catch-up service. The channels will be made available through Xbox Live. They'll be joined by a number …
Tony Smith, 6 Oct 2011
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Freesat to get Channel 4 in HD

Freesat viewers, you're going to get Channel 4 in all is HD glory two months from now. The free-to-air satellite broadcasting brand said C4HD will join BBC One HD, BBC HD and ITV 1 HD in April, finally allowing it to reach the level of HD content already available on rival, terrestrially broadcast network Freeview. Freesat …
Hard Reg, 2 Feb 2011
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ITV, C4 catch-up players coming to PS3

PS3 owners willsoon be able to watch ITV and Channel 4 programming. Both stations' catch-up TV viewers are being ported to the PlayStation. ITV Player and 4oD will go live on the PS3 later this week, the Guardian reports. The services join BBC iPlayer, which launched on the Sony games console last year. Unlike iPlayer, the …
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2010
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Channel 4 rents videos

Channel 4 has begun streaming movies for money. The service is tagged with the government-owned broadcaster's Film 4 brand. Film 4 On Demand offers flicks that can be rented for between 50p and £4, for up to 30 days, though you'll only have 48 hours to finish watching a movie once you've started. Film 4 On Demand The …
Hard Reg, 2 Nov 2010
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Virgin Media puts Dave and Gold on the block

Isn't it funny how core businesses stop being core when you are making a loss? This is the case for Virgin Media, the cable TV operator, which is loaded down with almost £6bn in debt. Now it wants to sell off its half share in 10 digital TV channels, including Dave and Gold, and aims to raise at least £350m from the disposal, …
Drew Cullen, 9 Aug 2010

Channel 4 4OD to hit PS3

Sony and Channel 4 are in talks to bring 4OD to the PS3. That's what an unnamed source from Channel 4 told TV trade mag Broadcast. 4OD If the move goes ahead, Channel 4 will be the first UK commercial broadcaster to offer content through the PlayStation platform. In October last year, 4OD became the first UK channel to …
Caleb Cox, 6 Aug 2010

Five pulls out of Project Canvas

Channel Five has pulled out of Project Canvas, a bid to define a standard framework through which hardware manufacturers can implement internet TV services. Five isn't making money, and when asked to cough up £16m toward the £112m that Project Canvas is expected to cost to finalise, it apparently said no. Five chiefs said: " …
Tony Smith, 12 Jul 2010
Freeview HD logo

Freeview HD launches, gets Channel 4

Freeview has formally launched the HD service it's been highlighting on its website for months and which has been broadcasting for even longer. Central to the launch is the arrival of Channel 4 on the free-to-air terrestrial service. Channel 4 HD will today join BBC HD and ITV 1 HD on Freeview HD. Channel 4's Welsh-language …
Tony Smith, 30 Mar 2010
Film 4

Virgin Media wins Film 4 HD exclusive

The HD incarnation of "public service broadcaster" Channel 4's Film 4 offering will only be available to paying Virgin Media customers, it has emerged. Film 4 HD is scheduled to arrive in the summer, VM said today, which implied the channel will be offered to its subscribers at no extra cost. VM already broadcasts Channel 4's …
Tony Smith, 8 Mar 2010
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Channel 4 raises Bing word-extinction alarm

Roll over Wittgenstein, Channel 4 has a bold claim to make, thanks to New Media guru Benjamin Cohen. It's trumpeted in what must be the weirdest press release we've received in years - or at least since the Blooks one. We reproduce it in full, trying to give you a flavour of the insane typography: PLEASE CREDIT CHANNEL 4 NEWS …
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Nov 2009

Sky talks up subscription 3D merits

Channel 4’s week-long 3D TV spectacular only started last night, but rival broadcaster Sky has already chipped in with its opinion on how viewers should experience 3D in their living rooms. While Sky told Register Hardware that it isn’t “blasting” C4’s 3D TV week, a spokesperson for the subscription-only broadcaster said... …
James Sherwood, 17 Nov 2009

Channel 4 to become Channel 3D tonight

Popping into Sainsbury’s tonight for up some milk and bread? Then don’t forget to grab your free 3D glasses, so you can enjoy Channel 4 in new depths – well, three – from tonight. At 9pm, the channel kicks of its “3D Week” with a three-dimensional look back at the life and times of... er... the Queen during her coronation in …
James Sherwood, 16 Nov 2009
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YouTube to broadcast Channel 4 shows

YouTube and Channel 4 have inked a landmark content deal that will see most of the UK broadcaster's programming made available for free on the Google-owned video sharing site. Under the pact, Channel 4 will make its entire 4 on Demand catch-up service of new shows available on YouTube shortly after airing, plus around 3,000 …
Austin Modine, 16 Oct 2009

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