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Sergey Brin building humanitarian blimp for lifesaving leisure

In a few years, Alphabet president and Google cofounder Sergey Brin is expected to have an airship at his disposal for humanitarian missions and ferrying friends, not necessarily in that order. The tech billionaire's blimp, according to The Guardian, is currently under construction at the National Aeronautics and Space …
Thomas Claburn, 27 May 2017
Aphex Twin

Tor-rorists get sneaky Aphex Twin album peek in dance guru hypegasm

Richard James, aka electronic music composer Aphex Twin, has been using the power of Tor to hype his new album – and to remind computer users about their own system's security. http://syro2eznzea2xbpi.onion — Aphex Twin (@AphexTwin) August 18, 2014 The .onion link above leads to a web server hidden in the Tor anonymizing …
Iain Thomson, 18 Aug 2014

ZEPPELINS to replace Goodyear blimps in American skies

The first of the new, hi-tech German-made zeppelins which will replace the iconic Goodyear blimps in the skies above the USA has been unveiled at the Goodyear airship base in Ohio. The zeppelin in question is a "Neue Technologie" (NT) type produced by the modern-day German company descended from the Graf von Zeppelin's …
Lewis Page, 17 Mar 2014

Massive new AIRSHIP to enter commercial service at British dirigible base

An enormous airship built for the US forces has been bought back by its British designers and is to go into commercial service based in old Blighty. Regular Reg readers will already be familiar with the ship, formerly designated as the first of the US Army's* planned fleet of Long Endurance Multi-intelligence Vehicle (LEMV) …
Lewis Page, 3 Mar 2014
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Goodyear introduces new concept of 'Blimpworthiness'

US tyre company and former airship builder Goodyear has come up with a new word as part of a marketing ploy. The firm, introducing online polls to determine which sporting events its iconic airships should attend, has framed the question: is a given event "blimpworthy"? Still actually a blimp. But not for long. US sports …
Lewis Page, 7 Nov 2011
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Record flight is step toward HYPERSONIC SPACE AIRSHIP

Inventors in America are claiming an altitude record for airships after a recent test flight in which an unmanned electrically-propelled helium dirigible successfully manoeuvred under power at 95,085 feet above the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The "Tandem" craft is intended to demonstrate the first stage of radical plans which …
Lewis Page, 2 Nov 2011
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Blimp fireball disaster in Germany, Aussie pilot killed

An advertising blimp was destroyed in a ball of fire above Germany on Sunday, killing its pilot. However aircraft captain Mike Nerandzic saved his passengers by ordering them to jump clear as the ship hovered just above the ground. Reportedly the ship, an A-60 blimp operated by the Lightship Group on behalf of Goodyear, was …
Lewis Page, 13 Jun 2011
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MIRACULOUS new AIRSHIP set to fly by 2013

Intriguing news on the airship beat today, as it is reported that a mysterious, well-nigh miraculous new technology – one which could potentially lead to the appearance of enormous aerial vessels fit to dwarf even the zeppelin leviathans of the 1930s – is to get flight trials within two years. Concept for a heavy-lift military …
Lewis Page, 6 May 2011
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Goodyear blimps to be replaced by German Zeppelins

The long-running era of the Goodyear Blimp has finally ended: but it's good news for airship enthusiasts, not bad. Goodyear has decided to replace its famous fleet of inflatable blimps with more sophisticated semi-rigid "Neue Technologie" ships designed by the modern-day German successor to the original Zeppelin company. Using …
Lewis Page, 4 May 2011
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Robot moon lander airship test enhanced by iPhone app

A Silicon Valley startup has announced that it is flight testing new NASA-funded robot moon lander technology aboard a rented airship with the aid of an iPhone app intended to exploit social networking. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the company's CTO is a search engine executive. Using an iPhone app to social-network the airship …
Lewis Page, 28 Apr 2011
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Spyeye sperm-blimp in US flight trials

A company seeking to sell novel, sperm-like robot airships for surveillance missions says that its "Argus One" tadpole spy blimp has "completed initial flight testing". The firm has also renamed itself for the third time. The STS-111 unmanned airship in test flight above Germany. Credit: Sanswire-TAO Vorsprung durch …
Lewis Page, 20 Apr 2011
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New tech lets you drink exhaust fumes

US government boffins have come up with a cunning plan to use diesel fuel for two purposes – both conventionally to generate power, then afterwards as drinking water. The technology to be used will also be of interest to airship enthusiasts, as it could be used in one of the major problems facing helium-filled dirigibles. The …
Lewis Page, 15 Apr 2011
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Airship 'Sky Tugs' ordered from Lockheed for Canadian oilfields

The famous P-791 prototype airship - built last decade for a military transport programme which eventually came to nothing - is to give birth to new, mighty commercial versions of itself with Canadian financial backing. Alberta-based private company Aviation Capital Enterprises says it has inked a deal with US aerospace …
Lewis Page, 28 Mar 2011
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Plods scrap crap stealth spy blimp

Disappointed plods in Manchester have scrapped a cunning surveillance balloon intended to provide "eye in the sky" capability at less cost than police helicopters. The aerostat apparently could not cope with bad weather. "It's become something of a joke," a police source told the Manchester Evening News, which broke the story …
Lewis Page, 12 Nov 2010
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US Army's new $0.5bn British airship will fly 'mid-next summer'

The US Army's bold scheme to build a mighty optionally-crewed airship with the aid of British designers is going well, according to the ship's builders. American defence-industrial mammoth Northrop, contracted to deliver the Long Endurance Multi-intelligence Vehicle (LEMV) ship to the US Army Space and Missile Defence Command …
Lewis Page, 5 Nov 2010
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Airship race round the world planned for 2011

A Texan businessman bidding to organise a year-long round the world race for airships says he is on track to start the inaugural event next year. Among those lending their names to the project is aerospace bigwig Norm Augustine, who headed President Obama's panel examining the US manned space programme last year. The …
Lewis Page, 17 Sep 2010
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Monster Afghan spy airship to feature quad drinking straws

US aero-weapons goliath Lockheed, builder of the famous P-791 airship prototype, was beaten to a half-billion-dollar deal to supply spy ships above Afghanistan earlier this year - but the firm is still marketing its P-791 technology aggressively. Meanwhile details have emerged of the powerful surveillance gear to be carried by …
Lewis Page, 3 Sep 2010
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'Huge airships to carry freight starting 10 years from now'

The long-touted idea of using airships to replace cargo aircraft is in the news again, courtesy of former head government boffin Professor Sir David King, who says "this is something I believe is going to happen". The 'Aeroscraft' concept 'Fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers and other foreign luxuries' will arrive like this. …
Lewis Page, 2 Jul 2010

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