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OPEN WIDE: Microsoft Live Writer authoring tool going open source

Microsoft will release its blog authoring tool, Live Writer, as open source, according to a tweet from developer evangelist Scott Hanselman. The goal of Live Writer was to make it easy to author blog posts while working offline in Windows. The editor is based on embedded Internet Explorer, and despite that handicap the tool …
Tim Anderson, 15 Jun 2015
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China demands real names online, bans parody accounts and news article comments

From March 1, people in China must reveal their real names before they can join social networks and use other websites – or face cyber-exile. The ban on pseudonyms, plus the removal of reader comments from web articles, is a further crackdown on privacy and freedom of speech in the Middle Kingdom. According to the Cyberspace …
Iain Thomson, 4 Feb 2015

Asleep on the job: Students dream of GROPING RACKS after darkness falls

HPC blog Student Cluster competitions at the annual Supercomputing Conference in Denver, Colorado, are marathons. The students who work their magic on the big iron get a set of scientific applications and some data sets, but they have only 48 hours to submit their best results – all while keeping their self-designed clusters under the 26 …
Dan Olds, 10 Dec 2013
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Chromebook app launcher touted to Chrome browser users

Further blurring the line between desktop computers, laptops and mobile gadgets, Google has stuffed the app launcher from its Chromebook into its desktop Chrome web browser. Chrome app launcher Ta-da. That's it. The program launcher, basically a little window to run packaged JavaScript apps within the browser, looks just …
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Google coughs up what it coughs up to govs - and what it suppresses

Canada asked Google to remove a video of a Canadian flushing his passport down the toilet and the US police wanted a blog that defamed a cop in a "personal capacity" taken down. Google has published the censorship requests that it received from governments and government agencies worldwide in the six months from July to …
Anna Leach, 18 Jun 2012
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Council chief overrules blackout on Scots 9-yr-old's school lunch blog!

An hour after accusing a nine-year-old girl of causing distress with her "inaccurate" lunch blog, the Argyll and Bute council has overturned its cameras-in-the-canteen ban and once again allowed school children the option of photographing their lunch. School Dinner by Glasgow blogger Veg, credit Martha Payne, used with …
Anna Leach, 15 Jun 2012
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Scots council: 9-yr-old lunch blogger was causing 'distress and harm'

A Scottish council have said that a nine-year-old food blogger was misrepresenting her school dinners and distressing the canteen staff, by publishing a photoblog about her lunch. The media attention caused by the photos, such as the one below was causing "distress and harm" to staff the council said. School Dinner by Glasgow …
Anna Leach, 15 Jun 2012
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Scottish council muzzles 9-year-old school dinner photo blogger

A Scottish council has been accused of crushing free speech by banning a nine year old girl from blogging about her school dinners. School Dinner by Glasgow blogger Veg, credit Martha Payne, used with permission Lunch at a primary school in Scotland: The first photo on the NeverSeconds blogpost that prompted a national media …
Anna Leach, 15 Jun 2012
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China to extend real name registration rules

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, China is proposing updates to current internet censorship laws which could extend real name registration rules to all blogs and internet forums, tightening its control over user-generated content. Beijing already requires users of the country’s popular micro-blogging services to …
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2020: A Press Odyssey – reporter licensing explained

Sketch It's 2020, and a schoolgirl is doing her homework. "Daddy, what's a press licence?" "Oh, that. Well a press licence allows you to call yourself a journalist and get into official events, for official journalists." "What for?" "Well you get into events held by the government or a company, or for example a football club, and …
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Google-hosted blogs to be censored on country-by-country basis

Google will remove content posted on its blogging platform on a country-by-country basis after altering the way the service organises blog posts. The internet giant said the move was designed to help it take down material deemed to be unlawful in one country but to enable readers in other countries to see it. Google said it …
OUT-LAW.COM, 7 Feb 2012
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Blog network must label promo content under OFT glare

Consumer protection watchdog the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has forced a network of bloggers to make it clear when companies are paying it for coverage. The OFT investigated Handpicked Media under consumer protection laws. The company operates a network of sites purporting to offer editorial coverage of fashion, beauty, …
OUT-LAW.COM, 15 Dec 2010
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Aussie bloggers forced to balance anonymity with influence

The outing of a political blogger in Australia once again brings the issue of online anonymity into the spotlight. Harsh words have also been directed at the Murdoch-owned News Ltd group, with suggestions that at the very least it is being inconsistent in its stance on blogging. The immediate cause of all the fuss is the …
Jane Fae , 29 Sep 2010
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Think Aussie election rules are draconian? Look at the UK's

Commentards looking forward to venting their spleens during the upcoming UK election could found themselves falling foul of rules designed to ensure fair and balanced coverage of the proceedings. South Australia is to levy fines of $5000 on blog posters and the like who do not disclose their names when commenting on elections …
Jane Fae , 3 Feb 2010
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Somerset council resigns over blog

Eleven councillors from a rural Somerset town have resigned their posts having had a bellyful of a local blogger who waged a concerted online campaign against them. Niall Connolly has variously accused Somerton Town Council of corruption, called them "jackasses" and slammed a "Good Citizens" statement as "a Nazi call to arms …
Lester Haines, 30 Oct 2009
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Blogging vicar casts Tina Turner into hell

A blogging Tunbridge Wells vicar has caused a bit of a brouhaha by roundly condemning secular cremations where the dearly departed can expect nothing better than "a poem from nan combined with a saccharine message from a pop star before being popped in the oven with no hope of resurrection".* Father Ed Tomlinson, 35, of St …
Lester Haines, 20 Oct 2009
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Model-slag blogger sues Google for blowing her cover

The woman behind the "Skanks in NYC" blog dedicated to putting the boot into model Liskula Cohen is suing Google for $15m after the search monolith bowed to court pressure to reveal her identity. Student Rosemary Port, 29, apparently knew Cohen from the NY fashion scene and the pair "reportedly quarreled after Cohen badmouthed …
Lester Haines, 24 Aug 2009
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Goldman Sachs seeks Goldman sucks site suit

Goldman Sachs certainly has its share of troubles these days but it's not about give up the little things that make life sweet. For instance, hiring a major Wall Street law firm to take down a blogger who may sully its sterling reputation. The Manhattan investment bank - which is struggling amidst a massive global recession, …
Austin Modine, 10 Apr 2009

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