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Wasted worker wasps wanna know – oi! – who are you looking at?

Britain's booze hooligans are back – and more obnoxious than possibly imagined. Yes, we're talking about wasps, which have been behind a wave of complaints in the UK by turning up uninvited at beer gardens, drinking leftovers from people's pint, getting drunk, and then picking a fight with the locals. The weather is to blame …
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Aug 2018

Love rats show sex while drunk will sober you up, say boffins

Sydney University boffins reckon there just might be such a thing as a sobering drug – and that it's something the body makes naturally. In joint research with the University of Regensburg in Germany, the researchers found that in drunk rats, the so-called “cuddle hormone” oxytocin ameliorated alcohol's effect on the drunken …

Chinese food safety officials drank so much during working lunch that one of them DIED

A bunch of Chinese government officials in charge of food safety drank so much at a working lunch that one of them died. In an extreme example of when booze-ups go bad, seven bods working for the food and drug administration in central China’s Hubei province have been penalised after a colleague they accompanied on a hardcore …
Team Register, 17 Feb 2015

Man asks internet for $1k for pebbles. INTERNET SAYS YES

Fancy paying someone to start up yet another pebbles-in-your-whisky firm? Well then step this way, because El Reg has discovered a new "disruptive" lifestyle brand which will charge you the earth to put a rock in your grog. A company called Boozestones' eponymous product aims to persuade drinkers to do away with frozen water …
Jasper Hamill, 3 Dec 2014

Roll up, roll up for the Commentards' Ball

Commentards' Ball We here at El Reg have much love for our vociferous, knowledgeable, occasionally somewhat foam-flecked commentards - even if they/you don't absolutely always love us. It's not our way in general to show affection, or indeed any other emotion - we are British, after all - but we think it may be time to put some substance behind …
Jasper Hamill, 6 Mar 2014

James Bond's 'shaken not stirred': Down to trembling boozer's hands, claim boffins

James Bond's famous preference for shaken martinis is probably due to the fact that his heavy drinking means that his hands tremble so much he actually lacks the coordination to stir them, according to a festive-season medical research study. "We conclude that James Bond was unlikely to be able to stir his drinks, even if he …
Lewis Page, 18 Dec 2013

Boffinry breakthrough OF THE DECADE: Teens 'influenced' by friends

Social networking turns teens into cigarette-smoking, booze-swilling party monsters, researchers have claimed. Groundbreaking eggheads at the University of Southern California surveyed more than 1,500 high-school students and found that they were more likely to drink or smoke if they saw pictures of their friends doing so. …
Jasper Hamill, 5 Sep 2013
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Alcohol DOUBLES LIFESPAN, helps resist stress

Pour yourself another one, quickly, as scientists have proven that alcohol can double life-span. Moderate levels of alcohol delivered an increase in longevity among test subjects in a recent study that Steven Clarke, UCLA professor of chemistry and biochemistry and senior author on a study published yesterday in the journal …
Anna Leach, 20 Jan 2012
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A pint a day keeps the doctor away - scientific FACT

The latest boffinry news brings good news for beer lovers: statistics have shown that moderate quaffing confers a significant benefit to cardiovascular health. You will actually be noticeably healthier than a teetotaller if you down a little more than a pint a day on average, and as healthy as a teetotaller if you drink a bit …
Lewis Page, 15 Nov 2011
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Boffins invent miracle pill that counteracts effects of booze

Biology boffins have turned their hand to something useful: a pill to stop you acting drunk no matter how many pints you put away. It's your mutinous immune system that gives you that sozzled feeling after a boozy session, scientists claim in a paper published today in the British Journal of Pharmacology. Conk out certain …
Anna Leach, 29 Sep 2011
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Drinking alcohol wards off asthma

Yet more splendid news for that substantial proportion of Reg readers who are familiar with the view through the bottom of a glass: Scientists have discovered that drinking booze prevents one from developing asthma. The new research is to be announced today at the European Respiratory Society's Annual Congress in Amsterdam, …
Lewis Page, 26 Sep 2011
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Swedish cops free boozy moose from tree

Swedish police were called to the aid of a pissed-up elk after it chomped on fermenting apples and became trapped in a tree that had been doubling up as its free bar. Coppers were alerted to the alcine alkie by residents living south of Gothenburg who heard his cries and initially attempted to free him. "I thought at first …
Paul Kunert, 8 Sep 2011

Benefits of boozing outweigh harms, says survey

Psychologists in Seattle have confirmed a poorly acknowledged reality: that for many people, the benefits of drinking – even heavy drinking, on occasion – outweigh the downsides. Academics at the University of Washington, conducting the study, contend that this is a matter of perception rather than reality and have dubbed the …
Lewis Page, 5 Jul 2011
Wine photo via Shutterstock

Proper scientists: Old folk should drink more, not less

Serious international researchers into the health effects of alcohol have uncompromisingly slammed a recent call by British psychiatrist for severe restrictions on drinking by elderly people. A report issued earlier this month by the Royal College of Psychiatrists described elderly (over-65) drinkers as society's "invisible …
Lewis Page, 28 Jun 2011
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Teens who spend time online not dorks after all – study

News today which upsets the stereotype of teenagers who spend a lot of time online or otherwise fooling with computers: rather than being lonely dorks with poor social skills who seldom leave their bedrooms, such kids are in fact more likely to get squiffy, have sex and even to take drugs than their less tech-savvy peers. The …
Lewis Page, 27 Apr 2011
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Official: Booze prevents senile dementia

Isn't alcohol wonderful? Not only does it make you clever (this has been proven more than once), not only is it good for your heart, but now research has revealed that boozing will also stave off the onset of senile dementia. Seriously: German boffins led by Professur Doktor Steffi G Riedel-Heller of Leipzig uni have just …
Lewis Page, 2 Mar 2011
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Artificial replacement human livers made in lab

Topical news - and intrinsically splendid news for many Register readers and almost all Reg hacks - today, as boffins in the States say they have "reached an early, but important, milestone in the quest to grow replacement livers in the lab". In fact scientists in a lab at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in North …
Lewis Page, 1 Nov 2010
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Booze makes you clever, having none makes you stupid

Drinking wine makes you brainier, according to the latest research - and going on the wagon makes you stupider, at least in the case of women. The news comes in a new study carried out by boffins in Scandinavia. Some 5,033 Norwegians were followed over some seven years in which both their alcohol consumption and cognitive …
Lewis Page, 18 Aug 2010

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