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Boeing 777-267 B-HNL, ex-N7771, the first production 777 airliner

First Boeing 777 (aged 24) makes its last flight – to a museum

The first passenger Boeing 777 built is being flown to a museum today, having spent the last quarter of a century ferrying bods from A to B. Boeing is still building the 777 long-haul airliner to this day, albeit with more than a few tweaks to the original 1990s design. Techies, particularly those in the APAC region, will be …
Gareth Corfield, 18 Sep 2018
Airplane crash - pic by shutterstock

Good news, bad news, weird news – it's the week in networking

Ciena gets to lead this week's networking roundup, courtesy of financial results that saw its share price jump nearly 13 per cent. The investors were responding to the company's Q3 2018 results, headlined by revenue rising 12.4 per cent year-on-year to $819m, even though net income fell nearly $10 million to $50.8 million. …
British Airways Embraer 190

Boeing embraces Embraer to take off in regional jet market

Aerospace giant Boeing looks to have addressed a weakness that Airbus exposed last year, by proposing a joint venture with Brazilian plane-maker Embraer. The deal's about regional jets, passenger planes with about 100 seats and ranges up to 5,000km. Neither Airbus nor Boeing make such planes – the former’s A318 and the latter’ …
Boeing's concept illustration for a Space Gateway

Boeing CEO takes aim at Musk’s Starman-in-a-Tesla stunt

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg took a shot at SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch during a discussion with Politico’s Robert Allbritton last night. After commending the innovation of the new-space community, while pointing out that Boeing had had its claws into the space industry since the dawn of spaceflight, Muilenburg was keen to …
Richard Speed, 13 Apr 2018
Passenger plane exploding on the gournd

It's baaack – WannaCry nasty soars through Boeing's computers

WannaCry, the Windows ransomware that took off last May around the world, has landed on some computers belonging to US aircraft and weaponry manufacturer Boeing. “All hands on deck,” said Mike VanderWel, chief engineer at Boeing Commercial Airplane production engineering, in a memo seen earlier today by the Seattle Times. “It …
Iain Thomson, 28 Mar 2018
Boeing cargo drone

Up, up and a-weigh! Boeing flies cargo drone with 225kg payload

Boeing’s revealed it hastily-cobbled-together a cargo drone. The “cargo air vehicle” (CAV) has a payload of 226kg (500 pounds). The aerospace giant has revealed the craft is powered by battery, boasts eight counter rotating blades and is 4.57 meters long, 5.49m wide, 1.22 meters tall and weighs in at 339 kilograms. Boeing 747 …
Simon Sharwood, 11 Jan 2018
Bombardier C-series and Airbus A320

Aviation industry hits turbulence as Airbus buys into Bombardier’s new jetplanes

Airbus has struck a deal to buy a majority stake in Canadian plane-maker Bombardier's C Series Aircraft in a deal that will mean a shakeup for the global aviation market. Bombardier's C Series are regional jets with between 100 and 150 seats. Neither Airbus nor its main rival Boeing currently compete in this market. Airbus …
Simon Sharwood, 17 Oct 2017
Qantas Boeing 737-838, VH-VZR

Boeing borgs robot aeronautics biz Aurora Flight Sciences

Boeing is to snap up manufacturer of advanced aerospace platforms Aurora Flight Sciences, in a bid to further expand its autonomous portfolio. Aurora is a US aeronautics research company which specialises in the designing and building special-purpose unmanned aerial vehicles and autonomous systems, in particular systems that …
Kat Hall, 5 Oct 2017
Boeing 737 Max

The UK isn't ditching Boeing defence kit any time soon

Analysis The British government is publicly threatening to stop giving defence contracts to American aerospace firm Boeing – even though this is laughably unrealistic. Both the Prime Minister and the Defence Secretary have, over the last couple of days, warned Boeing that it is undermining its relationship with the UK, in financial …
Gareth Corfield, 28 Sep 2017

Boeing slams $2m on the desk, bellows: Now where's my jetpack?

Boeing and its pals today offered a whopping $2m (£1.49m) in prizes to anyone who can design and build a working “personal flying device." The GoFly competition aims to spur on the development of safe, quiet, ultra-compact jetpacks that can hover, take off and land, and fly for at least 20 miles. "Now is the time,” as the …
Katyanna Quach, 26 Sep 2017
airplane autopilot

Boeing preps pilotless passenger flights – once it has solved the Sully problem, of course

The days of listening to the captain speaking on a flight may be numbered, according to Boeing. The aerospace giant has been actively working on pilotless technology and has already built an automatic take-off and landing system into its newest model, the 787 Dreamliner. The industry is also facing a severe shortage of pilots …
Iain Thomson, 9 Jun 2017
Artist's concept of the XS-1 spaceplane

DARPA orders spaceplane capable of 10 launches in 10 days

The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has commissioned Boeing to build a spaceplane capable of 10 launches in 10 days. The Experimental Spaceplane (XS-1) program is designed to give the US the ability to launch stuff fast, in order to “revolutionize the Nation’s ability to recover from a catastrophic loss …
Simon Sharwood, 25 May 2017
China's first large passenger jet, the C919, starts its takeoff roll on its maiden flight

China's first large passenger jet makes maiden flight

China's first large passenger jet has successfully taken to the skies and then landed again. Just after 06:00 GMT, the first C919 rolled down and off a runway at Shanghai Pudong airport, to the sounds of applause of onlookers and plenty of senior officials who showed up to celebrate a milestone for Chinese industry.It touched …
Boeing 737 Max

Boeing 737 turns 50

Boeing's 737, the world's most common airliner, turned 50 over the weekend: the single-aisle workhorse first took to the skies on April 9th, 1967. The first versions of the plane were feeble by today's standards: the 737 100 “boasted” a range of just 1,150 miles (1,850km) and offering just 107 seats. Both of those features …
Simon Sharwood, 10 Apr 2017

Boeing-backed US upstart reckons it'll be building electric airliners

A naïve American startup run by "dreamers" claims that its electrically powered airliner concept will magically sweep away all of the world's existing problems with air travel. Zunum Aero, based in Washington state, wants to build a fleet of what it calls hybrid electric jets for service on short and medium-haul airline routes …
Boeing's concept illustration for a Space Gateway

Boeing details 'Deep Space Gateway' for Mars mission staging

Aerospace outfit Boeing has detailed the hardware it thinks humanity will need to stage a piloted mission to Mars. Boeing is already working with NASA to develop the Space Launch System (SLS), the very heavy lifter it's hoped will power a Mars shot. Now it's also offered up conceptual designs for other kit that it thinks will …
The first A319 takes to the skies

Boeing and Airbus fly new planes for first time

Airbus and Boeing have both debuted new commercial jets. Boeing's 787-10 took to the skies over South Carolina last Friday and spent four hours and fifty eight minutes strutting its stuff. The 787-10 is the biggest variant of the 787, also known as the “Dreamliner”. The plane boasts the same 60m wingspan and 574cm cross- …
Fire detection and suppression pack for battery-powered personal computing devices

Boeing seeks patent for mobile device case with built-in fire extinguisher

Boeing has sought a patent for a “Fire detection and suppression pack for battery-powered personal computing devices.” Filed in late 2015, before the Galaxy Note 7 went down in flames and airlines' safety spiels warned not to retrieve smartphones bursting into flames in the gears of business class seats, the device is …

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