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Android and Apple OS shares show mountain MS must climb

Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating system was loaded on 2.4 per cent of the smartphones that shipped around the world during the third quarter of 2012. Even if the new version, Windows Phone 8, isn’t a major success, it should still lift the OS past Symbian. Nokia’s other, older mobile OS was to found on 2.6 per cent …
Tony Smith, 14 Nov 2012
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New Samsung chief: I want SOFTWARE

Samsung is going to have to do better in software if it wants to stay up near the top of the tech industry, its new CEO said today. "Samsung needs to improve its competitiveness in software, and is now at a crossroads. To become the top global technology company, we need to challenge and innovate continuously. I will give more …
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Brit pockets £100k in Samsung Bada dev compo

Samsung has announced the winner of its Bada Developer Day UK Challenge, a "futuristic" flying game for mobile phones. The Korean chaebol wanted developers to come up with an idea for an application, programming of course on the Bada platform. The competition, which carried a prize of £100,000, was won by Marc Fontin for his …
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Android dominates first-time smartphone buyer biz

Punters picking their first smartphone are more likely to select an Android handset. When they come to upgrade, however, there's a good chance they'll defect to the opposition. So suggests market data from US research company NPD, released today. NPD looked at sales data for Q4 2011, focusing not simply on the number of …
Tony Smith, 6 Feb 2012
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Samsung to raise $1bn in US bonds for Texas plant

Samsung is planning to raise a billion dollars to fund US expansion, and will be pushing Tizen onto Americans as a Bada-compatible platform, with Intel's help. The bonds will have a five-year maturity, with the money being used to expand production at Samsung's Austin factory in a move which Bloomberg attributes to the …
Bill Ray, 17 Jan 2012
Nokia Lumia 800

Samsung's Bada outshipped WinPho 7 in Q3

Poor old Microsoft. Even Samsung's Bada smartphone OS is more popular than yours. So the latest figures from market watcher Gartner reveal. In Q3, just under 2.5m Bada smartphones shipped around the globe, it said today. But only fractionally more than 1.7m handsets with a Microsoft OS shipped during the same period. It'll …
Tony Smith, 15 Nov 2011
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Why Samsung won't open the Bada OS box

Analysis The Wall Street Journal reckons Samsung is about to open-source its Bada OS, and then pitch it as a competitor to the increasingly patent-laden Android – but fails to properly explain why the South Korean giant would make such a move. Citing the usual "person familiar with the situation", the WSJ states that Samsung will open- …
Bill Ray, 21 Sep 2011
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Official: Samsung spurns WebOS

Samsung will "never" bid for HP's orphaned smartphone OS, WebOS, according to the company's CEO. HP canned its WebOS development a fortnight ago, and said it was considering licensing options for the erstwhile iPhone-killer it acquired with Palm last year. Speculation has been rife that Samsung – which has never seen a phone …
Team Register, 2 Sep 2011
Samsung Wave 3

Samsung outs Bada 2.0 smartphone trio

Having unveiled new Galaxy M, W and Y Android smartphones last week, the South Korean giant today updated its Wave line with similar suffixes. The Wave series uses Samsung's own OS, Bada, recently updated to version 2.0. The Wave 3, Wave M and Wave Y all run Bada 2.0. They all have Bluetooth 3.0 and 72Mb/s 802.11n. Samsung …
Hard Reg, 30 Aug 2011
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Samsung's iOS rival gets multitasking and HTML5

Samsung has launched the next version of its own mobile platform Bada, bringing multitasking, HTML5 and a new advertising engine to Bada developers. Bada developers can now download the SDK and start getting used to the new, scalable UI elements, push notifications, and the aforementioned multitasking and in-app adverts, but …
Bill Ray, 25 Aug 2011
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Nervous Samsung seeks Android Plan F. Or G, H ....

Samsung has changed its mind and may join an Korean consortium producing an open alternative to Android. The strategy shift has been prompted by Google's proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility – and reflects the vertical integration structure whereby Google both licenses Android and competes with its licensees in handsets. …
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Aug 2011
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Samsung runs to the ITC to seek Apple ban

Samsung has filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission seeking to ban the import of Apple handsets which it claims are in breach of its patents. The filing relates to the ongoing patent spat between Samsung and Apple. The ITC has the power, if it thinks that a patent is being infringed, to prevent infringing …
Bill Ray, 29 Jun 2011
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Nokia to help WinPho outsell iOS in four years

Come 2015 and Microsoft will own more of the smartphone OS market than Apple does. Redmond will have 19.5 per cent of the market, Cupertino just 17.2 per cent. The folk up in Canada - Research in Motion, if you have to ask - will have 11.1 per cent. So says market watcher Gartner, just one of a number of such firms to …
Tony Smith, 8 Apr 2011
Samsung Wave II

Samsung Wave II Bada OS smartphone

Review The original Samsung Wave came out last year to general approval as a cut-price smartphone running on the company’s new Bada operating system – a curious development given Samsung’s own endorsement of Android. Samsung Wave II Testing the water: Samsung's Wave II However, Bada was always intended to offer smartphone …
Dave Oliver, 24 Feb 2011
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Samsung updates Galaxy S with two-core chip

MWC 2011 Samsung's Mobile World Congress announcements don't stop with the 10in Galaxy Tab: it's unwrapped new Galaxy S and Bada-based smartphones too - the latter with tech flavour of the month near-field comms. The Galaxy S II, first - it's an Android 2.3 Gingerbread phone based around a 4.3in, 480 x 800 OLED touchscreen and a 1GHz …
Tony Smith, 14 Feb 2011
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O2 Germany offers Bada apps paid for on phone bills

O2 customers in Germany will soon be able to have Bada applications added to their phone bill, with another platform set to follow later in the year. That other platform will no doubt be Android. In his speech at the Digital-Life-Design conference in Munich, O2 Germany CEO Rene Schuster did not detail the two platforms to be …
Bill Ray, 24 Jan 2011
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Samsung blows wad on Bada bling app compo starlets

Samsung's Developer Challenge is over, with the top app earning a prize of $300,000 as the company continues to big up its third mobile platform. Not content with manufacturing the flagship Android handset and one of the best Windows Phone 7 devices, Samsung is still banging the Bada drum. In June, the company put almost $3m …
Bill Ray, 7 Dec 2010
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Samsung plans to smash Android rivals..what about the iPad?

The most dramatic aspect of the smartphone market in the second half of 2010 has been the reinvention of Samsung. Samsung's Galaxy S has shipped 7 million units and has set targets of 20 million for this year – plus one million tablets. Always a powerhouse in mass market handsets and feature-packed media phones, the Korean …
Wireless Watch, 14 Nov 2010

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