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The Register breaking news 'to drop' überdatabase from snoop Bill

Exclusive The government will drop plans for a massive central database to track private communications from the forthcoming Communications Data Bill, but officials will proceed with the multi-billion project in the background instead. Senior civil servants will discreetly run the project to swerve potential political opposition to a …
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Labour minister says 14 year olds should get ID cards

A government minister has spoken glowingly of the prospect of kids as young as six handing over their biometrics as she boasted that the Tories and LibDems would find it impossible to unpick the government’s ID card scheme. Meg Hillier, an under secretary at the Home Office, told a fringe meeting of tobacconists and …
Joe Fay, 23 Sep 2008
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Brown pledges annual commons debate on surveillance

Gordon Brown today accepted MP’s recommendations for an annual report and debate on the state of UK surveillance in a speech which rejected charges that the government’s increasing use of high-tech surveillance compromises British citizens' liberties. He also said the government was considering subjecting all new UK …
Joe Fay, 17 Jun 2008
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Want to buy Jacqui Smith's ID?

Four people have been arrested after the BBC bought a driving licence and utility bills in the name of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith. The Beeb has spent the last three months investigating one of the many websites which sell identity documents. It bought a driving licence, a gas bill and a bank statement in Jacqui Smith's name …
John Oates, 29 May 2008
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Home Office wants officials to watch more TV

Oh for the life of a sub editor. It must be the most thankless task: people only notice you when you don't do your job perfectly. And when it comes to spelling and grammar, someone can always be relied upon to notice. Screen grab of the offending article But it is also a position of incredible power, which must occasionally …
Lucy Sherriff, 22 May 2007
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ID scheme not failing, just shifting

The Identity and Passport Service has claimed its identity card scheme is not "out of control", as the London School of Economics claims, but is being built on "uncertain" sands. In an argument for "common sense" criticism of complex government IT projects, the IPS claimed that its cost estimates were likely to change with time …
Mark Ballard, 16 May 2007
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MPs must act on runaway ID project

The London School of Economics has called for Parliament to intervene in the government's identity card scheme to find out if it is "getting out of control". In its response to the government's six-monthly report on costs of the ID scheme, which said last week that estimates had risen by nearly £1bn since October 2006, the LSE …
Mark Ballard, 16 May 2007
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UK ID card costs climb £600m in six months

The government's cost estimate for its identity card scheme has risen at least £600m in the six months since its last disclosure. According to the May 2007 Identity Cards Scheme Cost report, at last count the project was going to cost £4.9bn between October 2006 and October 2016 (although we reported the estimate was £5.4bn). …
Mark Ballard, 10 May 2007
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Blunkett cashes in on ID card experience

David Blunkett, the man who pioneered the UK government's ID cards proposals, has taken a job with a security company which works on Spain's ID card and could even be in the bidding for UK contracts. However, Blunkett is officially forbidden from working on government contracts for two years after leaving government. This …
John Oates, 26 Mar 2007
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UK gov says broken passport system justifies ID cards

Rough fraud figures published by the Identity and Passport Service today have become the government's latest justification for its identity card plans. The Home Office estimated that 10,000 fraudulent passport applications were approved in the 11 months to October 2006. But its figures were only partial and the Home Office …
Mark Ballard, 20 Mar 2007
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UK's biometric passports go jumbo

The Identity and Passport Service (IPS) has produced a larger version of the biometric passport. The eJumbo, launched yesterday, has 48 pages compared with the 32 on the original ePassport. It will cost £77, while the regular ePassport costs £66. A spokesperson said it has been developed largely for people who travel regularly …
Kablenet, 13 Mar 2007

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