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kilt_648 wins pals with pledge not to keep hold of innocents' mugshots and biometric data

The Open Rights Group has backed the Scottish government's plans to immediately delete mugshots at the end of legal retention periods – something Whitehall said is impossible in its own systems. The Scottish government is consulting on proposals to improve oversight of the use and retention of biometric data, which would see …
Rebecca Hill, 22 Aug 2018
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London fuzz to get 600 more mobile fingerprint scanners

London police are scaling up their use of mobile fingerprint scanners, with 600 shiny new devices due to be doled out by early 2019. The Metropolitan Police said the new devices – the software for which was developed in-house – would save about £200,000 in support costs each year, allowing many more cops to use them. Fewer …
Rebecca Hill, 15 Aug 2018
A graphic illustrating biometrics's long-awaited, lightweight biometrics strategy fails to impress

Analysis The UK government's lightweight biometrics strategy has failed to make any serious policy recommendations – and instead reiterated a series of already announced promises and promising further consultation on governance. The long-awaited strategy – first promised in 2012 – landed at 4pm on Thursday with a rather light thud, …
Rebecca Hill, 29 Jun 2018
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FACE/OFF: Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission bins NEC-built biometrics project

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) has unplugged a biometric identification project. The ACIC cited project delays as the reason it's terminated its contract with NEC Australia. NEC won the contract in 2016 from the ACIC's predecessor organisation, CrimTrac, and it was supposed to be operational in 2017, …
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Lack of governance on new police tech leaves 'worrying vacuum' – Brit biometrics commish

Brit cops' use of new technologies isn't always organised or systematic, and a lack of governance on biometrics from government leaves a "worrying vacuum", biometrics commissioner Paul Wiles has said. In his annual report, Wiles said that although the police are generally compliant with laws on the use and retention of DNA and …
Rebecca Hill, 6 Jun 2018
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Clock blocker: Woman sues bosses over fingerprint clock-in tech

A former employee at a nursing home is alleging the company and its equipment provider violated the US state of Illinois' biometric privacy laws with a fingerprint-scanning time clock system. Judge Matthew Kennelly, of the northern Illinois district court, has agreed to hear the claims of Cynthia Dixon against Smith Senior …
Shaun Nichols, 4 Jun 2018

US judge won't budge over Facebook's last-minute bid to 'derail' facial biometrics trial

Updated A US judge has given short shrift to Facebook's delaying tactics in its long-running legal battle over its use of facial recognition technology, saying the corporation's concerns about financial costs and reputation damage were thin and unconvincing. The data-hungry social media biz had asked for a stay in the class-action …
Rebecca Hill, 30 May 2018

Facebook faces foe formation in facial fingering fight

A US federal judge on Monday ruled that a lawsuit filed over Facebook's use of facial recognition technology can proceed as a class action, raising the possibility the social network could face billions in damages. The sueball was filed in May 2015 under Illinois' 2008 Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) by three …
Thomas Claburn, 18 Apr 2018
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It would totally help, EU told, if data we held on migrants was accurate

The European Union has been warned to sort out data quality in its IT systems that manage asylum and migration, and improve efforts to ensure people know how to exercise their personal data rights. In a report on the collection, storage and use of biometric data in asylum and migration IT systems, the EU Agency for Fundamental …
Rebecca Hill, 29 Mar 2018
police in body armour doing a raid

UK peers: Is this what you call governance of facial recog tech? A 'few scattered papers'!

British cops’ use of automated facial recognition technology has come under fire from peers, with the Greens’ Jenny Jones calling on the government for an immediate ban. Speaking in a House of Lords debate, Jones said that there were “very real concerns” about the use of the technology, asserting that the UK was “moving into …
Rebecca Hill, 3 Mar 2018
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Yorkshire cops have begun using on-the-spot fingerprint scanners

A police force in England has been kitted out with fingerprint scanners to run identity checks in the street. Some 250 scanners have been handed to West Yorkshire Police officers, who will be able to run fingerprint checks against two criminal and immigration biometric databases. In an announcement slipped out over the …
Rebecca Hill, 12 Feb 2018
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UK Home Office grilled over biometrics, being clingy with folks' mugshots

Brit Home Office bods have denied that retaining millions of custody images of people who were never charged falls foul of case law, while asserting that automatic deletion is not technically possible. In an intense evidence session with MPs this morning, Home Office minister Susan Williams and the department's director of …
Rebecca Hill, 6 Feb 2018
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South Wales cops crow about facial recognition arrests on social media

South Wales Police deployed facial recognition technology in Cardiff this weekend, making multiple arrests using the controversial kit. The force has been using an automated facial recognition (AFR) system since June last year, when it launched a pilot during the Champions League finals week. In December, the police boasted …
Rebecca Hill, 5 Feb 2018
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Indian data leak looks to have been an inside job

The government authority in charge of India's billion-records-and-counting Aadhaar biometric identity database, the Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI), has suspended 5,000 officials from accessing the system. As we reported yesterday, a journalist for the country's Tribune newspaper wrote of her ability to access …

What's taking so long? pressed over continued delays to biometrics strategy

The UK government has been told to get its act together and explain why its biometrics strategy still hasn't seen the light of day. The Home Office has been promising a biometrics strategy since 2012, but it has been repeatedly delayed. The latest push-back was revealed earlier this month, when minister Baroness Susan …
Rebecca Hill, 20 Dec 2017
sands of time delays biometrics strategy again – but cops will still use the tech

The Home Office has admitted the UK’s biometrics strategy won't be published until next year, as MPs slam an "unacceptable" delay of more than five years. The Home Office has repeatedly put off publishing the strategy it promised in 2012, and has come under fire from MPs, policymakers, civil rights groups, the biometrics …
Rebecca Hill, 14 Dec 2017
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Q: Why are you running in the office? A: This is my password for El Reg

A trio of Indian boffins have studied the use of smartphone accelerometers as biometric sensors and concluded they could be a handy way to identify users. Unlike the collaboration between American and Hong Kong researchers who want “who are you?” for ad-tracking, the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka boffins' …

Boffins take biometric logins to heart, literally: Cardiac radar IDs users to unlock their PCs

The next form of biometric identification may be a heart scan. A group of computer scientists have proposed a system called Cardiac Scan, which uses a cheap and cheerful Doppler radar to wirelessly map out the dimensions of your beating heart. They say your old ticker's shape and pulsations are unique, and therefore useful for …
Katyanna Quach, 26 Sep 2017

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