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Barclaycard website goes TITSUP*

Updated Barclaycard has admitted it is experiencing technical issues, with users complaining they can’t log in online or on their apps. According to DownDetector, the UK-based credit card biz's website has been experiencing problems since 8.40am this morning, GMT, with more than 200 reports within an hour. Barclaycard said on Twitter …
Rebecca Hill, 11 Dec 2017
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Forget bonking, have ONE OFF THE WRIST with Barclaycard's bPay

Barclaycard is trying to push consumers towards a cashless society with its contactless payment wristband, bPay. The technology is positioned as a competitor to Google Wallet and PayPal and the Apple Pay. These NFC-based smartphone technologies are debuting in the US, whereas bPay will be available much sooner in the UK. …
John Leyden, 18 Sep 2014
The Google Credit Card

Google launches credit card in UK

Businesses in the United Kingdom have become the first in the world to have the chance of obtaining a Google credit card. The Google AdWords Business Credit card” to give the plastic its formal name, is a tool the Chocolate Factory hopes small business will use to rack up big bills for online ads they don't have the cash to …
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Barclaycard site falls over, web payments impossible

Barclaycard customers trying to buy things online have found that their cards don't work. The Barclaycard problems started at 6pm yesterday and are still dragging on. It appears as if it's a DNS failure that has booted the payment processor and all customer accounts offline. The site throws up "can't find the server at secure. …
Anna Leach, 27 Apr 2012
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Barclaycard slaps pay-by-bonk plasters on mobes

Barclaycard has launched a proximity-payment token embedded in a sticker, ideally sized for affixing to the back of a mobile phone, as a stop gap until the handsets catch up. The Barclaycard PayTag is a sticker about a third of the size of a credit card, but does not have the chip contacts or magnetic stripe. It is linked to …
Bill Ray, 19 Apr 2012
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Barclaycard pay-by-bonk fraud risk exposes Amazon's security

Channel 4 News has found out that pay-by-wave phones are compatible with pay-by-wave cards, and wants something done about it, but it's web bazaar Amazon that's lacking basic security. The investigation, which was carried out by viaForensics at Channel 4's behest, discovered that one can lift the credit card number, expiry …
Bill Ray, 26 Mar 2012
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Carol singers rejoice at pay-by-tap credit card donations

Carol singers in Covent Garden aren't taking cash donations this morning - instead they're accepting tap-to-pay credit cards, but by a lucky coincidence BarclayCard has staff handing them out nearby. The winter warblers are from the London Community Gospel Choir, and the donated money will go to the Help a Capital Child fund, …
Bill Ray, 9 Dec 2011
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Nokia takes the Facebook wall physical with NFC

Nokia's latest research video shows us how high-speed NFC could make physical walls as interactive as their Facebook equivalents, while Barclaycard has tweaked its TV advertising to include Orange. Video seems the medium of choice in showing us just how great NFC is, in case we've forgotten how much we're all dying to pay for …
Bill Ray, 10 Jun 2011
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El Reg pays by phone – mmmm, free cookies!

The UK's first pay-by-phone retail service launched last week, but based on our experience we won't be dumping our coins and notes any day soon. Orange kindly sent us a Samsung Tocco Quick Tap – a spin-off of the feature-phone Tocco with added NFC to handle the payments. But before we could use Quick Tap to pay for something …
Bill Ray, 1 Jun 2011
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NFC is top, says GSMA, and put us in charge ... please?

The world's mobile operators are committed to mobile payments using Near Field Communications, according to the trade body that is pitching to put itself at the centre of the ecosystem. The GSMA would like to remind everyone that it should be at the centre of any standardising process, and that by building their own …
Bill Ray, 22 Feb 2011
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Barclaycard and Orange plot NFC Christmas

Barclaycard has let slip plans to deploy NFC-enabled mobile phones, along with Orange, before the end of 2010. The details were spotted by NFC World, which reported on a presentation given by Barclaycard's Head of Innovation Marketing, Sarah Mansfield, during which she stated that by the end of 2010 Orange customers will be …
Bill Ray, 12 Mar 2010
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Orange rolls into the banking business

Orange is the latest mobile operator to get into the banking business, launching a co-branded Barclaycard with a wireless slant. The two companies announced they would be working on a wireless payment system back in March last year, and it seemed that payments by mobile phone would be the obvious result. But apparently the …
Bill Ray, 8 Jan 2010

Barclays computers suffer Monday morning meltdown

Barclays online banking suffered intermittent service for about an hour this morning. The issue also hit some other systems at the bank. We received several emails from readers unable to log in to their accounts and one unable to make a purchase using their Barclays business debit card. The business banking contact number was …
John Oates, 26 Oct 2009
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Barclaycard drops offline

Barclaycard's UK website has been unavailable for most of the day and the company isn't sure when it's coming back. The company apologised to frustrated customers but said it was too soon to say what had gone wrong. The website went down this morning and is still unavailable at 3.00pm. The last time we reported problems - …
John Oates, 5 Oct 2009

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