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MIT boffin: Salted disks hold SIX TIMES more data

A Singapore researcher claims that disk drives could hold six times more data by adding table salt to a bit-patterned media (BPM) process. This sounds bonkers but there is a pukka press release issued by Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) which describes Dr Joel Yang's work. Bit-patterning is a …
Chris Mellor, 17 Oct 2011
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TDK fires up LASERS to double hard drive capacity

Japanese disk drive head supplier TDK says it has added a laser heater to its platter licking devices to enable heat-assisted magnetic recording. In non-boffinry speak, this will double disk drives' areal density - and therefore double capacity. All suppliers have to do is come up with the right chemical mix for the platters. …
Chris Mellor, 7 Oct 2011

Hitachi GST plugs its areal hole with shingles

Hitachi GST, in the process of being acquired by Western Digital, says Shingle Magnetic Recording is a necessary gap-filler before advanced disk recording technologies come on stream. It is currently talking to Facebook and Google about this. CEO Stephen Milligan said Hitachi GST aims to cover all the storage bases from fast …
Chris Mellor, 29 Jul 2011
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Toshiba gets bit-patterning between its teeth

Comment Bit-patterned media (BPM) is emerging as a key hard disk drive (HDD) technology focus for Toshiba. Toshiba's two new advanced technology centres are looking at future HDD technologies such as bit-patterned media (BPM) and heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR). According to the general manager of the Advanced Technology …
Chris Mellor, 14 Jul 2011

Hitachi kicks open Door 4 in the House of Spinning Platters

The post-perpendicular magnetic recording world in the land of spinning disks had three land masses; HAMR, BPM and Shingled Writing. Now there's a fourth; microwave magnetic recording (MMR). Hitachi, with its GST hard disk drive (HDD) subsidiary, has been working with Japan's NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology …
Chris Mellor, 1 Dec 2010

Raising the roof on the shingled write problem

Shingled writing has a serious problem: writes take more time than current disk writes, probably ruling out enterprise use unless complex flash memory technology is used. The problem stems from the layout of heavily overlapped tracks in shingled write recording (SWR) and the direction of writes. Together they mean that a …
Chris Mellor, 27 Sep 2010
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Seagate pushes HAMR as next big thing

Seagate is bigging up HAMR (Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording) as the replacement to take us beyond the disk capacity limits of current PMR technology. PMR (Perpendicular Magnetic Recording) involves the magnetisation of tiny bits of magnetic material, made up of grains, oriented vertically in the recording medium. As the size …
Chris Mellor, 10 Aug 2010

Of hybrid hard drives and capacity boosts

The extra platters and shingled writing future revealed by Xyratex CEO Steve Barber seems to have been influenced by Tom Coughlin of Coughlin Associates and his "Hard Disk Drive Capital Equipment Market and Technology Report". Coughlin's reports are used by many people in the hard disk drive (HDD) production and buying …
Chris Mellor, 16 Jul 2010
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EU boffins aim to reinvent the hard disk

EU-backed university researchers are aiming to reinvent the hard disk with a 1Tbit/in2 areal density platter based on nanospheres. The project is called TERAMAGSTOR (TERabit MAGnetic STORage technologies) and is based on work by Professor Dr Manfred Albrecht of the Physics Department in Chemnitz University of Technology in …
Chris Mellor, 13 Jul 2010

Another annoying cloud pitch

I just sat through another cloud consulting services pitch from a major IT vendor. Some of it was under NDA so can’t talk about specifics, but that’s not really relevant to the point that has prompted me to write this. I guess my big problem is that I have spent the last ten years as an analyst looking at different disciplines …
Dale Vile, 16 Feb 2010
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Salesforce delivers rules tools for Force cloud is sinking its talons deeper into business applications with tools to build business rules in its platform. The company on Wednesday is expected to roll out the Visual Process Manager, which boasts a software-free serving of graphical process design. Salesforce joins giants like IBM, Oracle, …
Austin Modine, 3 Feb 2010

Toshiba looks ahead, sees a 14TB disk

Comment Earlier this month Toshiba researchers presented a couple of papers concerning bit-patterned media (BPM) and associated head technologies at a Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Intermag conference in Washington DC. They have been working towards an areal density of 5Tbit/sq in for hard disk drives and this was by way of a …
Chris Mellor, 27 Jan 2010
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IBM munches BPM maven Lombardi

IBM has acquired privately held business process management software niche player Lombardi, an outfit based in Austin, Texas. IBM says that its middleware stack needed some BPM tools that allowed for people and the departments they work in to be wrapped in the loving embrace of workflow software like ERP and content management …
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Toshiba plans new enterprise: High capacity 3.5-inch HDDs

Toshiba is planning to enter the high-capacity enterprise 3.5-inch hard disk drive market. Toshiba Storage Division Europe hosted a press event in London yesterday, following on the completion of its acquisition of Fujitsu's hard disk drive (HDD) business. Following the acquisition Toshiba has a portfolio of HDDs that are …
Chris Mellor, 19 Nov 2009
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PMR heads for areal density limit

Current perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) for hard drives is going to reach its areal density limit, and it looks like the industry has not yet decided on which candidate technology is going to replace it. PMR reaches its limit when the magnetised area is so small its north or south pole state can be flipped by random …
Chris Mellor, 10 Nov 2009
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IBM bulks out WebSphere's waistline

IBM is expanding its portfolio of WebSphere business process management (BPM) and service oriented architecture (SOA) products in a major refresh. "This is a substantial release for us where we have lined up and concurrently releasing a majority of our products around version 7," said WebSphere general manager Craig Hayman. " …
Austin Modine, 8 Oct 2009

How many terabytes can you fit on a 2.5-inch hard drive?

Can we expect 2.5TB 2.5-inch hard drives and 5TB 3.5-inch drives by 2012? It seems realistic if the claims of hard disk drive toolmaker MII, Hitachi GST, and others are realised. To reach these levels, platter areal density needs to increase and read/write head capabilities also need to improve. Current areal density mass …
Chris Mellor, 30 Sep 2008

IBM throws arms around ILOG

IBM is buying French software maker ILOG for €215m ($340m). The tech giant said today the deal is part of IBM’s strategy to beef up business process management and service-oriented architecture technologies. The offer price represents a premium of about 56 per cent compared with ILOG’s one month average closing share price …
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Jul 2008

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