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Galaxies stretching back into time across billions of light-years of space. The image covers a portion of a large galaxy census called the Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey (GOODS).

Scientists are counting atoms to figure out when Mars last had volcanoes

Astroboffins have figured out a new way of dating planets and meteorites by counting individual atoms in rock samples snatched from the depths of space. The atomic-scale imaging technique developed by University of Portsmouth scientists involves locating and counting individual atoms in planetary materials. "Directly linking …
Gareth Corfield, 26 May 2017
Docker Red Hat

Red Hat: PaaS or IaaS, everything's about CONTAINERS now

Red Hat Summit Docker wasn't the only firm blabbing away about containers this week. On Wednesday, top Linux vendor Red Hat unveiled two new offerings at its Red Hat Summit conference in Boston, and both had containers at their cores. The first of these was OpenShift Enterprise 3, the latest version of Shadowman's locally deployable platform …
Neil McAllister, 25 Jun 2015

Atomic keyring's eerie blue glow lights SPB lab

The news last week that El Reg merchandising tentacle Cash'n'Carrion had sourced new tritium-powered glowrings prompted some atomic-powered nostalgia from those readers who'd bought the original Traser. Way back in 2002, we laid our hands on a big batch of these novelty keyrings, and promptly shifted thousands of them. No …
Lester Haines, 3 Mar 2015
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IAEA: Handling of Fukushima has been exemplary

A preliminary report by the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency has stated that the response to the Fukushima nuclear incident was "exemplary" and that nobody has been harmed by radiation exposure resulting from it. The report was drafted by an IAEA fact-finding team which has just completed a visit to Japan. The team was …
Lewis Page, 3 Jun 2011
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Fukushima scaremongers becoming increasingly desperate

The situation at the quake- and tsunami-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear powerplant in Japan was brought under control days ago. It remains the case as this is written that there have been no measurable radiological health consequences among workers at the plant or anybody else, and all indications are that this will remain …
Lewis Page, 25 Mar 2011
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Nork nuke quite a lot less powerful than Hiroshima

Early reports of North Korea detonating a "Hiroshima sized" nuclear weapon over the weekend appear to have been - erm - overblown, with seismic data indicating an explosion less than half as powerful. The Guardian and other media have widely reported an estimate by the Russian defence ministry that the explosion in North Korea …
Lewis Page, 26 May 2009
Sapphire Atomic HD 4890

Sapphire lauds 'first' 1GHz-plus AMD GPU

Graphics card specialist Sapphire has rolled out what it reckons is the first board to boast a gigahertz-clocked GPU - from AMD, at any rate. The Atomic HD 4890 runs its graphics engine at 1050MHz. To maintain the 'giga' theme, it's got 1GB of GDDR 5 on board too, connected over 256-bit bus. Sapphire Atomic HD 4890 Sapphire …
Tony Smith, 12 May 2009
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Boffins build super-accurate atomic clock

The atomic clocks currently used for regulating international time zones are great and all, but who has the time every few million years to adjust them? Fortunately, physicists in the US have figured out how to control seemingly "forbidden" collisions between neutral strontium atoms to make a clock that neither loses nor gains …
Austin Modine, 17 Apr 2009
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Pics show North Korean rocket ready to go

A satellite picture has been released showing what appears to be a large three-stage rocket stack erected by a gantry in North Korea, confirming news reports indicating an imminent launch. North Korea's latest revenue-generating scheme? Rattling a sabre has become very expensive. Credit: DigitalGlobe The image, released by …
Lewis Page, 30 Mar 2009
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Israelis develop 'safe' plutonium: good for power, bad for weapons

Israeli boffins have developed a promising technique for "declawing" plutonium, which would let it be used as fuel but not for building bombs. They believe the technique could greatly expand peaceful use of nuclear power worldwide, while preventing weapons proliferation. Almost all plutonium is produced in nuclear reactors, …
Lewis Page, 5 Mar 2009
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North Korea announces missile test sat launch

North Korea is preparing for a further test of its long-range ballistic missile the Taepodong-2, according to reports. The missile design is thought capable of reaching parts of the United States, though it has not yet achieved a successful trial. The Guardian reports that Pyongyang has issued a statement claiming that …
Lewis Page, 24 Feb 2009

Sapphire HD4870 X2 Atomic water-cooled graphics card

Review AMD's ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 is a formidable beast of a graphics card but it has a number of obvious flaws. For starters, it's expensive, with prices starting at £399. It's also very long, measuring 267mm nose to tail, although in fairness that's the same length as an Nvidia GeForce GTX 280. The third snag is that the double- …
Leo Waldock, 8 Jan 2009
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US nuclear bomb lab develops 'self-warming' hand cream

A New Mexico cosmetics entrepreneur has collaborated with a US government nuclear weapons lab to deal with one of the great scourges threatening society today, that of chilly handcream fresh from the jar. The solution: high-tech "personal care lotion" which warms itself up as it is "gently rubbed" on. According to the Sandia …
Lewis Page, 18 Dec 2008
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MIT boffins crack fusion plasma snag

Boffins at MIT say they have cracked some tricky problems in the design of power stations running on nuclear fusion, though they hasten to add that many more hurdles remain before fusion energy becomes a reality. "There's been a lot of progress," says Earl Marmar, head of the Alcator Project at the MIT Plasma Science and …
Lewis Page, 5 Dec 2008
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IAEA calls for mutated supercrops to feed world's hungry

The UN nuke agency has called for the world to make greater efforts to feed its starving millions, by increased efforts to produce enhanced, mutant super-crops developed using gamma rays. “The global nature of the food crisis is unprecedented. Families all around the world are struggling to feed themselves,” says Mohamed …
Lewis Page, 2 Dec 2008
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Duff UK nukes risk 'popcorn' multi-blast accident apocalypse

Last week many Britons were amazed to read in the quality press that the UK's nuclear weapons are thought to have a "design fault" which could see a transport accident detonating multiple warheads in a devastating chain reaction apparently known as "popcorning". "More than 1,700 warheads are affected by the problem which would …
Lewis Page, 1 Jul 2008
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Blighty admits 'national shortage' of nuke engineers

British immigration authorities have re-classified a range of nuclear-power specialisations as "national shortage occupations" and will thus ease applications for work permits. The move reflects a widespread perception that the somewhat moribund UK nuclear workforce will be unable to handle the planned renewal - and possible …
Lewis Page, 9 Jun 2008
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Chinese boffins show off unbelievably tight ring

Chinese nanojewellery experts have managed to fashion an exceptionally tiny ring out of just 36 atoms of gold. Incredibly minuscule as the golden nano-ring is, however, it is in fact the world's largest of its type. Brainboxes Shu-Yan Yu, Yi-Zhi Li, and Vivian Wing-Wah Yam - working at universities in Beijing, Nanjing and Hong …
Lewis Page, 15 May 2008

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