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Intel Sandy Bridge E

AMD and Intel extreme desktop CPU workout

Extreme PC Week Extreme PC Week Comparing high-end desktop processors that use the latest architecture from AMD and Intel these days, is a bit like comparing apples to walnuts. To pimp up a PC, there is only one company that really offers extreme processing power, and that’s Intel. But it’ll cost ya. In the extreme arena, AMD gave up arm …
Simon Crisp, 6 Jun 2012
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AMD aims lower with Opteron 3200s

It's World Hosting Days in Germany this week, a conference that bills itself as the biggest trade show devote to hosting and Internet service providing, and x86 chip maker AMD is using the opening day of the event to showcase its "Zurich" Opteron 3200 series processor aimed at single-socket servers. Last fall, in the wake of …
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AMD ships 'Interlagos' Opteron 6200 chips

Let the next battle in the x64 server wars begin. Advanced Micro Devices is shipping its 16-core "Interlagos" processors and generating revenue from it, the company announced today. In fact, the Opteron 6200s, as the chips will presumably be called at launch in the fourth quarter, started coming out of the 32 nanometer wafer- …

Octacore AMD Bulldozers exposed by Turks

Updated A Turkish website claims to have inside information about specifications and benchmark results for AMD's upcoming multi-core Bulldozer processors. Unfortunately, it's impossible to verify the specs (Google Translate version) published by the news 'n' rumor site, DonanımHaber. AMD spokeswoman Miriam Cox declined to "comment on …
Rik Myslewski, 15 Jul 2011
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Intel's future Sandy Bridge Xeons exposed

Exclusive The ongoing x64 server chip war is going to heat up considerably in the third quarter, with both Intel and AMD firing off new processors for midrange server buyers. And we now have a few more details about Intel's future "Sandy Bridge" Xeon platforms and the chipsets that drive them. Processor socket and chipset transitions …
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AMD balance sheet not exactly an Intel clone

Advanced Micro Devices is no longer a fabricator of chips, but it is still benefitting from spinning out its wafer-baking unit to GlobalFoundries. In the first quarter ending April 2, AMD's sales were up a modest 2 per cent, to $1.61bn, but all of its costs were on the rise, and its operating income fell by 70 per cent, to $ …

AMD's Bulldozer cores to push to 3.5 GHz and beyond

ISSCC Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices lifted the veil a bit on the "Bulldozer" core module at the IEEE's International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco, showing off the power savings and faster clock speeds that the new design will allow for its workstation and server processors. As is the case with most of the …
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AMD laughs at Intel with Opteron Bulldozers

There is no such thing as the last laugh in the server chip business. But you can get the next laugh, and Advanced Micro Devices thinks it is going to get that sequential chuckle on rival Intel in the x64 server racket with next year's launch of the "Bulldozer" family of Opteron processors. The reason is simple. This year, AMD …

AMD: Opterons to hit 20 cores by 2012

Advanced Micro Devices can't beat Intel's wafer-baking process in the ongoing x64 server chip war, so it's going to fight with the weapons it has: higher core counts and better bang for the buck — or watt. That was the message delivered by Don Newell, the new chief technology officer for AMD's server-chip business when …
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AMD: 'Bobcat' smaller, faster than Intel's Atom

AMD says that its upcoming "Bobcat" core for netbooks and notebooks is smaller than a single-core Intel Atom chip – and faster. According to the company, this low-power architecture could eventually follow Atom into the server market, but at the moment, that territory is still reserved for the "Bulldozer." The annual Hot Chips …

AMD to crank up performance with Bulldozer Opterons

Although AMD won't release its "Bulldozer" PC and server processors and "Bobcat" mobile processors until sometime next year, the company is expected to be the star of the Hot Chips conference at Stanford University later this month. After all, the IT market is always looking ahead, so AMD has to keep talking about its future …
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AMD sales up – but ink still red

If you have been wondering where those extra profits that Intel raked in during its best quarter ever came from in Q2, it looks like some of that black ink came right out of the hide of Advanced Micro Devices. The CPU and GPU seller posted decent sales of $1.65bn, up 39.6 per cent, in the quarter ended in June. That's more …
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AMD cuts to the core with 'Bulldozer' Opterons

IT shops buy current products, but they always have their eyes out one or two generations to assure themselves they aren't buying into a dead-end product. Which is why makers of chips and other components that go into systems as well as system makers themselves are forced to talk about the future when what they really want to do …

AMD pulls forward six-shooter Opteron cannon

AMD is picking up the pace for its six-core, Istanbul family of Opteron processors, saying it will ship the chips to paying customers in May with server OEM partners shipping in June. That brings the Istanbul chips ahead by several months and gives AMD a chance to leapfrog Intel in the two-socket server space, where Intel has …
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Israelis' invulnerable, 60-tonne robot bulldozer force to double

The Israeli armed forces have announced plans to double their existing force of robot bulldozers, after unmanned "Black Thunder" droid diggers apparently covered themselves with glory during the recent Gaza incursion. The IDF armoured version of the Caterpillar D9 bulldozer An IDF killdozer in a quiet moment. According to …
Lewis Page, 31 Mar 2009

AMD lays down laptop platform plan

What's AMD got planned for notebook makers and buyers over the next few years? Its plans are broadly known - the 'Puma' platform will be released in 2008 followed by the first 'Fusion' architecture mobile CPUs the following year - but now we can begin to flesh it out a little. Puma incorporates 'Griffin', AMD's first mobile …
Tony Smith, 20 Dec 2007

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