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NAO: UK border bods not up to scratch, despite billion-pound facial recog tech

The UK Border Force's inefficient use of technology is one reason it's failing to carry out enough customs checks or detections of illegal immigrants, according to the National Audit Office. The NAO said in a report that border staff managed to cut immigration queue times down during the London Olympics, but only at the …

Former QiComm CEO cleared in money-laundering case

The founder and former owner of telco integrator QiComm has been acquitted of money-laundering charges brought by HMRC - but said this came too late in the day to keep his biz afloat. Thuraisamy Pathmanabhan, also known as Pat Nabahm, was charged with conspiracy to conceal, disguise, convert, transfer or remove criminal …
Paul Kunert, 14 Jun 2013
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New UK immigration IT system late and £28m OVER BUDGET

A £385m computer system being built for the UK's Border Agency and Border Force to process immigrants' paperwork is a year behind schedule and £28m over budget. That's according to the National Audit Office (NAO), which today published findings from a study it undertook in March into the stumbling IT project. The NAO said …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Jul 2012
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Border Agency comes out with another e-Borders deadline

The UK government has defended its under-fire Border Agency after MPs blasted the e-Borders passenger-scrutinising system as broken and its £9m iris scanners a waste of money. The written response to a Parliamentary select committee's report on the agency does make some concrete promises including extending the e-Borders …
Anna Leach, 4 Jul 2012

The Great Border Agency IT Crash: Just who was responsible?

IT biz Atos caused last month's disastrous Border Agency computer meltdown that caused chaos for foreigners resident in the UK, according to the agency's chief. And well-placed sources have told The Register they expect similar problems in future. Atos's service has been described by insiders with knowledge of the matter as " …
Anna Leach, 1 Jun 2012
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Home Sec splits Border Agency after passport checks fiasco

Blighty's Border Force is to be divorced from the UKBA following a series of embarrassing passport check gaffes last summer, the Home Secretary Theresa May told MPs yesterday. "[F]rom 1 March, the UK Border Force will be split from UKBA and will become a separate operational command, with its own ethos of law enforcement, led …
Kelly Fiveash, 21 Feb 2012
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Two UK airports scrap IRIS eye-scanners

The UK Border Agency's multi-million-pound hi-tech eye-scanner programme is in danger of being scrapped, with two airports ditching the service and registration now closed. A UKBA spokeswoman told The Register that the system was "under review", but Manchester and Birmingham airports have already stopped using their scanners …
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Border Agency monitors migrant ITers with inadequate IT

MPs say the UK Border Agency needs better IT to provide data about its points-based system for non-EU workers. Parliament's public accounts committee has found that the UK Border Agency (UKBA) does not have the necessary IT to provide proper management information to control the flow of workers entering Britain from outside …
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NHS to share foreigners' data with border agency

The government has said it will introduce new processes to share data about foreign nationals who have outstanding debts for NHS treatment with the UK Border Agency. The move is part of a package of measures aimed at reducing health tourism that will see those who owe the NHS more than £1,000 barred from entering the UK, from …
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Border Agency raids private college in Gateshead

The UK border agency has raided a college in Gateshead that it suspects is being used for immigration crime. Five people were arrested yesterday in a series of raids targeting Castle College, Gateshead, the UK Border Agency said. The college, which offers language, business and computing courses, also had its licence to …
Joe Fay, 2 Mar 2011
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UK border police seize £500k from Nigerians' hand luggage

The UK's border police were patting themselves on the back today after seizing over half a million quid in cash from the hand luggage of two Nigerian men at Heathrow Airport. Border Agency officers discovered the cash as the men tried to enter the UK through Heathrow last week, after flying in from Paris. The men said the …
Joe Fay, 26 Oct 2010
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UK universities being broken by border control measures

Updated The law of unintended consequences has arrived in full force on British campuses, as government policies designed to control immigration turn academic staff into state informers and impose draconian surveillance on UK students and academics. That is the conclusion of a report out this week from the Manifesto Club entitled …
Jane Fae , 12 Feb 2010
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Blacklisted UK colleges take Border Agency to court

Exclusive Several UK colleges are taking the UK Border Agency to court after they were suspended from approving student visa applications. Since that action, which hit 142 institutions, the Border Agency has gone further - it has suspended all applications from northern India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Colleges include both private and …
John Oates, 4 Feb 2010
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Border Agency and Cardiff fail on FoI reviews

The Information Commissioner's Office has ordered two public bodies to improve the way they deal with internal reviews It has issued practice recommendations to both the UK Border Agency (UKBA) and Cardiff Council over internal reviews, which someone refused data under Freedom of Information can require. Such reviews normally …
Kable, 30 Dec 2009
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UK Border Agency delights with festive e-card

The UK's Border Agency has brightened the pre-Xmas season with a delightful e-card which nicely sums up the values of goodwill to all men: The UK Border Agency Xmas card Lovely. We're obliged to the readers who forwarded us this piece of festive cheer, and bah humbug to the blogger who described it as an "obnoxious piece of …
Lester Haines, 18 Dec 2009
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Brazilian ejected as lingerie arouses border staff suspicions

UK Border Agency officials in Newcastle were patting themselves on the back this weekend after they turned back a Brazillian woman, whose suitcase contained nothing more than a few T-shirts and an extensive collection of boudoir wear. The un-named 32-year-old was refused entry at Newcastle airport after border staff searched …
Joe Fay, 14 Apr 2009

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