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UK Foreign Sec Bojo to tell Kremlin: Stop your cyber shenanigans... or else!

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson will warn Russia that the UK will retaliate against cyber attacks in a rare visit to Moscow today. Johnson will tell his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov that "the UK will continue to defend its interests where they, and those of its allies, are threatened amid concerns that hostilities between …
Richard Priday, 22 Dec 2017

BoJo, don't misuse stats then blurt disclaimers when you get rumbled

As we all know, there are "lies, damned lies, and statistics". No doubt that line will be pulled out again to bolster the case for British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson against Sir David Norgrove, head of the UK Statistics Authority, who has made it clear he's unimpressed with Boris's use of the stats. Norgrove criticised …
Jane Fae , 19 Sep 2017
Boris Johnson

'I'm for free speech!' brave Boris bellows, bewildered by 'right to be forgotten' bluster

Has Boris Johnson been paying too much attention to Jimmy Wales while the Wikipedia co-founder bangs on about Europe's so-called "right to be forgotten"? On Monday, the Mayor of London claimed the European Court of Justice's ruling that made Google subject to European privacy laws was suddenly bad news for freedom of …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Jun 2014
Richard Barnes, ex-deputy Mayor of London

Boris Johnson's ex-right-hand man's right hand lands johnson in web slip

London Mayor Boris Johnson's former deputy has been left red-faced after a series of selfies revealing his chap found their way onto Facebook. Richard Barnes, 65, has denied that he intentionally uploaded the frank pictures, which feature full frontal shots of his meat'n'two veg. The images were deleted soon after. The photos …
Jasper Hamill, 27 Sep 2013
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London Mayor shows off GIANT BLUE COCK in busy square

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has unzipped the flies on the latest work of art to be commissioned for Trafalgar Square's fourth plinth: a giant blue cock that proudly stands at 4.72 metres high. The unkempt, shock-headed Tory couldn't resist a bit of willy-waving in the direction of Prime Minister David Cameron either, by …
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Jul 2013

Boris 'games rot brains' Johnson hosts game art expo

City Hall - home of the London Mayor - plays host to a games-related art exhibition this week as the London Games Festival draws to a close. Batman: Arkham City art Curiously, the exhibition is "supported" by Mayor Boris Johnson, who in December 2006 wrote on his blog and in the Daily Telegraph that "computer games rot the …
Caleb Cox, 22 Oct 2012
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Mayor Boris' Chinese vote master stroke backfires on twit clone

Bouffant-topped bigwig Boris Johnson hopes to ingratiate himself with the capital's Chinese community by climbing aboard Twitter-clone Sina Weibo - although putting the same yattering on both is just silly. But that's not stopped the Mayor of London from copying randomly selected Twitter posts directly into his Sina Weibo …
Bill Ray, 19 Apr 2012
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BoJo backpedals on Twitter hijack in mayoral glory bid

Boris Johnson came under fire yesterday after his minions changed the name of the official Mayor of London Twitter account – which has around 250,000 followers – to promote his campaign to win another term at City Hall. However, BoJo was forced into an embarrassing U-turn on what was the first day of his bid to be re-elected …
Kelly Fiveash, 21 Mar 2012
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London could face cuts for not sharing services

The London Assembly's budget and performance committee has been told that police, fire and transport authorities that do not share back office services may have their budgets cut. Police, fire and transport organisations that resist sharing services are frustrating progress on Boris Johnson's plans to save £300m annually by …
Johnny Cab

'London black cabs to go electric in 2 weeks' – Boris Guardian

Black cabs "capable of zero tail pipe emission operation" will start to appear on the streets of London by the year 2020 under plans announced yesterday by mayor Boris Johnson. Hurry, Boris, hurry! The commitment comes as part of the mayor's new Air Quality Strategy (pdf), aimed at cleaning up various kinds of atmospheric …
Team Register, 15 Dec 2010
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New owner slips into unwitting BoJo's domain

Boris Johnson is trying to recover the domain name, after the London mayor's people apparently forgot to renew the registration. BoJo used the domain for the official website of his successful 2007/8 campaign to become Mayor of London, but Whois records show that the registration was allowed to expire in July …
Kevin Murphy, 19 Nov 2010
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First tube station to get Wi-Fi next week

Charing Cross will become the first London Underground station to offer wireless internet access from next week. BT Openzone will run a six-month trial in the ticket hall area and on Northern and Bakerloo line platforms. There won't be any access on trains. The service will be offered on the same basis as other BT Openzone …
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Boris bares data bunker

Efforts to open up datasets held by public bodies will receive a big boost today, with Boris Johnson announcing he will publish reams of crime, education, environmental and health information from London's archives. Some 200 local authority and City Hall datasets will be made available via the "London Datastore", a new website …
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Londoners' votes put at risk by Boris' bigwig

Boris Johnson's top official is headed for a clash with the elections watchdog over his personal decision to use electronic counting machines at the next London election - despite serious concerns over fraud and costs estimated by his own staff at £1.5m more than a manual count. Leo Boland, chief executive of the Greater …
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DEC 'hacker' questions McKinnon political bandwagon

Boris Johnson's outspoken defence of Gary McKinnon in his extradition fight has been criticised by a former security consultant, who complains he was denied such support when he himself was charged with hacking offences. Daniel Cuthbert was convicted in October 2005 of breaking the Computer Misuse Act by "hacking" into a …
John Leyden, 30 Jan 2009

London cabs to go 'lectric in 2009

'Leccy Tech While denizens of New York and California will soon see the recently announced Mini E gliding down their streets, Londoners will have to make do with a 'leccy version of the city's famous black cab. The Financial Times has reported that Chinese car maker Geely - which owns 23 per cent of Manganese Bronze, the UK-based maker ( …
Alun Taylor, 21 Oct 2008
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Mayor Boris serves Governator cold revenge

Taking the piss out of the machines: London mayor Boris Johnson gave himself a full year to stew over being mocked by California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for rhetorical fluency. Ironic that. While waiting to address the Tory conference in 2007 via video link, the Governator had whispered frank impressions of the then …
Austin Modine, 29 Sep 2008
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Fire-breathing black cabs: Shock eyewitness photo

RoTM Our recent shock piece on an attempted incendiary uprising by the TX4-type cab prompted the neoLuddite Resistance Army to place all London cadres on Defcon Laguna. Well, the reality is worse than we thought. Here's an image caught by an NRA operative last night during a furious firefight in the capital: Last eyewitness photo …
Lester Haines, 26 Sep 2008

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