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'Stolen' art found on nearby shelf. Police keep looking anyway

Artworks which went missing from the Boston Public Library, leading to FBI involvement and the resignation of the library's president, have been found on a shelf in the library. The Boston Globe reported that the pair of rare prints were found a day after president Amy Ryan announced her resignation. The prints – an Albrecht …
Man faceplants in airbag

Uber reveals fresh passenger data spaff – and city officials are OK with this

Uber has agreed to hand over information on its passengers' taxi journeys to city officials in Boston, US – as the data may prove useful to city planners. The deal may be one of many more to come with other towns and cities, perhaps in an attempt to butter up local governments to accept the controversial taxi biz on their …
Shaun Nichols, 13 Jan 2015

Alleged Peeping Tom claims First Amendment right to upskirt

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court is mulling just whether an alleged upskirter's right to snap women's nether regions is defended by the US constitution, and indeed whether women who unwittingly expose themselves in public have any right to privacy. Michael Robertson, 31, was cuffed back in 2010 for allegedly attempting …
Lester Haines, 8 Nov 2013
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Reddit: So very sorry for naming innocent man as Boston bomber

Condé Nast-owned community website Reddit has issued an apology for an "online witch hunt" launched by its users in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent manhunt. Reddit enthusiasts banded together in a bid to find the people responsible for the bombs, but mistakenly named missing 22-year-old student Sunil …
Jasper Hamill, 24 Apr 2013
Boston Viridis logo

Boston flexes its own ARM server muscle

Pics UK IT supplier Boston is not waiting for ARM-powered servers to take off before jumping into the racket - instead it's getting out there on the bleeding edge and will within weeks start shipping the first of its "Viridis" energy-efficient servers. Viridis is a Latin-ish name that is derived from "green" and is meant to signify …

SCC11: Meet the Boston U Terriers

Team vid Boston U has brought more than a taste for clam chowder to the 2011 Student Cluster Competition in Seattle; they also brought more hardware heft than anyone else. Their four-node, dual-socket AMD Interlagos-based cluster has a grand total of 336 cores – 80 more than the next two teams. But they didn’t stop there. They also …
Dan Olds, 15 Nov 2011
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Tram driver crashes while texting

Dozens of people were hurt when one Boston tram collided with another, after which the driver admitted to police that he'd failed to see the stationary tram because he was texting his girlfriend. Travelling at around 25 miles per hour, the Green Line tram simply failed to brake, or stop, despite the fact that the tram in front …
Bill Ray, 11 May 2009
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Craigslist founder defends 'erotic' listings

There's only a few PR predicaments worse than having a sensationalized killing named after your business*. Yet, despite intense coverage of the so-called "Craigslist murder," Craig Newmark - founder of the popular online classified service - says there's no plans to shutter the site's "erotic services" section. Newman told ABC …
Austin Modine, 27 Apr 2009
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Police charge suspected Craigslist murderer

Boston Police have charged a 22 year old man over the murder of Julissa Brisman, a Craigslist masseuse found dead at the Copley Marriott Hotel on April 14. Philip Markoff of Quincy, Boston, was charged yesterday with the murder and with the armed robbery and kidnapping of another victim four days before Brisman's death. He is …
John Oates, 21 Apr 2009
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Traumatised Tibetan monks offered singing bowl therapy

US healers from The Boston Center for Refugee Health and Human Rights (BCRHHR) have been looking at ways to treat traumatised Tibetan monks who've fled "violent religious persecution". The BCRHHR notes that many of these victims arrived in the US suffering from "symptoms of traumatic stress, interfering with their meditative …
Lester Haines, 13 Mar 2009
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Mule sought for mysterious Chinese delivery

The Free Software Foundation is asking for someone travelling back from China to bring a small package back with them, presumably leading to some interesting questions at airport security. The request, posted at the top of the web site, simply asks if anyone travelling to Boston from Shanghai or Beijing could possibly …
Bill Ray, 7 Aug 2008
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MIT student walks into airport wearing circuit board and wires

An MIT student was arrested at gunpoint today at Boston's Logan International Airport after she entered the building wearing a black hoodie with a computer circuit board and wiring attached. Star Simpson, 19, claimed she was just at the airport to pick up her boyfriend, and was charged with possessing a hoax bomb device. "She …
Austin Modine, 21 Sep 2007

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