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Three-quarters of downloads are illegal – BPI

Seventy-six per cent of music downloaded this year was downloaded illegally, the BPI reckons in its annual survey of digital trends. The British record industry group estimates there are 8 million people, or 23 per cent of the UK online population, using P2P software. That means around two-thirds to three-quarters of people …
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Dec 2010
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Google in 'better' copyright protection vow

As it seeks to make nice with the big name record labels, TV networks, and movie studios, Google has announced that it's working to provide better protection against online copyright infringement. At least in four small ways. "As the web has grown, we have seen a growing number of issues relating to infringing content. We …
Cade Metz, 3 Dec 2010
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Police spent tens of thousands on failed BitTorrent probe

A failed three-year police investigation of a filesharing website, run in cooperation with the music industry, cost taxpayers at least £29,000, and probably much more. Figures released by Cleveland Police detail some costs of Operation Ark Royal, a raid on invitation-only BitTorrent site The probe was launched with a …

6Music: Dead man walking?

Analysis Public consultation on a whole raft of cuts planned at the BBC ends today, after the Corporation confirmed in March that, among other things, it would axe digital radio stations 6Music and the Asian Network and halve the number of Beeb websites by 2012. Auntie said at the time that it hoped to make savings of around £600m a …
Kelly Fiveash, 25 May 2010
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Music biz unites to save 6Music

Two wings of the music business which rarely agree on much have come together to condemn the BBC's apparent desire to snuff out BBC 6Music. In a letter to the BBC director general Mark Thompson, the BPI and indie association AIM say the closure of the station is bad for new music. 6Music plays four to five times the amount of …
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BPI rejects scareletter approach to possible pirates

The tactic of using IP addresses extracted from internet service providers to send scare letters to suspected pirates is not something the British music industry would consider. ACS:Law has made a tidy business from sending out letters to suspected file sharers offering a one-off £500 payment draw a line under further …
John Oates, 29 Jan 2010
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Record labels seek DMCA-style UK takedowns

Exclusive Record label trade association the BPI wants sweeping changes to UK online copyright practice in 11th hour amendments to the Digital Britain bill. The amendments would grant copyright holders injunctions against websites and service providers similar to the US DMCA act - but with no 'safe harbour' provision to verify whether …
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Jan 2010
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Film industry turns up P2P heat on Carter

Updated The UK film industry today backed the record industry's long-running campaign for laws to force ISPs to cut off persistent illegal filesharers from the internet. At a conference in London today, a coalition including Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), the UK film sector's copyright enforcement body, will aim to put …
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Phone phishers hop on filesharing legal threats bandwagon

Fraudsters have begun cold-calling householders to accuse them of copyright infringement online and threaten them with court action, an ISP has reported. The development comes soon after the law firm Davenport Lyons won a widely-reported £16,000 default court award for a videogames firm from an alleged filesharer. Davenport …
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Feargal Sharkey on the ISP filesharer MoU

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ISPs and the music business will lead to radically new "legal P2P" services, British Music Rights' Feargal Sharkey told us this morning. Licensing deals have already been signed, we reported recently. The agreement between the music business and six of the UK's biggest ISPs will …
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Jul 2008
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UK ISPs agree to menace their filesharing users

Six UK ISPs are to start sending out menacing letters to hundreds of thousands of suspected music pirates as part of a government plan to tackle illegal filesharing, the BBC reports. The deal and the names of the six are due to be unveiled on Thursday, and the ISPs are also said to have committed "to develop legal music services …
John Lettice, 23 Jul 2008
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Virgin warns 800 punters for file-sharing

The BPI has written to 800 Virgin Media customers warning them to stop sharing music files or risk losing their broadband connection. The letters came in an envelope marked: "Important. If you don't read this, your broadband could be disconnected." But Virgin told Radio 1's Newsbeat that the phrase was a mistake and the …
John Oates, 3 Jul 2008
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Court slaps UK BitTorrenters with landmark damages award

The Central London County Court has ordered four BitTorrent users to pay a video games company £750 interim damages following a landmark victory by no win, no fee copyright lawyers. The final damages could run to £2,000, plus costs of up to £1,500, the Evening Standard reports. The decision will cause salivating among …
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BT starts threatening music downloaders with internet cut-off

Updated BT, the UK's largest broadband provider, has begun threatening subscribers with disconnection from the internet if it is told they are sharing copyright music over peer-to-peer networks, The Register has learned. The firm recently sent an email to one of its four million retail broadband customers, who asked not to be named, …
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CD WOW! vows to take £35m High Court defeat to Europe

CD WOW!, the British online music retailer, will continue its legal fight against the music industry despite a £35m award against it in the UK courts this week. The firm says that it will take the battle to the European Court of Justice if it can. Trade body the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) took a case against CD WOW! …
OUT-LAW.COM, 31 May 2007
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MPs cosy up with Sir Cliff on copyright term

Like Sir Cliff Richard, its biggest cheerleader and biggest embarrassment, the record industry campaign to extend copyright term on sound recordings refuses to die. A report released today by the Commons Culture, Media, and Sport Select Committee attempts to torpedo the recommendations of last year's wide-ranging intellectual …
vulture tv reporter

CD WOW! fined for contempt of court

A group of record labels has won its High Court case against online music retailer CD WOW!, which was found to have infringed copyright and been in contempt of court over an earlier order. That offence is called parallel importing and involves a breach of copyright. CD WOW! had previously promised to a court not to engage in …
OUT-LAW.COM, 21 Mar 2007

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