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mini handheld keyboard

Weird handheld keyboard comes with laser pointer

Check out this mini handheld keyboard with a built-in touchpad. 'Aint she a weird one? mini handheld keyboard The USB 2.4GHz Multimedia Keyboard consists of 85 keys, a touchpad and laser pointer. Pick one up for $36 (£22) over at Brando. ® mini handheld keyboard
Caleb Cox, 17 Jun 2011
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iPhone 4 Sim shrink sorrow solved

Those of you buying an iPhone 4 or an iPad 3G will face the issue of getting Micro Sim card replacements. You have three options: Either fork out for a new plan, exchange your old Sim - or cut the old Sim to the right size. That's where the Micro Sim Cutter from Asian gadget seller Brando comes in. Brando Sim Cutter Brando …
Caleb Cox, 29 Jun 2010
USB Cassette 4-Port Hub

Tape out: the cassette-styled USB hub

This is the USB Cassette 4-Port Hub from Asian gadget seller Brando. As the name suggests, it features four USB ports and looks like a retro cassette tape. USB Cassette 4-Port Hub Tape those cables up There's no reason why a USB hub should be styled after a cassette tape, but who needs a reason? We just think it looks cool …
Caleb Cox, 22 Jun 2010
Lighter cam

Budding Bonds offered disguised spycam

Attention all Bond enthusiasts! Asian gadget seller Brando is now selling Disposable Lighter Spy Camera Camcorders at just $20 (£14) a pop. Hidden beneath this seemingly ordinary ciggie lighter is a pinhole camera and microphone which captures Motion JPEG video at 720 x 480, 30f/s in an AVI file. There's an additional still …
Caleb Cox, 17 May 2010

Brando injects storage

Seeing a hypodermic sticking out of someone isn’t a sight most people relish. So quirky peripherals retailer Brando has made a larger-than-normal syringe and wants you to jab it into your USB port. Brando_USB_syringe_02 Brando's hypodermic Flash drive The USB Syringe Flash Drive is exactly as it sounds and, although it …

Brando unveils iPhone add-on lenses

Not satisfied with the quality of photographs snapped using your iPhone? Quirky online retailer Brando has launched three sets of add-on lenses to help you master phone-based photography. Brando_lens_01 Brando's fish eye lens and phone mounting magnetic rings Designed for the iPhone 2G and 3G - although images do show the …
James Sherwood, 18 Mar 2009

Retailer roots out humping-hound USB drive

We never thought we’d get the opportunity to say this, but quirky online retailer Brando really does love to do it doggy style. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from The firm has launched a USB Humping Dog Flash Drive featuring an animated plastic pup that pumps away while sucking up your data. The …
James Sherwood, 21 Oct 2008

Aaaagh, there's a thumb in my USB port!

Next time you see a thumb poking out from a PC’s USB port think twice before calling an ambulance, because it’s more likely to be quirky online vendor Brando’s idea of a joke. thumb_01 Brando's USB Thumb Flash Drive thumb_02 "I'm gunna ask you ten questions..." The retailer’s taken the phase “thumb drive” a little too …

Yes! It's the iPhone 3G telescope!

The iPhone 3G’s camera zoom is, well, non-existent. So online retailer Brando has unveiled a telescope for star-gazing Apple fanatics. Brando_iPhone3G_telescope_01 Brando's iPhone 3G telescope kit Brando’s kit comprises of a 6x magnification telescope that screws onto a specially designed hard case, which protects the …
James Sherwood, 18 Aug 2008

Easy iPhone 3G unlocking for $30?

Brando already sells a SIM card gadget that's claimed to unlock the original iPhone for use on any network, but now the online retailer’s launched an iPhone 3G version. brando_iphone3g_unlock_01 This card unlocks your iPhone 3G, it's claimed Yes, that’s right, according to Brando this little plastic SIM card sized device …

DIY: Replace your iPhone 3G's scratched screen

If you’ve bought an iPhone 3G and already scratched the display, then you’re probably feeling pretty depressed? Thankfully, retailer Brando is selling replacement touchscreens to transform the phone to its former glory. Brando_iphone_screen Brando's replacement screen for the iPhone 3G Unfortunately, the only information …
James Sherwood, 28 Jul 2008

World's smallest iPod music beamer debuts

Ditching cabled headphones for a pair of wireless cans is a must, but not if you need a chunky transmitter. Brando has launched what it claims to be the world’s smallest Bluetooth A2DP transmitter. The INFINXX AP23 is compatible with the iPhone and all dockable iPods, including the Touch. Plug the transmitter into your gadget' …
James Sherwood, 16 Jul 2008

Brando attempts to get climbers hooked to storage

Register Hardware never have thought you’d need much storage half-way up a craggy rockface, but quirky online retailer Brando thinks differently. Brando_USB_carabin Brando's USB Carabiner Flash drive The company has launched the USB Carabiner Flash drive, which not only provides a way for mountain rescue teams, hikers and …
James Sherwood, 20 Jun 2008

Lip-like loudspeaker touts the pout

Rockers the Rolling Stones used giant lips as their trademark, so what better way to proudly display your musical credentials than with a portable speaker shaped like a lover’s buccal embrace? Brando_lipspeaker Brando's Lips Speaker: perfect for your iPod? The USB Mini Lips Speaker, from online retailer Brando, measures …
James Sherwood, 13 Mar 2008

Snap up Crocs trendy 'o-dial' handset holder

They're incredibly ugly, but middle class parents just can't stop themselves dressing their kids in 'em. Yes, we're talking last summer's de rigueur fashion accessory, Crocs clogs-cum-sandals. And now you can put your phone in them too. crocs_o_dial Crocs' o-dial: store your mobile in 'style' Dubbed, cunningly, Crocs o- …

Easy iPhone unlocking for $30?

Online retailer Brando has begun selling a SIM card-sized device that it claims unlocks Apple’s iPhone for use on any network, without the need for any complicated software or soldering iron surgery. Brando_iphone_SIM Brando's iPhone Unlock Card: the card's upper face (left) and with a SIM affixes Dubbed the iPhone Unlock …

USB Missile Launcher gets integrated spyscope webcam

That hugely popular office time-waster, the USB Missile Launcher, has been upgraded again, this time with an integrated webcam and the ability to be targeted using Microsoft's MSN instant messaging app. The MSN USB Missile Launcher MSN Missile Launcher: webcam targeting engaged You can see the thinking behind it: build on …
Tony Smith, 14 Jan 2008

Yes! It's the the wireless USB Missile Launcher

Good news, office warfare fans - the USB Missile Launcher is back, in a new, flashier wireless version that makes for the strategic siting of remote batteries. Wireless USB Missile Launcher The USB Missile Launcher: can now be deployed remotely Like the wired version, the new launcher is controlled by a little targetting …
Tony Smith, 14 Dec 2007

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