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Home Office finally approves UK cybercoppers

The Home Office has finally approved the creation of a central police e-crime Unit(PCeU), a year after the idea was first proposed. The cybercrime unit will be based at Scotland Yard and is expected to begin work early next year. The division will provide specialist computer forensics training and coordinate efforts to fight …
John Leyden, 1 Oct 2008
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Vehicle spy-cam data to be held for five years

Authorities will store details of car journeys surveilled by the new national Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system for five years, the Home Office has revealed. Senior police officer had said the data on millions of vehicles would only be kept for two years, the Guardian reports. The Information Commissioner's …
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Home Office screws prison data bunglers

The Home Office has today terminated a £1.5m contract with PA Consulting after it lost the personal details of the entire UK prison population. In August the firm admitted to officials that it had downloaded the prisons database to an unencrypted memory stick, against the security terms of its contract to manage the JTrack …
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Erotic artist urges spanking for Jacqui Smith

Those pesky critters from CAAN (Campaigning Adult Action Network) are at it again, cheekily asking the government what the extreme porn law actually means for Joe Public. This week they are joined in their efforts by Ben Westwood, son of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, whose outrage at the coming law leads him to suggest …
Jane Fae , 29 Aug 2008
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UK CCTV numbers 'may be overstated'

Police forces are seeking electronic transfers of data from local authority cameras to police forces, according to Nick Garvan, assistant chief constable of Thames Valley Police. Describing such cameras as "an indispensable investigative tool", he told the Home Affairs Select Committee last week: "Any perception on the part of …
Kablenet, 25 Mar 2008
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MP questions police computer policy

An MP has said police forces need to be more consistent in handling requests for removal of records from the Police National Computer (PNC). Stephen Crabb, Conservative member for Pembrokeshire, said figures provided by the Home Office suggest that not enough cases are being removed from the system, even when the people …
Kablenet, 16 May 2007
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Children to nag adults through CCTV

CCTV cameras will bark orders at people who misbehave in the streets of eight major British cities as part of a government scheme to cajole people into respecting authority. Faceless bureaucrats will tell people off when they are being "anti-social" by dropping litter, behaving drunkenly, fighting, and, presumably, smashing up …
Mark Ballard, 4 Apr 2007
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Police data sharing plan faces the chop

A major chunk of the plan to improve police databases in the wake of the Bichard enquiry into the Soham murders is expected to be dropped by the Home Secretary within weeks. Doubt also remains about the final deadline of the Police National Database (PND), the final aim of the Bichard reforms, dubbed collectively as Impact, …
Mark Ballard, 4 Apr 2007
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Commons to eye surveillance society

Government plans for identity cards will be re-examined by MPs as part of a wide-ranging inquiry into the surveillance society due to be announced by the House of Commons Select Committee next Tuesday. The Committee has not yet published its terms of reference for the inquiry, but it will question the government's use of …
Mark Ballard, 23 Mar 2007
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Fraud cost UK at least £13bn in 2005

About £13bn of fraud was committed in the UK in 2005, but the figure could be on the conservative side, a report commissioned by the Association of Chief Police Officers said today. The report, which examined existing primary data sources about fraud of all types, noted how unreliable much of the data is and how difficult it is …
Mark Ballard, 7 Mar 2007
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Data watchdogs write then bury transparency plan

European privacy guardians committed themselves to transparency and openness last week - but haven't gotten round to telling anyone yet. The Article 29 Working Party, which is made up of representatives from all of Europe's data protection authorities, had formally adopted a declaration of transparency at its meeting last …
Mark Ballard, 22 Feb 2007
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Road pricing - Blair's shock 'privacy guarantee'

The Downing Street road pricing petition, which closed on Tuesday night, has had an immediate but largely unnoticed effect. It appears to have wrung a reasonably firm privacy commitment from Tony Blair. We should stress at this point that it is only a reasonable commitment, not an absolute one, but although there is wiggle- …
John Lettice, 22 Feb 2007

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