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Backside Illumination

Toshiba touts 15Mp image sensor

While most people are still getting to grips with 12Mp cameraphones, Toshiba has announced it will produce a 15Mp CMOS sensor for cameras and handsets next year. The sensor – which technically delivers 14.6Mp – measures 1/2.3in and is based on “backside illumination technology” (BSI). Titter ye not. Backside Illumination …
James Sherwood, 28 Oct 2009

Optical add-on turns cameraphone into mobile lab

Medical boffins have redesigned the humble cameraphone, developing a strap-on microscope that’s able to snap images of miniscule microbes. cameraphone_microscope The cameraphone microscope can snap pictures of blood samples Designed by a team at the University of California, the strap-on is designed to zoom in on blood and …
James Sherwood, 22 Jul 2009
Sony Ericsson C903

Sony Ericsson C903

Review We recently took a look at the jewel in Sony Ericsson's 'C' for camera range, the 8Mp C905 Plus, and so the arrival of the C903 marks an exercise in cost cutting. Yet, this mid-range model with a 5Mp camera retains many of the features to be found in its higher priced and higher spec’d cousin. Sony Ericsson C903 Sony …
Dave Oliver, 17 Jul 2009
Samsung MEMS cameraphone shutter

Samsung etches tiny mechanical shutter for cameraphones

Samsung MEMS cameraphone shutter Here's a pic of Samsung's clever micro electro-mechanical (MEMS) shutter, designed to make high-megapixel cameraphones take rather better photos than they currently can. The tiny shutter - it's just 2.2mm across - is made up of 36 triangular strips that curl back away from the pin-hole iris …
Tony Smith, 15 May 2009
Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C510

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C510

Review Like the rest of the mobile big boys, Sony Ericsson has been upping its cameraphone firepower, with top-of-the-range, multi-megapixel sharpshooters like the 8.1Mp C905 and the forthcoming 12Mp Idou flying the flag for its photo-centric Cyber-shot line-up. Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C510 Sony Ericsson's Cyber-shot C510: a …
Phil Lattimore, 10 Mar 2009

Cameraphone with physical shutter spied

MWC Camera firm Jabil has showcased an 8Mp camera module with a physical shutter. The firm hopes it could soon make its way into smartphones. jabil_camera_shutter A working model of Jabil's 8Mp cameraphone module with physical shutter The module measures 10 x 10 x 8mm and has a moving blade-style shutter that prevents light …

US considers audible warnings for cameraphones

Proposed US legislation could, if adopted, force manufacturers to produce cameraphones that issue audible warnings each time you snap anything from friends and family to your neighbour’s bloomers on the washing line. The Camera Phone Predator Alert Act – put forward earlier this month by New York Republican Peter King - is …
James Sherwood, 28 Jan 2009

Say 'Cheese!' for Sony Ericsson smile-friendly phone

Sony Ericsson has launched its first cameraphone with integrated smile detection. SE_C510_S01 Sony Ericsson's C510 cameraphone Smile Shutter technology on-board that C510 ensures that the phone’s 3.2-megapixel camera only ever captures your subject’s pearly white grin. Sony also plans to add the feature onto its flagship 8 …

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 eight-megapixel cameraphone

Review With Sony Ericsson’s Cyber-shot cameraphone pedigree, it’s no surprise that the firm's been swift to join the ranks of eight-megapixel mobile makers. Its new flagship, the C905, not only ups the pixel count but it's comfortably the most feature-laden Cyber-shot yet. Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 Sony Ericsson's Cyber-shot …
Phil Lattimore, 26 Dec 2008

Samsung Pixon M8800 8Mp cameraphone

Review Samsung is getting serious with its cameraphones. Having recently landed its first eight-megapixel phone in the UK, the i8510, it's now doubled its tally with the Pixon M8800, its debut 8Mp touchscreen phone. Jostling for position among a small but growing band of eight-megapixel new-wavers, including the Sony Ericsson C905 …

LG Renoir eight-megapixel cameraphone

Review LG’s successor to its Viewty focuses on imaging capabilities with a centrepiece eight-megapixel camera. The KC910 - or Renoir, as it's artistically labelled - doesn’t only have an eyebrow-raising cameraphone resolution, though. The device, built around a large, 3in touchscreen, is packed with a roll-call of the latest must- …
Phil Lattimore, 11 Nov 2008

Samsung Innov8 i8510 eight-megapixel cameraphone

Review It may be the first eight-megapixel cameraphone to hit the UK, but Samsung’s i8510 does more than simply take nice snaps. Much, much more. The i8510 flexes a formidable set of features that out-muscle most other smartphones in its class – and it’s certainly Samsung’s most feature-packed handset to date. Samsung i8510 8- …
Phil Lattimore, 25 Oct 2008

Sony Ericsson zooms in on cameraphone tech

A Sony Ericsson patent application has been unearthed that describes the firm’s idea for making camera-phones much easier to use. SE_zoom_patent SE's camera tech could revolutionise zooming The application describes how, instead of manually pressing zoom buttons, the user would simply extend their arm or step towards their …

LG launches 8Mp full-of-firsts cameraphone

LG has taken the wraps off its superlative-laden eight-megapixel cameraphone, which it'll bring to Blighty next month. The LG-KC910 is not only the slimmest 8Mp cameraphone on the market, LG claimed, but it's also the first to sport a touchscreen interface. It's also the first with Dolby Mobile sound tech, the Korean company …
Tony Smith, 4 Sep 2008

Samsung SGH-F400 music phone

Review Some phones get all the luck. Some get to be called Soul, or Tocco - we found out it's Italian for 'touch' - or even Omnia. But others get lumbered with a less emotive moniker. Like F400. The Samsung handset is fairly standard to look at, with silvered sides and a glossy black front. At 17mm thick, it's chunky, but then it …
Dave Oliver, 15 Aug 2008

LG KC550 5-megapixel cameraphone

Review And at first glance, the KC550 looks like a chip off the old Chocolate block, but with proper buttons rather than the touch-sensitive surfaces of LG's confectionery-monikered hero line. There's a large 2.4in screen surrounded by shiny black plastic and a chrome rim. On the back the 5-megapixel camera lens is hidden behind an …
Dave Oliver, 29 Jul 2008

It's official: Samsung shows off i8510 8mp cameraphone

Rumours that the South Korean company was going to join the 8mp cameraphone crowd have been circulating for a while, now Samsung has confirmed it's launching the i8510 in the UK in August. Much like the iPhone, the i8510 comes in 8GB and 16GB variants, with 3G and HSDPA as well as Wi-Fi. It also features GPS and a camera …
Scott Snowden, 24 Jul 2008

Samsung SGH-F490 cameraphone

Review The first two devices to run the "Croix" touchscreen UI didn't float our boat. The Armani was high on style, low on ability, the F700 tried to be some sort of smartphone all-things-to-all-men. The new home of the Croix, the F490, is pitched as an altogether more run of the mill device; no silly designer labels, no pretensions …
Alun Taylor, 28 May 2008

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