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FCO to cut one-third from IT and telecoms spending

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) plans to cut its IT and telecommunications running costs by 30 per cent to 40 per cent – all the while reducing their environmental impact and providing "better services" to staff, according to a new strategy. It is aiming to modernise the infrastructure, improve training and awareness …
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M&S whips out carbon-neutral bra

Marks and Spencer has whipped out what it claims is the world's first carbon-neutral bra. The M&S carbon-neutral bra The Autograph Leaves Collection Multiway Bra is produced in an eco-friendly Sri Lankan factory powered by hydroelectric and solar energy. M&S stumped up $400,000 towards the cost of the solar panels and design …
Lester Haines, 13 Apr 2011

Power management and carbon footprints

Workshop April 1, 2010 was a not classic All Fools' day in the UK press, although The Register did pull off a few half-decent pranks itself, including news of an alien invasion through the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Now that the April Fools' jokes have been exposed it should be safe to confirm something that wasn't one - the " …
Tony Lock, 9 Apr 2010

'Carbon neutral' Dell's wind-blowing pays off

Computer maker Dell has claimed it is now a carbon neutral company. It also reckons it’s the greenest technology firm on the planet (reader’s competition: spot the oxymoron and win a Madagascan tree). Boss Michael Dell has been pushing the green agenda for some time now. In September last year he announced a series of …
Kelly Fiveash, 7 Aug 2008
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Whitehall orders green paint for IT dept

Whitehall has set out its plan for slashing the carbon footprint of its computer systems, and will send someone round to turn off all its PCs as early as this evening. A report released today, under the hideous title Greening Government IT, says that the UK gov’s computer systems pump out 460,000 tonnes of carbon a year, a …
Joe Fay, 17 Jul 2008

HP to reduce PC energy consumption by a quarter

HP's ambitious plan to slash energy consumption in its PCs by 25 per cent by 2010 has been greeted with scepticism in some quarters. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas the computer firm proclaimed its intent to cut the carbon footprint of its desktop and notebook PCs by adopting more efficient power supplies …
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Jan 2008

Nokia unveils eco phone and planet-friendly charger

NokiaWorld No sooner had Nokia’s executives leapt onto the stage at today's opening of the giant's annual NokiaWorld shindig than assembled hacks were presented with a new, eco-friendly handset. Nokia 3110 Evolve Nokia's Evolve: half the front can be recycled The 3110 Evolve is a dual-band GSM/GPRS handset which Nokia claimed has …

Laptop power cranks up a gear

There’s never really been a reliable way of losing weight and saving the planet - and certaintly not one that works while you're sat working at your desk. Until now - a Spanish Polytechnic has invented a laptop that runs on a miniature bicycle. cycle_laptop_2 No need for the gym after work now The Polytechnic of Madrid’s …

Toshiba to sell trees with laptops

Toshiba is branching out from the electronics industry. It’s begun cross-selling an eco-service that it claims will offset the carbon cost of customers' laptops. Tosh_green_laptop Buy a tree from Toshiba Its Carbon Neutral Scheme allows punters to pay an optional £1.18 fee when they buy, say, a Toshiba Satellite laptop. A …
James Sherwood, 28 Nov 2007

Europe's largest phone recycling centre to open in Wales

Europe, send your unwanted mobile phone to... Wales. Well, from November, anyway. In that month, the continent's largest cellphone recycling plant will open its doors for business by logistics specialist Excel. The company said the £15m plant will be capable of dissassembling and safely disposing of some 500,000 handsets a …
Tony Smith, 10 Sep 2007

Wattson to make electricity monitoring elementary?

You might question the green credentials of yet another plastic-constructed, mains-driven gadget, but the Wattson home energy monitor has the potential to make us all play closer attention to our everyday power use. wattson The Wattson electricity monitor: or an iPod speaker in disguise? Yes, it looks rather like an add- …
James Sherwood, 20 Jul 2007

Carbon emissions - this time it's personal

If last weekend's Live Earth taught us anything, it's that we all need to take responsibility for our combined impact on the environment. Thankfully, monitoring our everyday impact may soon become much more straightforward thanks to the Carbon Hero, a portable carbon-footprint calculator. carbon_hero Carbon Hero (left) and …
James Sherwood, 11 Jul 2007

UK going to hell on hardware, eco group warns

Turn off your telly, shut down your PC and dim down those lights, because if you don't, by 2020, 45 per cent of the UK's electricity will be gobbled up to feed the nation's love of gadgets, according to a report from British NGO the Energy Saving Trust (EST). EST's delightfully titled report, The Ampere Strikes Back, warns …

Asus shows off bamboo-clad 'eco' laptop

Now, laptop maker Asus is well known for its willingness to bring all sorts of hi-tech compounds into the manufacture of its notebook computers, but it hasn't ignored more traditional materials. It's already released a leather-clad laptop and has now begun touting what it claims is the world's first bamboo computer. Asus …
Tony Smith, 27 Jun 2007
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IT firms band together to shrink carbon footprint

A group of UK IT firms has banded together to form The Green Initiative, a forum dedicated to helping companies learn more about how they can reduce their environmental impact. Headed by Dan Sutherland, CEO of IT services firm Carrenza, the initiative was launched today at Internet World in London. Sutherland says the …
Lucy Sherriff, 1 May 2007

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