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Scam alert: No, hackers don't have webcam vids of you enjoying p0rno. Don't give them any $$s

Scumbags are trying to extort money from netizens by threatening to leak to friends and family videos of their marks watching X-rated videos. A Reg reader this week shared their story of being contacted by an extortionist who claimed to have obtained, through hacking our reader's PC, compromising webcam footage of them …
Shaun Nichols, 13 Jul 2018

Webcam sex blackmailer faces extradition to Canada to stand trial for bullied teen's suicide

The man thought to be behind one of the most notorious cases of cyber bullying may finally face trial in Canada – after a Dutch court approved his extradition from the Netherlands. Aydin Coban is alleged to have persuaded 15-year-old Canadian Amanda Todd to send compromising pictures of herself to him via webcam, and then …
Monty Python's Terry Gilliam as the nude organist in Monty Python's Flying Circus

Ashley Madison blackmailers try again with snail mail

Five months after the adulterer-friendly dating website Ashley Madison was spectacularly hacked, it seems blackmailers are still trying to dig their claws into people who signed up to the site. blackmail Blackmail by post? How 20th century According to security blogger Graham Cluley, some former members of the site are now …
Iain Thomson, 15 Dec 2015
Man in an orange jumpsuit clutches prison bars. Image by Shutterstock

'Paedo hunter' who made £40,000 from blackmail jailed for 9 years

A 47-year-old who posed as a 13-year-old girl in order to extort more than £40,000 from paedophiles was sentenced to nine years in prison earlier this year. Lee Philip Rees, of Marlborough Road in Roath, Cardiff, was found guilty at Cardiff Crown Court of 31 counts of computer hacking, distributing indecent photographs of …
Monty Python's Terry Gilliam as the nude organist in Monty Python's Flying Circus

Ashley Madison hack miscreants may have earned $6,400 from leak

Some blackmail attempts against victims of the ongoing Ashley Madison saga resulted in several – albeit modest – pay outs, according to new research. Extortionists seized on the data dump of the cheaters’ website database last month with demands to pay up, or risk having their friends and family told about their dalliances, as …
John Leyden, 3 Sep 2015

Defiant Labio lawyer spits on black hats after 'med data' theft

Hacker collective Rex Mundi’s Twitter account has yet again been suspended after its latest extortion attempts. The group, which says it has no motivation other than to make money, most recently targeted Labio, a French laboratory company specialising in private patients. Using the now-defunct @RexMundi2015 account, the …

DANGER: Is that 'hot babe' on Skype a sextortionist?

North Yorkshire police have issued a general warning after three men in the York area fell victim to sextortionists. Someone posing as a woman called Cathy Wong befriended each of the victims on Facebook before asking them to Skype her. During the online chat session, she enticed each of them into performing an indecent act, …
John Leyden, 14 Jan 2015

Extortion racket borks Basecamp servers with 20Gbps web bombing

Users of Basecamp's project management software experienced an outage this morning, with more possible in the future, after the company was blown off the internet in a distributed denial-of-service attack when it refused to pay off crooks. The attack hit at 0846 Central Time (1346 UTC) on Monday and knocked the company's …
Iain Thomson, 24 Mar 2014
Man in an orange jumpsuit clutches prison bars. Image by Shutterstock

Hacker faces 105 years inside after FBI 'sexploitation' arrest

The FBI has announced the arrest of a 27-year-old man over charges that he hacked computers and online accounts belonging to 350 female victims and blackmailed them into providing him with nude photographs and video calls. Karen "Gary" Kazaryan, 27, was arrested in Glendale, California on Tuesday after being indicted on 15 …
Iain Thomson, 30 Jan 2013
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DDoS blackmailers busted in cross-border swoop

Chinese and Hong Kong cops are hailing another success in their cross-border cyber policing efforts with the scalp of a high profile DDoS blackmail gang which targeted gold, silver and securities traders in the former British colony. Six cyber hoodlums were arrested on the mainland in Hunan, Hubei, Shanghai and other locations …
The Register breaking news

Wikipedia to disclose user's IP address in blackmail case

The High Court has ordered the publishers of the Wikipedia user-generated encyclopaedia to reveal information which could identify a contributor in a blackmail case involving an unnamed famous businesswoman. The Wikimedia Foundation said that it would not help to identify the user unless a court order was made, but that if the …
OUT-LAW.COM, 3 Dec 2009
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Corrupt cop abused police database to blackmail child abusers

A London policeman who attempted to blackmail sex offenders and drug dealers has been jailed for six years. PC Amerdeep Singh Johal, 29, was arrested by anti-corruption cops from Scotland Yard in July 2007. Johal was employed in checking names and address on the police database, called Crimint, on behalf of beat cops. He …
John Leyden, 20 Dec 2008
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Express Scripts posts $1m reward to net cyber-extortionists

A US-based prescription processing and benefits firm has taken the unusual step of offering a $1m bounty for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of an unknown group which targeted it in a cyber-extortion scam. Express Scripts went public last week with news that it received personal details on 75 end users …
John Leyden, 13 Nov 2008
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Child abusers adopt blackmail tactics

Child abusers are increasingly resorting to online threats and blackmail instead of 'grooming' children, a specialist police child protection agency warns. The UK's Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre said that online child abuse offenders are turning from winning their intended victims' trust with gifts and …
John Leyden, 12 Sep 2008
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UN email hacker jailed

A worker who hacked into his UN diplomat boss's email account has been jailed for three months. The 24-year-old Egyptian was jailed in Abu Dhabi after he was convicted of breaking into a personal email account set up by a UN worker from the UAE and threatening to expose her sensitive private information, …
John Leyden, 3 Sep 2008

Lewis Hamilton and friend targeted in computer blackmail plot

An unemployed man who tried to sell a computer disc that used to belong to the best mate of F1 star Lewis Hamilton has been arrested in Germany. The man known only as "Dieter" faces blackmail charges after trying to flog a hard disc that was used by Force India F1 driver Adrian Sutil to a German motorsport magazine Bild …
John Leyden, 13 May 2008

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