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Tiny trackers untangle bee secrets

UK researchers have used radar tracking - very small radar tracking - to help shed light on bumblebee navigation. Since there's long been an obsession about the bumblebee's supposed inability to fly, getting them airborne with a backpack seems something of a feat. The results of the research, described in this PLOS article, …
RFID'd bee, image via CSIRO

Job-hunting honeybees rely on 'meth' to find work

Pic Honeybees have no choice about what career they'd like: their destiny is hardwired into their genes - much like Fry in Futurama, who wakes up from cryogenic storage to be assigned a job based on his capabilities. Bees The hapless honeybee only has two possible professions. It can go forth and forage - a varied work life that …
A moss carder bumblebee

Disappearing bees mystery: Boffins finger regicide pesticides

Boffins investigating the ongoing mystery of disappearing bees have linked commonly used pesticides to their decline. A moss carder bumblebee A moss carder bumblebee. Credit: David Goulson Two studies, one by UK researchers and one in France, have suggested that neonicotinoid insecticides, which have been in use since the …

Parasites spark swarm of zombie bees

Researchers have found a type of parasite that turns bees into zombies, causing them to exhibit strange behavior before dying. The discovery was made by accident, after San Francisco State University professor of biology John Hafernik collected some bees he found outside his office so that he could feed them to a praying …
Iain Thomson, 5 Jan 2012
Close up of elephant's face. Photo by Shutterstock

Boffin's wall of bees shields farms from stampeding elephants

A British researcher who studied elephants' fear of being stung by bees has been given a gong for developing a fence of beehives to reduce clashes between humans and the mighty mammals. Dr Lucy King's invention stops the giant animals from wandering onto farm land and causing havoc because they are so terrified of swarms of …
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Nov 2011
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Boffins tail bees with tiny radio tags

Bees with radio tags glued onto their backs have been busily demonstrating just how long it takes them to get home, and how much easier it is to travel west. The tags are 13.75MHz RFID tags – very small ones – and were glued to individual bees by researchers Mario Pahl and ShaoWu Zhang. Once properly tagged, the bees were …
Bill Ray, 27 May 2011

Official: phones sting bees

Britain's honeybee population is in decline and some scientists now believe the blame lies with mobile phones. Bee expert Dr Daniel Favre was able to monitor the effects of mobile phone radiation on bees by placing his handset under a hive. When the phone was making and receiving calls, the bees responded with high pitched " …
Caleb Cox, 12 May 2011
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White van men swipe British black bees

Tayside police are asking the public to keep an eye out for four hives containing thousands of British black bees which were lifted from the Centre for Neurosciences at Dundee Uni's medical school. BLACKBEE Black bee Photo by Commons Wikimedia The missing bees were part of a £2m research project investigating "the …
Lester Haines, 10 May 2011
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World's bees face multiple threats

The United Nations has suggested that the world's bees face multiple threats and unless something is done to halt their decline, there could be serious long-term consequences for food supplies. The last few years have seen bee populations hit hard, with "colony collapse disorder" making headlines as scientists struggle to …
Lester Haines, 11 Mar 2011
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US bumblebees in 'alarming' decline

US researchers have announced that numbers of four species of Stateside bumblebees have declined to the point of extinction, and have fingered a pathogen genus thought to be responsible for a similar collapse in honeybee populations worldwide as a contributory cause. A team led by Sydney Cameron of the University of Illinois …
Lester Haines, 4 Jan 2011

Brussels goes in to bat for beleaguered bees

The European Commission has launched a plan to restore bee health in response to widespread reports of increases in bee mortality. bees Is that a mite on your thorax, or are you just happy to see me? But a British boffin has warned that much of the media coverage is hype and that bees, along with all other species, have …
John Oates, 7 Dec 2010
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Mobiles back in the frame as bee killers

Strapping a pair of mobile phones to the side of a bee hive can lead to a dramatic decline in honey and bee production, researchers have claimed. Published in Current Science, the research (pdf) compared the performance of hives exposed to cell phones with those kept radio-free. According to the researchers the phone use led …
Bill Ray, 2 Jun 2010
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Boffins test cancer-stinging 'nano-bee' swarms in mice

American medi-boffins say they have developed a way of using tiny nanotech devices, which they call "nanobees", to carry a potentially poisonous drug safely into the body for the purposes of killing cancerous tumours. The "bees" are so-called - as opposed to being named "nanowasps" or "nanocobras" or whatever - because the the …
Lewis Page, 11 Aug 2009
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ISS space bio-experiment freezer to return on Discovery

Consumer pundits have long speculated that we would one day - perhaps even by now - have intelligent fridges which could be remotely controlled and monitored from afar using advanced communications links. But they couldn't realise that these fridges would become crammed with possibly-deadly organisms warped by extraterrestrial …
Lewis Page, 18 Mar 2009
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Bees on cocaine: The facts

News has emerged of the latest threat to nature: drug-addled bees, hopped up on crack by crazed scientists. Some bee experts believe that cocaine could have "as devastating an effect on honey bee society as it does on human society". The scientists in question are Andrew Barron of Macquarie University in Australia and Gene …
Lewis Page, 23 Dec 2008
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Chinese lorry-crash bee swarm kills six

A total of six people have been killed in northeast China after a truck carrying dozens of beehives overturned, releasing a swarm of bees which stung three to death and later provoked three further fatalities as two lorries collided while attempting to avoid the massed insects. The truck bearing the beehives crashed into a …
Lester Haines, 11 Sep 2008
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Taiwan mislays millions of honeybees

Taiwan's beekeepers are reporting the mass disappearance of millions of honeybees, Reuters reports. According to the country's TVBS television station, around 10 million bees have gone awol in the last two months, with farmers in three regions reporting heavy losses. One beekeeper on the northeast coast told the United Daily …
Lester Haines, 26 Apr 2007
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UK's bumblebees face extinction

Several UK bumblebee species are heading inexorably for extinction, scientists have claimed, part of a process caused by "pesticides and agricultural intensification" which could have a "devastating knock-on effect on agriculture". Facing extinction: the Great Yellow Bumblebee (Bombus distinguendus). Pic: The Bumblebee …
Lester Haines, 17 Apr 2007

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