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我的天啊! China gives Weibo users a week to use their real names

China's version of Twitter, Sina Weibo, has warned its 340 million users they have until next Friday to verify their accounts using their real names. The company posted an official announcement Friday with a deadline of September 15, but didn't state what would happen to accounts that weren't verified. The service has been …

China crackdown: VPN vendor gets prison

A Chinese man has been sentenced to nine months in prison for helping his fellow citizens drill through the Great Firewall with virtual private networks. Guangdong province-dwelling 26-year-old Deng Jiewei started offering the VPN software on his Website in October 2015, according to a judgement posted by the Supreme People's …
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Daily Stormer booted off internet again, this time by Namecheap

White supremacist web site The Daily Stormer has been booted off the internet, again. GoDaddy and Google each denied the site registration last week, after it published extraordinary vulgar and insensitive comments about Heather Heyer, the civil rights protestor killed during protests in Charlottesville, Virginia. CloudFlare …
Simon Sharwood, 20 Aug 2017

Cloudflare: We dumped Daily Stormer not because they're Nazis but because they said we love Nazis

Cloudflare has explained why it made a rare exception to its strident free-speech policy in its decision to cut ties with white supremacist cesspit Daily Stormer. As noted by El Reg a few hours earlier, Cloudflare today terminated the hosting and anti-DDoS services it was providing the neo-Nazi website. After GoDaddy and …
Shaun Nichols, 16 Aug 2017

A glimpse of life under President Zuckerberg? Facebook CEO's boffins censor awkward Q&A

Money can't buy you love, but it can remove criticism, at least in the hallowed world of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. With the Zuck continuing his Definitely Not Getting Into A Presidential Race tour of the United States, carrying out a bizarre series of secret photo-ops and precision-engineered PR-friendly drop-ins on normal …
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Aug 2017

Assange offers job to sacked Google diversity manifestbro

In his latest attempt to further the global alliance of weapons-grade bellends*, noted troll Julian Assange has offered a job at WikiLeaks to the Google staffer apparently fired for writing a wobbly diversity manifesto. Assange tweeted: "Censorship is for losers. @WikiLeaks is offering a job to fired Google engineer James …
Kat Hall, 8 Aug 2017

China crams spyware on phones in Muslim-majority province

The Chinese government is requiring citizens in Xinjiang province to install spyware on their mobile phones and is enforcing the policy with police spot-checks, according to several online reports. Reflecting a country-wide clampdown on internet usage, users of WeChat in the regional capital of Urumqi received a message on …
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Jul 2017

China censors drop the soap operas, sitcoms

Analysis A disturbing trend toward ever-greater censorship in China has seemingly crossed a line with the banning and blocking... well, fun, basically. Today's headline is that the communist government in charge has formally banned pop star Justin Bieber from performing in the country due to his "bad behavior," but a far more insidious …
Kieren McCarthy, 21 Jul 2017

China's censorship cyber-missiles shoot down pics flying through WhatsApp, chat apps

China has expanded its censorship tools to strip out images from chat messages in transit through its networks. The new powers were demonstrated on the country's most common messaging services – WeChat and Weibo – following the death of Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo last week. The superpower's Great Firewall was also …
Kieren McCarthy, 18 Jul 2017

Russia, China vow to kill off VPNs, Tor browser

Russia and China are banning the use of virtual private networks, as their governments assert ever greater control over what citizens can see online. In Russia, the State Duma – the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia (legislature) – unanimously adopted the first reading of new legislation that would ban the use of …
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Jul 2017
Censored Stamp

Google plans to scrub 'inflammatory' and terror vids from youTube

Google's revealed its plans to remove terror-related content from YouTube and decided the investment community should hear about it before the rest of us. The plan emerged in a post first published in the Financial Times and later popped online, the company's revealed a four-point plan. As was the case in Facebook's anti- …
Simon Sharwood, 19 Jun 2017

Just days after tech community abandons plans to punish internet shutdowns… Egypt goes censorship crazy

Egypt has embarked on a new wave of online censorship, blocking news websites and killing off VPN services in order to limit its citizens' access to information. Over the past three weeks, the Egyptian authorities have blocked access to more than 50 news websites, including Al Jazeera and local newspapers Daily News Egypt, Al- …
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Jun 2017
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The internet may well be the root cause of today's problems… but not in the way you think

Comment In a predictable but still shocking pronouncement, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has put much of the blame of recent terror attacks in London and Manchester on the internet and internet companies like Google and Facebook. "We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed," she argued in a speech following the …

Venezuela increases internet censorship and surveillance in crisis

Venezuela is increasingly censoring its internet and expanding online surveillance of citizens. The country is currently in a state of emergency after two months of anti-government protests that have caused the deaths of over 50 people and led to violent confrontations with the police. Citizens are furious with president …
Kieren McCarthy, 25 May 2017

No nudity please, we're killing ourselves: Advice to Facebook mods leaks

A large quantity of Facebook's advice for its English-language content moderators* has been obtained and published by The Guardian newspaper, giving insight into how it handles material on the site. Facebook, which earned $27bn last year, has 4,500 human moderators and recently said it would add another 3,000. They decide …
Andrew Orlowski, 22 May 2017

Taiwan government to block Google's public DNS in favor of HiNet's

The Taiwanese government intends to block Google's public DNS service, citing cybersecurity concerns. The question is whether those concerns are the government's or its citizens', with the government pushing its own DNS service – a setup that is typically used to spy on people's internet communications. The announcement comes …
Kieren McCarthy, 11 May 2017
Doctor Who – The Girl Who Died. Pic credit: BBC

Doctor Who-inspired proxy transmogrifies politically sensitive web to avoid gov censorship

Computer boffins in Canada are working on anti-censorship software called Slitheen that disguises disallowed web content as government-sanctioned pablum. They intend for it to be used in countries where network connections get scrutinized for forbidden thought. Slitheen – named after Doctor Who aliens capable of mimicking …
Thomas Claburn, 21 Apr 2017

Drupal sci-fi sex scandal deepens: Now devs spank Dries over Gor bloke's banishment

Updated Scores of Drupal developers have formed a protest against the exiling of a project veteran who dabbled in kinky sci-fi hanky-panky. An open letter and website called, signed by 85 devs, calls on Drupal lead Dries Buytaert to end the exclusion of people based on their sexual appetites. The letter comes …
Shaun Nichols, 13 Apr 2017

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