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Mother of God seen on USB Flash drive

If you lose a file from this USB drive then you’d better pick your expletives carefully or you’ll have the Good Lord, vengeful wrath and all, snapping at your heels. Maria_USB Thou shalt not carve graven USBs The Maria Memory Stick is USB 2.0 compatible and can be used to store all your essential files. However, unlike any …
James Sherwood, 30 Nov 2007

Retailer touts sweat-swatting mouse

Sweaty palms afflict us all sometimes, but for office workers constantly plagued by hands that feel like a wet fish then a hand-fan’s ideal. Thankfully, one’s been built into a computer mouse. Brando_fan_mouse OptiWind: it really sucks, and blows Dubbed OptiWind, the USB mouse has a fan built into its base that sucks air in …
James Sherwood, 26 Nov 2007

Trade licks via USB

Rocking out with your guitar has always been a pretty simple affair. Either strum along acoustically, or plug it into an amp for more bass. But, the USB guitar link now lets musicians plug guitars into their PCs to record or manipulate their future number ones. USB_guitar_cable The USB guitar cable: plug one end into your PC …
James Sherwood, 22 Nov 2007

Yes! It's the USB retro-style vacuum cleaner

If you usually eat lunch at your desk, you’ll probably have crumbs everywhere. So, if the missus/cleaner doesn’t quite live up to the job, then get de-crumbing yourself with a USB vacuum cleaner. USB_vacuum USB vacuum: get cleaning The tiny desktop unit - it measure 200 x 60 x 95mm - looks like one of those retro Hoover …
James Sherwood, 21 Nov 2007

Show your faith in USB Flash drives

We can't see Brando's wooden cross USB Flash drive appealing to death metallers - too acoustic, not electric enough - which leaves Christians as the only cross-wearing community likely to be keen on this simple item. Brando wooden cross Flash drive Packs vobiscum It certainly has a certain cardy-wearing, guitar-strumming, …
Tony Smith, 20 Nov 2007

Extend your phone's camera - with a telescope

Mobile phone cameras and digital zooms are becoming more powerful, but sometimes they just don’t cut it when trying to take pictures of, say, the girl next door. So, online retailer Brando has launched an attachable telescope for mobile phones to solve all your distance-viewing problems. No video? You'll need to download …

Ears turn to USB for virtual 7.1 sound source

Want to take advantage of 7.1-channel sound sources but your computer's only capable stereo output? If so, this little gadget could be just what you need. USB_sound_adap Brando's 7.1-channel USB adaptor The USB 2.0 device plugs directly into your PC, and Brando claims it will deliver 7.1-channel sound to a pair of …
James Sherwood, 19 Oct 2007

Epsionage gadgets spied online

The kind of gadgets created by Q in the James Bond films are coming to consumers. Online retailer Brando has begun selling devices for listening in on and blocking other people's telephone calls, helping every wannabe 007 get a little closer to MI5. Sim_Card_Spy_Ear Sim Card Spy Ear: the phone that listens in Slot your …

Take pot luck with the USB Greenhouse

Calling all budding - literally, perhaps - horticulturalists. Now you can see just how green your fingers are with the USB Greenhouse. For once the computer connection isn't simply an alternative to batteries - it can be used to monitor your plant's progress too. USB Greenhouse The USB Greenhouse: weed free The egg-shaped …
Tony Smith, 14 Sep 2007

His 'n' Hers USB kits to end battle of the sexes?

Buying presents can be an arduous task, but when pondering the perfect gift for the gadget geek - or geekette - in your life then look no further than the His and Hers USB gift set. men_usb The USB gift set for men For the men, the set includes a mini vacuum cleaner with brush, a desk lamp, a cup warmer and a mood light …
James Sherwood, 16 Jul 2007

Eliminate stress at the touch of a button... literally

Stress gets to us all, but until now there have been only three outlets: going for a ciggie, squeezing a stress toy or punching your boss. But now you can press the red button and bring all your stress to an end with the USB stress panic button. USB Stress Panic Button Pretend you are bringing the world to an end by …
James Sherwood, 27 Jun 2007

USB adaptor helps iPod Shuffle users cut the cord

Calling all owners of Apple's second-gen iPod Shuffle - here's a handy, dirt cheap alternative to the USB cable that came packed with your player: a plug-in USB adaptor. Brando iPod Shuffle USB-to-3.5mm adaptor Cable-free connectivity for the iPod Shuffle The add-on's simplicity itself: a standard USB connector the ends …
Tony Smith, 26 Jun 2007

Yes! It's the jellybean USB Flash drive

Definitely an add-on to keep well away from young kids, it's the jelly bean USB Flash drive from Hong Kong-based Brando - though the company reckons its more like a pill than a sweetie. Brando USB Flash drive 'pill' Available in a choice of red, yellow or green, the 2GB drive measures roughly 6.5 x 2 x 2cm. Brando wants $ …
Tony Smith, 15 May 2007

Brando eyes iPod fans with Shuffle-like USB hub

Want to convince the world your so hip you're in possession of one of those much-rumoured but never released black first-generation iPod Shuffles? Then nab yourself one of Hong Kong-based Brando's Shuffle-like USB hubs. Brando iPod Shuffle-like Slim USB hub Available in white as well as black in that same long, thin shape …
Tony Smith, 14 May 2007

Brando hogs limelight with pig-shaped card reader

Carnivorous computer users with a taste for pork will undoubtedly find Hong Kong-based accessory maker Brando's latest memory card reader a toothsome treat: it's pig-shaped. Brando Piggy memory card reader Whether it's modelled on a Saddleback, Lop, Old Spot, Large Black or Tamworth, we can't rightly say. Middle White, …
Tony Smith, 4 Apr 2007

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