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Lava pit

Fiery old geysers FOUND ON MOON: Volcanic past explained

The night sky on Earth in its early years was very different, with our Moon glowing red with fire in the sky. Now scientists think they've worked out why. Back when the Moon was forming, the surface was alive with fiery geysers that spurted molten rock high in the low-gravity skies as the orbiting mass cooled and crusted over …
Iain Thomson, 25 Aug 2015
Guardian 2.0

Guardian: 'Oil reserves will soon be worth NOTHING!' (A bit like their stock tips, really)

Worstall @ the Weekend It's not going to come as all that much of a surprise that those who worry excessively about climate change aren't really all that up to speed with economics as a subject in general. But it should produce a little amazement (or a chortle or two perhaps) when said usual suspects launch a new campaign that deliberately ignores a …
Tim Worstall, 22 Mar 2015

Under the Iron Sea: YES, tech and science could SAVE the planet

Worstall @ the Weekend Back last week we had the news from Google bods (almost but not quite boffins) telling us there's no way to make renewable energy fuel in an advanced industrial society. Our esteemed editor here at El Reg then pointed out that we've got a reasonable and cheap method of producing all the power we need: nuclear. The frustration …
Tim Worstall, 30 Nov 2014

US citizens want stricter CO2 regulations by two to one – Yale poll

Next Monday, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is set to propose limits on CO2 emissions from existing power plants, regulations that have caused the US utilities industry to see red even before they've seen the proposed rules. Although the EPA has its enemies, it also has its supporters, says a new poll conducted …
Rik Myslewski, 30 May 2014
Jupiter and its volcanic moon Io

Diamonds are forever POURING down on Jupiter, Saturn - boffins

Storms on Saturn and Jupiter form hailstones of pure diamond, according to a paper published for the 45th meeting of the American Astronomical Association. Dr Kevin Baines of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory told the delegates that when huge weather systems on the gas giants create …
Iain Thomson, 15 Oct 2013
Credit: Haven Giguere/Yale University

That 'DIAMOND SUPER EARTH' may actually be WORTHLESS ball of gas

A "diamond super Earth" discovered a year ago may not be anywhere near as valuable as previously suggested. A graduate student at the University of Arizona has examined data that appeared to point to the existence of a diamond-stuffed world circling 55 Cancri, a star which is 40 light-years away from Earth. Scientists at Yale …
Jasper Hamill, 10 Oct 2013

British support for fracking largely unmoved by knowledge of downsides

Analysis Shale gas may be threatening to cause an existential crisis for the way environmental politics is conducted in the UK. The latest survey from the University of Nottingham into how people view shale exploration shows something quite unusual. While awareness of the risks has greatly increased, the public's support for the …
Graphic showing past and predicted domestic energy price rises. Credit/source: RWE npower

Why you'll be paying £3,250 extra for gas and 'leccy in coming years

Analysis Almost all Britons know that their home energy bills have been climbing painfully in recent years, and many are realising that this process is now set to continue indefinitely. What's not clear is just why this is happening: some lay the blame on rising gas prices, others on profiteering energy firms. Meanwhile, apropos of …
Lewis Page, 19 Jul 2013

Apple's new data center to be solar powered, 100% green

Apple has announced that it will partner with Nevada's largest power company to build a solar farm to juice its data center in Reno, Nevada. The new photovoltaic power source, to be built in partnership with NV Energy, will pump 43.5 million kilowatt hours per year into the grid that will power the data center, Reuters reports …
Rik Myslewski, 2 Jul 2013
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Scientists spin carbon nanotube threads on industrial scale

An international team of scientists has successfully found a way to spin tens of millions of carbon nanotubes into a flexible conductive thread that's a quarter of the thickness of human hair. "We finally have a nanotube fiber with properties that don't exist in any other material," said lead researcher Matteo Pasquali of Rice …
Iain Thomson, 14 Jan 2013
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Martian atmosphere pristine, totally free of fart gas, reports Curiosity

Mars rover Curiosity has taken a whiff of the wind at Rocknest in the Gale Crater - but the Red Planet hasn't been passing the gas the nuclear-powered tank is looking for. Jersey cow A common or garden Earth-based methane-producing machine The rover's Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) instruments have been sniffing for methane …
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Oceans gaining ACID faster than last 300 MILLION YEARS

The world's oceans may be experiencing a rate of acidification unparalleled in the past 300 million years, according to a paper published on Thursday in the journal Science. "The geological record suggests that the current acidification is potentially unparalleled in at least the last 300 million years of Earth history," co- …
Rik Myslewski, 2 Mar 2012
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UK nuclear: Walking into darkness with eyes screwed shut

Comment So the House of Lords Science and Technology committee has reported on the state of the UK's nuclear industry and government plans for carrying it forward: and, as anyone who follows these matters would expect, the noble lords have reported on a situation of total, shambolic chaos. That chaos has come about, not by unavoidable …
Lewis Page, 22 Nov 2011

AT&T survey: Cloud computing saves cash, planet

Putting your data in the cloud could save carbon as well as cash, says a new survey (PDF) on the advantages of the cloud from the Carbon Disclosure Project, funded by US telco AT&T. The report concluded that a large US company that made the switch now could be achieving annual savings of $12.3bn and annual carbon reductions …
Anna Leach, 7 Nov 2011
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Nokia: When pigeons fly home to roast

Pundits this week are describing Nokia's fall from grace as one of the greatest corporate car-crashes of all time. But here's an unfashionable view. Nokia's problem is not Stephen Elop, or his strategy. Its problem is it didn't have Stephen Elop, or his strategy, in place two years ago. And while we are certainly watching a …
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M&S whips out carbon-neutral bra

Marks and Spencer has whipped out what it claims is the world's first carbon-neutral bra. The M&S carbon-neutral bra The Autograph Leaves Collection Multiway Bra is produced in an eco-friendly Sri Lankan factory powered by hydroelectric and solar energy. M&S stumped up $400,000 towards the cost of the solar panels and design …
Lester Haines, 13 Apr 2011
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World of diamonds bigger than the Ritz discovered

A curious world orbiting a star 1200 light years from our own solar system could be home to diamonds of enormous, unparalleled size, say boffins. The planet WASP-12b was discovered last year by a group of UK astronomers, the Wide Angle Search for Planets. Since then it has been probed intensively by NASA's Spitzer telescope in …
Lewis Page, 9 Dec 2010
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US opts out of carbon trading

Are market solutions, long touted as having a key role in combating global warming, on the way out? Or is news last week of the upcoming closure of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) a sign that "cap and trade" is an idea whose time has passed? At issue is the question of how to encourage companies to reduce carbon emissions, …
Jane Fae , 10 Nov 2010

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