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NASA DLR biofuel mission patch

NASA is sniffing jet fuel over Germany

NASA has started sniffing jet fuel as part of joint experiment with the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft-und Raumfahrt, DLR). The experiment sees DLR fly an Airbus A320 burning newfangled jet fuels. NASA follows along its Armstrong flying lab, a Douglas DC-8. Aviation enthusiasts among The Register’s …
Simon Sharwood, 23 Jan 2018
USS Stockdale

The next Cuban gristle crisis: US Navy warship powered by beef fat

The USS Stockdale, a guided-missile-launching destroyer, has set sail powered by an unusual fuel – waste beef fat. The ship, deployed this week in the USS John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group, is part of the Navy's Great Green Fleet initiative, which is trying to make swabbies more environmentally friendly by using alternative …
Iain Thomson, 22 Jan 2016

Are biofuels Europe's sh*ttiest idea ever?

Analysis The craze for biofuels* - a part of EU legislation for a decade** now - is costing Europeans a fortune and isn't even environmentally friendly, a new report (PDF) by renowned British thinktank Chatham House argues. In the name of "climate change reduction", the EU passed a mandate requiring 10 per cent of transport energy to …
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Apr 2013

'Biocoal' fuels steam train comeback

Trainspotters who find the homogenized world of modern locos a bit dull could soon be celebrating the return of steam, if all goes well in a University of Minnesota study. The university, along with Sustainable Rail International, are to restore a 1930s locomotive – 3463, a 4-6-4 Hudson-type loco built by Baldwin that’s spent …
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E. coli turns seaweed into ethanol

A group of scientists from Berkeley has used an engineered form of the E. coli bacterium to turn sugars in seaweed into ethanol. The breakthrough is attractive because if it could be commercialised, it would allow biofuels to be created without displacing crops or forests. According to the report published in Science, the …
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'Smart roof' coating made of old takeaway fryer oil

Eco-friendly boffinry entrepreneurs have proposed a radical new scheme to reduce energy consumption in the home. Rooftops should, they say, be coated with a revolutionary "smart roof" temperature-sensitive material made out of used cooking oil. "This bio-based intelligent roof coating, compared with a traditional cool roof, …
Lewis Page, 22 Mar 2010
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New use found for 'world's most useful tree'

A recipe for using "the world's most useful tree" to purify water is being offered for free download, in the hope that this will help get clean drinking water to billions of poor folk around the world. Moringa tree in Namibia. Credit: Violet Gottrop The Swiss Army knife of the tree world The tree in question is the Moringa …
Lewis Page, 4 Mar 2010
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Tobacco biofuel to solve energy/ environment crisis?

Boffins in Philadelphia, America have come up with a radical new plan for biofuels. Rather than the cars of tomorrow running on various forms of alcohol, sunflower oil, algae etc, the scientists propose that they should instead be fuelled by burning tobacco. "Tobacco is very attractive as a biofuel because the idea is to use …
Lewis Page, 31 Dec 2009
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US military jets to run on weeds, scum & corpse-grease

Well on track to making their aircraft run on coal, the US forces have just ordered 600,000 gallons of renewable jet fuel made from weeds, algae or rendered fat from animal corpses. News of the biofuel push comes courtesy of Honeywell subsidiary UOP, which has been developing sustainable/renewable biofuels for use in jet …
Lewis Page, 5 Oct 2009
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Forget solar panels, it's time for rooftop slime-tanks

The Institute of Mechanical Engineers has called for the UK to adopt a strategy of "geo-engineering" techniques to extract huge quantities of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The headline ideas are these: CO2-capturing "artificial trees", growing of biofuel algae on rooftops, and the use of reflective building materials to …
Lewis Page, 27 Aug 2009
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NASA announces $1.5m prize for eco-plane inventors

US space agency NASA has announced a competition for green aircraft designers, in which low-carbon flying machines will contend for a $1.5m prize at a contest to be held in California in two years' time. The Taurus Electro battery motor-glider from Pipistrel You didn't want that flying car, did you? Have an electric plane ( …
Lewis Page, 3 Aug 2009
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Robot land-steamers to consume all life on Earth as fuel

News has emerged of a milestone reached on the road towards a potentially world-changing piece of technology. We speak, of course, of US military plans to introduce roving steam-powered robots which would fuel themselves by harvesting everything alive and cramming it into their insatiable blazing furnaces. The scheme is …
Lewis Page, 9 Jul 2009
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Norfolk town's schools first to be heated by burning cattle

A "trailblazing" Norfolk town has begun heating many of its buildings - including the schools - by burning oil made from melted-down cow and pig carcasses. The strategy is described as "equal or lower in carbon footprint than natural gas". News of the 12-month biofuelled heating trial comes courtesy of the University of East …
Lewis Page, 10 Feb 2009
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Algae-fuelled* airliner test successful

Update The world's first test of a passenger airliner partially powered by fuel made from algae took place successfully yesterday in Texas. The Houston Chronicle reports that the jet, an unmodified Boeing 737-800 operated by US carrier Continental Airlines, took off from Bush Intercontinental airport in Houston at 1218 local time. …
Lewis Page, 9 Jan 2009
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'First algae-fuelled airliner flight' takes off tomorrow

US airline Continental says it will carry out "the first biofuel flight by a commercial carrier using algae as a fuel source" tomorrow. Previous airliner biofuel trials have used controversial "first-generation" feedstocks, seen as contributing to world hunger and deforestation, apart from a recent New Zealand test involving …
Lewis Page, 6 Jan 2009
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Kiwis deploy nut-crush powered jumbo

Air New Zealand says it has successfully carried out the first airliner flight test using "second generation" biofuel, manufactured from plants which don't require good farmland to grow. Such biofuels-2.0 potentially have no ill effects on food prices or deforestation, yet could seriously lower airlines' carbon numbers. Flight …
Lewis Page, 30 Dec 2008
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Brussels ploughs ahead with biofuel plans

In a move which has surprised analysts and environmentalists, the European Union will leave plans for strong takeup of biofuels sourced from food crops unchanged. A plan has been agreed in Brussels which will see biofuels dominating Europe's "renewable" transport quotas in coming years. EU Observer reports that the member …
Lewis Page, 9 Dec 2008
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Date set for Jatropha Jumbo biofuel-2.0 test flight

Boeing and Air New Zealand have announced that they will carry out the first flight test of "second generation" sustainable biofuel in an airliner on 3 December. The planned test will be carried out using an Air New Zealand Boeing 747 flying from Auckland. During the flight, one of the jumbo's four Rolls-Royce engines will run …
Lewis Page, 12 Nov 2008

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