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Polar drilling effort hits snag: Boffins' search for life put on ice

The British boffinry team hunting for life under the Antarctic ice-sheet over ancient Lake Ellsworth have run into trouble. Deploying the drill down the borehole The scientists said today that they have a "serious problem" with the main boiler, used to generate hot water for the drill. The drill works with 90°C water, …
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Brit men descend from mammoth hunters, not farmers

Today's British man could be descended from exciting, live-life-on-the-edge hunter-gatherers rather than migrating farmers as previously thought, according to a new gene study. Britons' slightly sexier past comes courtesy of scientists from the Universities of Oxford and Edinburgh, who examined the set of genes called R-M269, …
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Yanks officially recognise the word 'boffin'

We're delighted to report that the word "boffin" has achieved the international recognition it so richly deserves, securing a spot on the Merriam-Webster "Top 10 Favorite British Words" list. And where better for Merriam-Webster to find an example of this magnificent term than on the pages of El Reg? The dictionary's website …
Lester Haines, 26 May 2011
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British-born NASA astronaut Piers Sellers becomes OBE

A British-born spaceman has been appointed an OBE in the Queen's New Year Honours List. Dr Piers Sellers has been honoured for his services to science, reports the BBC. The astronaut has flown on three space shuttle missions, with his most recent one taking place this year. He was on board the space shuttle Atlantis, STS-132 …
Kelly Fiveash, 31 Dec 2010
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Please shut up about the Mull of Kintyre Chinook crash

Analysis New information is said to have emerged in the case of the 1994 RAF Chinook helicopter crash on the Mull of Kintyre. Internal MoD documents, casting doubt on the safety of the engine-control software in the wrecked Chinook, have been leaked to the media. According to the BBC and venerable IT mag Computer Weekly - which has …
Lewis Page, 4 Jan 2010
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MoD does everything right for once in Xmas shocker

Comment It doesn't happen often, but just for once there's good news out of the Ministry of Defence - good news for British troops in combat overseas, and good news for British taxpayers too. But it's bad news for the UK arms biz, and bad news for certain regional communities who rely on the MoD to bring them government money they …
Lewis Page, 16 Dec 2009
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RAF's new military airlifter finally lumbers into the air

Comment Another doleful milestone for British taxpayers and servicemen today, as the A400M military transport plane takes to the air for its first test flight. The A400M - a decade late and massively overbudget - continues to drain the UK's defence coffers though better alternatives are readily available: meanwhile our fighting troops …
Lewis Page, 11 Dec 2009
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Arms biz: Your taxes mainly go on our fat salaries! Ha ha!

Analysis Yesterday the UK's arms industry launched its renewed pitch for more government money. Shooting themselves in the foot somewhat, assembled weapons-biz kingpins revealed that - by their own estimation - the UK taxpayer is already supporting at least twice as many well-paid British arms workers as there are (poorly-paid) soldiers …
Lewis Page, 2 Sep 2009
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ESA chooses British army officer as astronaut

In an unexpected move, the European Space Agency (ESA) has selected a British army officer as one of its second-ever batch of astronauts. Major Timothy Peake, an Apache attack-helicopter pilot in the Army Air Corps, could fly to the International Space Station as soon as 2013. “We are at a turning point in ESA’s human …
Lewis Page, 20 May 2009
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Brit D-cell torpedo in icepack-bottom probe

A British robot submarine has penetrated under the Western Antarctic ice shelves to a distance of 60km, plunging to depths greater than 1000m. The "Autosub", built by boffins in Southampton, was powered by tens of thousands of ordinary D-cell batteries during its forays beneath the ice. Autosub comes from the UK's National …
Lewis Page, 18 Mar 2009
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Gov: High-tech engineering (car making) will save Blighty

Analysis More news from the British government's push to revitalise the economy through high tech today, as the Trade and Investment Minister - a former banker - briefed reporters on a new national marketing effort for UK "advanced engineering". In essence, the government want to let the British people - in particular the …
Lewis Page, 11 Mar 2009
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Gadget-buying Taliban 5th column in Blighty - shock!

Comment Widespread media reports suggest Taliban bomb-makers in Afghanistan use electronics sourced in the UK - perhaps bought by British or British-resident Muslim sympathisers. These stories are based on a report by the Telegraph, covering a briefing given to UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband by the commander and staff of 3 …
Lewis Page, 23 Feb 2009
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ESA gives £6m to Brit spaceplane project

The European Space Agency (ESA) has inked a deal with British firm Reaction Engines Ltd to work on a paradigm-punishing new type of spacecraft engine. The tech could lead to fully reusable runway-launched space shuttles "within ten years". According to Alan Bond, MD of Reaction Engines: “Traditional throw-away rockets costing …
Lewis Page, 19 Feb 2009
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Top MI6 spy: Terrorism less serious than bird flu

Counter Terror Expo A former Assistant Chief of the UK's shadowy Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, aka MI6) has played down the threat of jihadi terrorism, saying that other dangers are more serious. The ex-spy also said that global counterterrorism database plans were "unlikely ever to succeed". Nigel Inkster, who was an SIS officer from 1975 to …
Lewis Page, 11 Feb 2009
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MoD orders £3m anti-friendly-fire 'Combat ID Server'

Controversial gov-plunder warboffinry firm Qinetiq - in partnership with US armsbiz giants - has won a £3m deal from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for a prototype server intended to prevent "friendly fire" incidents. Qinetiq will ally with General Dynamics and Rockwell Collins to provide the MoD with a "Joint Data Network …
Lewis Page, 6 Feb 2009
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Retired army generals: Spend Trident money on the army

Comment Three long-retired British army generals have written to the Times, expressing their opinion that the UK should not - as the government has said it will - renew the Trident nuclear weapons programme. The three ex-soldiers are Field-Marshal Lord Bramall (87, retired as head of the armed forces in 1985); General Lord Ramsbotham …
Lewis Page, 16 Jan 2009
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Brit forces get hoverstare ducted-fan droid

The British armed forces are purchasing innovative backpackable ducted-fan hoverbots, intending to use them for checking ahead of ground convoys on the dangerous roads and tracks of Afghanistan. In you go, little guy - we're right behind you. The machines in question are the well-known Honeywell Micro Air Vehicle (MAV), …
Lewis Page, 15 Jan 2009
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MoD: 27 per cent of our computers are secure

The Ministry of Defence has admitted that only 27 per cent of its computers (of those so far checked) are fully compliant with the government's security standards. Minister for the Armed Forces Bob Ainsworth, in answer to a parliamentary question, laid out the Ministry of Defence's IT security position: 58 per cent of systems …
Lewis Page, 14 Jan 2009

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