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Bosch-Tesla driverless car driving. Pic: Rebecca Hill

Bosch and Daimler jump in together on driverless vehicle tech

BCW18 Bosch’s Connected World conference opened with a demo of its automated valet technology. Though the firm’s chief exec, Volkmar Denner, drove the car up to its drop-off point, the self-parking mode failed to engage. That hitch aside - clearly the backup plan of cutting to a prepared video had been well rehearsed*, and if you …
Gareth Corfield, 21 Feb 2018
Oracle OpenWorld cloud

Oracle: We've stuffed automation in 'pretty much' all our services

Oracle has announced plans to roll out its self-described autonomous technology to all of its Platform-as-a-Service products. The company launched its self-driving database, available in the latest version, 18c, at the OpenWorld conference last year. At the time, execs promised customers "a freedom from drudgery", as the …
Rebecca Hill, 12 Feb 2018

Driverless cars will lead to data-sharing – of the electrical kind

AEV Bill A new amendment to the UK's Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill aims to make it mandatory for electric car charging point operators to transmit power consumption data to Britain's National Grid. The amendment, tabled by transport secretary Chris Grayling, would make it a legal requirement for "charge point data" to be …
Gareth Corfield, 26 Jan 2018

Aut-doh!-pilot: Driver jams 65mph Tesla Model S under fire truck, walks away from crash

Another Tesla driver needs reminding that the flash motor's Autopilot mode doesn't mean you can ignore what's on the road. On Monday morning, a Tesla Model S slammed into a stationary firetruck at around 65mph on Interstate 405 in Culver City, California. The car was driven under the fire engine, although the driver was able …
Iain Thomson, 23 Jan 2018
smart city concept drawing - self-driving cars, wifi hotspots etc - but no people

Destroying the city to save the robocar

Special report Behind the mostly fake "battle" about driverless cars (conventional versus autonomous is the one that captures all the headlines), there are several much more important scraps. One is over the future of the city: will a city be built around machines or people? How much will pedestrians have to sacrifice for the driverless car to …

Brit transport pundit Christian Wolmar on why the driverless car is on a 'road to nowhere'

Interview Dive beneath the hype and the dry ice of CES, and it becomes apparent. The connected cars and electric cars being shown off in Las Vegas this week are not self-driving cars; and it has proved a lot harder to make an autonomous car than to sell the idea to an AI-obsessed think tank. Of the many obvious-in-retrospect reasons for …
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Jan 2018

Volvo puts Swedish families to work on driverless data-slurp trials

Two Swedish families are to start data-gathering trials for Volvo’s driverless car project, revealing that the Chinese-owned Swedish carmaker is quite a long way behind British autonomous vehicle R&D. The lucky victims applicants, the Hains and the Simonovskis, will be the first families to trial the Volvo XC90s as part of the …
Gareth Corfield, 12 Dec 2017
ASV C-Worker 7 robot boat

Crewless dinghy signs to UK Ship Register for Middle East mission

The UK Ship Register signed up its first unmanned vessel on earlier this week. ASV, an autonomous boat builder based on the Solent, has been sending its ships to work around the world since 2007, but had not needed to register them. However, in order to assist a new gas pipeline project in Egypt, where local laws state that …
Richard Priday, 17 Nov 2017

Fear not, driverless car devs, won't force you to write Trolley Problem solutions

AEV Bill A new law won't force driverless cars' software developers to explicitly consider the infamous Trolley Problem – but the UK government may later decide to implement something similar. Clive Efford, Labour MP for Eltham, put down what he later described as a "probing amendment" to the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill, which …
Gareth Corfield, 16 Nov 2017
Bus jump from 'Speed'

Self-driving bus in crash just 2 hours after entering public service

A self-driving bus has been involved in a collision, barely two hours after being introduced into public service for the first time. The vehicle was reportedly hit by a human-driven lorry, according to the BBC, which adds that the lorry driver was given a ticket by police. Describing the accident with the bus as a “fender …

Car insurers recoil in horror from paying auto autos' speeding fines

AEV Bill Red Dwarf's Kryten has told Parliament that electric cars of the future could be charged from LED lampposts – while insurers have flinched at the idea that they might have to pay speeding fines on behalf of naughty self-driving vehicles. British insurance companies don't mind paying out for driverless car traffic accidents, as …
Gareth Corfield, 31 Oct 2017
Plug, image via Shutterstock

Humble civil servant: Name public electric car chargers after me

AEV Bill The minister in charge of Blighty's latest driverless car law has suggested that public charging points be named after him. "It seems to me absolutely right that when one drives down a street, one should be able to spot an electric charging point rather as one can spot a pillar box or Belisha beacon," said Conservative MP John …
Gareth Corfield, 25 Oct 2017

Didn't install a safety-critical driverless car patch? Bye, insurance!

AEV Bill Tinkering with your future driverless car's software and failing to install safety-critical updates will invalidate your insurance, under a newly proposed British law. "The Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill 2017 is intended to enable consumers in the United Kingdom to be amongst the first in the world to reap the rewards …
Gareth Corfield, 19 Oct 2017
The Driven consortium is testing driverless car tech on a Ford Mondeo

Futuristic driverless car technology to be trialled on... oh, a Ford Mondeo

Updated A Ford Fusion* has been fitted with autonomous driving technology as part of the Driven consortium's tech trials in Oxford, UK. The consortium – which includes driverless car tech startup Oxbotica, domain registry Nominet, Telefónica and the Atomic Energy Authority – has also fitted a Range Rover Evoque and a Ford Mondeo with …
Argos lorry, photo: Argos

'Driverless' lorry platoons will soon be on a motorway near you

The Transport Research Laboratory will be starting trials of semi-autonomous "platooning" technology, using lorries on UK roads. Live trials are expected to take place on Britain's "major roads" by the end of 2018, according to a government statement. These will make up the final stage of the project, with the first two being …
Gareth Corfield, 25 Aug 2017

Kill animals and destroy property before hurting humans, Germany tells future self-driving cars

Germany’s government has answered the car ethics question once and for all: driverless cars should prioritize the protection of human life over the destruction of animals or property. On Wednesday, the nation's Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure – a curious combination that suggests they took "information …
Gareth Corfield, 24 Aug 2017
BAE Systems' Jetstream 31 testbed, G-BWWW. Pic: BAE Systems

BAE Systems' autonomous research aircraft flies itself to Scotland

An autonomous aeroplane that uses onboard cameras to "see" events around it is being tested by BAE Systems. The modified Jetstream 31 aircraft operates from BAE's base at Warton and normally flies with two pilots aboard, who are in charge of takeoffs and landings. Building on previous research and development work which took …

Chinese unleash autonomous airborne taxi

The "where's my bloody flying car?" protesters among you should take heart that the world may be a 23-minute autonomous flight closer to the reality of personal airborne transport with the unveiling of the EHang 184 "autonomous aerial vehicle". The 200kg EHang 184 promises to "achieve humanity’s long-standing dream of easy, …
Lester Haines, 8 Jan 2016

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