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They're baaaack: Avaya outlasts Chapter 11

Almost a year after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, Avaya last Friday announced the process has completed. During the restructure, the company exited the networking business, selling that operation to Extreme Networks for $100 million. That left Avaya able to focus on its contact centre business (a good thing, …
Avaya CEO Jim Chirico

Avaya thinks it's found a new voice, by singing the same old song

INTERVIEW “Avaya”, the company's newly-minted CEO Jim Chirico tells The Register, is “a company that promises solutions for what the customers demand we need to be.” The company used to be easier to understand: a heritage in carrier-grade comms gear and PABXs made moves into the contact centre, IP telephony and unified comms (UC) …
Simon Sharwood, 12 Oct 2017
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Maintel blames Avaya bankruptcy protection for sales hit

UK comms and networking integrator Maintel has blamed trading partner Avaya’s bankruptcy filing in the US for slowing customer demand on this side of the pond. Maintel said in preliminary half-year results that its managed services division was “negatively affected” by delays to customer installations caused by the telco …
Kat Hall, 11 Sep 2017
Avaya logo atop Avaya stadium

Avaya re-structures its re-structuring plan, also re-structures CEO

Avaya's revealed a re-structured re-structuring plan and a new CEO. The company availed itself of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January 2017, in order to re-finance debt it took on when going private back in 2007. By April the company revealed a “plan of reorganization” that it said would mean “pre-filing debt will be …
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Extreme Networks confirms it's buying Avaya's network biz

Avaya and Extreme Networks have confirmed that the former will sell its networking business to the latter, for “approximately US$100m”. The two flagged the deal in March, but because Avaya was courting other bids it's taken a while for Extreme to be confirmed as the buyer. Now both companies have emitted canned statements …

Widow appeals to Avaya to protect death benefits after bankruptcy filing

The widow of an Avaya employee has said the troubled UK telco should not terminate her death benefits following its bankruptcy filing in January. Avaya had told the bankruptcy court that survivor payments are not a benefit covered under its Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It said the Survivorship Benefit is a pension, not …
Kat Hall, 23 May 2017
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Avaya's $3.7m bankruptcy bonus plan slammed by watchdog

The US federal bankruptcy watchdog has slammed telco Avaya for its decision to award 11 execs $3.7m (£3m) in bonuses after the company filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year. The US Trustee told a New York bankruptcy court that under the Bankruptcy Code, bonus payments to insiders of the type sought "are subject to …
Kat Hall, 29 Mar 2017
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Troubled Avaya takes Extreme option, flogs network biz for $100m

Bankruptcy-beset Avaya is cashing out of its networking business for just $100m, with Extreme Networks the buyer. Burdened by private equity debts bought at 2007-era interest rates, Avaya received Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January this year. Trying to cut a debt load of more than $6bn, Avaya briefly tried to offload …
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Avaya's bankruptcy protection is a 'good thing,' says Europe North veep

Ronald Rubens, Europe North veep at telecommunications biz Avaya, is busy doing some serious damage limitation, after the US Avaya parent company filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this week. When Rubens and Gary Barnett, senior VP and general manager of engagement solutions at the biz, spoke to El Reg last week, it was …
Kat Hall, 30 Jan 2017
Money down the drain

Avaya files for bankruptcy

Avaya has filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code, which allows organisations to re-organise their affairs in part by temporarily relieving them of obligations to creditors. The company's canned statement positions the decision to seek Chapter 11's protections as a necessary refresh of …
Simon Sharwood, 20 Jan 2017

Avaya explains its 'hyper-segmentation' approach to security

Interview It's way too easy to get past a firewall, map out an enterprise's network, and start tapping IP addresses looking for vulnerable machines – so why are we using Layer 3 addressing as the basis of the enterprise network? Avaya's new software-defined-networking-based architecture proposes to stop TCP/IP-based attack traffic at …

BlackBerry: Forget phones, Lawsuits In Motion is back – and it's firing off patent claims

Analysis When Blackberry announced earlier this year it was going to give up making mobile phones, most wondered what it would actually do as a company. Part of the answer is rebadged Android gear. Now another part has arrived in a new lawsuit lodged against internet telephony company Avaya: BlackBerry's going to become a patent troll …
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Avaya data leak bug

A group of security researchers have disclosed a now-fixed bug in Avaya data centre hardware that allows shortest-path first (SPB) bridges to be traversed. It's not remotely exploitable, but it's worth remembering that there's plenty of concern among data centre customers and admins that tenant traffic is private, both from …

Infosec bod's brag: Text editor pops Avaya phones FOREVER

RSA 2015 Dr Ang Cui says Avaya's Ethernet office phones can be permanently compromised using nothing more than a text editor (and a few lines of Python.) The Columbia University PhD and Red Ballon Security cofounder revealed to the RSA security conference in San Francisco a few more details about the vulnerabilities he found last year …
Darren Pauli, 22 Apr 2015
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Avaya lures BT director to conduct service provider orchestra

Channel old timer Steve Rafferty has quit BT and is on the way to Avaya as EMEA sales director for service providers and systems integrators. Rafferty started at SCC in new business sales, moved to Software AG and ArmourSoft before heading back to the Midland-based reseller, before being whisked off his feet by BT where he …
Paul Kunert, 10 Apr 2015

Avaya joins SDN club with ONA-nism

Avaya is the latest of the big names to drink the software-defined networks (SDN) Kool-Aid, launching its Open SDN Fx architecture on a waiting world. Along the way, the company is giving various open projects a kick along. Its SDN Fx Fabric Orchestrator Ethernet controller appliance offers northbound and southbound interfaces …

CEO of Brit biz Phoenix plans to 'ram-raid' old friend, new enemy Cisco

The boss at Brit services provider Phoenix IT Group wants to "ram raid" former vendor partner Cisco. The UK biz is currently bulking out its portfolio, with Chinese networking firm Huawei Enterprise the latest addition. In the autumnal months last year, Cisco wrote to 1,000 firms across EMEA telling them it was withdrawing …
Paul Kunert, 11 Jul 2014
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Walking in a WiFi wonderland

Olympics – summer or, in this case, winter – provide a great proving ground for telco technologies: a huge number of users of widely-varying technical literacy, lots of disparate device types, a fairly lumpy movement of users between indoor and outdoor venues, and of course, stringent security requirements. Vulture South spoke …

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