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Visual Studio 2017 15.9 is here! Fire up your Windows on Arm laptops. All four of you

Microsoft devs rejoice! A new version of Visual Studio 2017 has arrived replete with fixes, tweaks and ARM64 support. The gang at Redmond have continued tinkering with Visual Studio 2017 despite the 2019 version looming large, and 15.9 is a worthy update, bringing handy new functionality out of preview and into the mainstream …
Richard Speed, 16 Nov 2018
Thumbs up for Spectre-Meltdown protection

Another Meltdown, Spectre security scare: Data-leaking holes riddle Intel, AMD, Arm chips

Computer security researchers have uncovered yet another set of transient execution attacks on modern CPUs that allow a local attacker to gain access to privileged data, fulfilling predictions made when the Spectre and Meltdown flaws were reported at the beginning of the year. In short, these processor security flaws can be …
Thomas Claburn, 14 Nov 2018

Need a modest Arm Cortex-A CPU in your custom chip? Just apply online. Plus $125,000

In 2018, a crack commando CPU was sent to an ASIC by a military court for a crime it didn't commit. This processor core promptly escaped from a maximum-security system-on-chip to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, it survives as a soldier of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can …
Chris Williams, 22 Oct 2018

Arm cozies up to Intel for second time in a week – this time to borrow tools from Yocto Project for Mbed Linux

Earlier this week, Arm drew Intel into its warm embrace when Chipzilla joined its Pelion IoT platform. The Softbank-owned design house has said it's now preparing to release a Linux-based OS, taking advantage of the Intel-backed Yocto Project tools. Arm's Mbed Linux OS takes the company's Internet of Things-focused realtime …

Our processor tech's got legs, says Arm: 'One million' data center servers will ship in 2018

Analysis One million Arm-powered data center servers will ship in 2018, the processor design house claimed on Tuesday. By servers, the Softbank-owned biz means machines that perform networking, storage, and security workloads for other systems running virtual machines and application code. Arm, like AMD, really wants to get its CPU …
Chris Williams, 17 Oct 2018
You didn't say the magic word

Arm PSA IoT API? BRB... Toolbox of tech to secure net-connected kit opens up some more

One year on from launching its Platform Security Architecture – a recipe book and ingredients for securing Internet of Things gizmos – Arm has opened it up some more to get more manufacturers and developers involved. The PSA is not Arm specific, we're told: it can be used on any architecture. It's a set of programming …
Chris Williams, 17 Oct 2018
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Enterprise IoT security sucks so much, it's made Intel and Arm work together to tackle it

Intel on Monday joined hands with Arm, its occasional rival, in an attempt to make the notoriously dismal state of Internet-of-Things security less so. The two chip designers aren't concerned with consumer IoT devices, which can be expected to remain a hot mess; rather they hope to provide corporate customers with a way to …
Thomas Claburn, 15 Oct 2018
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Take the wheel, Arm tells its notebook-grade Cortex-A76 CPU: Now you're a robo-ride brain

Japanese chip designer Arm really doesn't want to be overtaken in the world of autonomous cars by the likes of Intel, Nvidia, and other rivals. The Softbank-owned semiconductor architects have thus injected a safety feature normally reserved for real-time CPUs into their highest-end application processor core, in a bid to lure …
Chris Williams, 26 Sep 2018

A real shot in the Arm: 3% of global workforce surplus to requirements

Chip designer Arm has celebrated its upcoming TechCon 2018 San Jose shindig by showing 180 unlucky employees the door. After the layoffs were reported by its local paper, the Cambridge News, in England, the Softbank subsidiary confirmed to The Register that, yes, just over three per cent of the global workforce are surplus to …
Richard Speed, 7 Sep 2018
Lenovo Yoga C630WOS

Hello 'WOS': Windows on Arm now has a price

IFA Microsoft's long journey away from Intel reached escape velocity this week, as the first traditional laptop machine with Qualcomm's Arm processor was revealed by Lenovo, in the shape of the Yoga C630 WOS. "WOS" stands for "Windows on Snapdragon", how Qualcomm prefers to call "Windows on Arm", and since it's Qualcomm Inside, …
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Aug 2018
Slide teasing ESXi for Arm64

ESXi on Arm? Yes, ESXi on Arm. VMware teases bare-metal hypervisor for 64-bit Arm servers

VMworld US VMware today showed off a port of its bare-metal ESXi hypervisor for 64-bit Arm servers at its VMworld US shindig in Las Vegas. This morning's keynote audience briefly glimpsed vSphere Client managing a 64-bit Arm Cortex-A72-powered host that was running four virtual machines. The box apparently had four logical processors, …
Chris Williams, 27 Aug 2018
Road map with pin being inserted

Arm debuts CPU roadmap for the first time, sort of

Chip designer Arm for the first time in recent memory has presented a roadmap, sparsely detailed through it may be, covering future CPU plans for 5G always-on connected mobile and laptop devices. "This, I think, is the first time, certainly that I have been involved, in declaring a forward-looking roadmap in public," said Ian …
Thomas Claburn, 16 Aug 2018
Someone running with the power of IoT

Arm reckons its 'any device, any data, any cloud' IoT tech has legs

Arm – the designer of processors used in billions of gadgets, smartphones, and other devices – has launched a new Internet-ofThings platform that it claims will be able to handle any data from any device on any cloud. There's no shortage of organizations offering IoT solutions, but Arm claims its Pelion IoT platform stands out …

Spectre rises from the dead to bite Intel in the return stack buffer

Updated Spectre, a class of vulnerabilities in the speculative execution mechanism employed in modern processor chips, is living up to its name by proving to be unkillable. Amid a series of mitigations proposed by Intel, Google and others, recent claims by Dartmouth computer scientists to have solved Spectre variant 1, and a proposed …
Thomas Claburn, 23 Jul 2018

Up in arms! Arm kills off its anti-RISC-V smear site after own staff revolt

Arm has taken offline its website attacking rival processor architecture RISC-V within days of it going live – after its own staff objected to the underhand tactic. The site – – was created at the end of June, and attempted to smear open-source RISC-V, listing five reasons why Arm cores are a better choice …
Chris Williams, 10 Jul 2018
Close up of the ThunderX2 processor

Absolutely... fabless: Marvell swallows a large dose of Cavium

Analysis Fabless semiconductor company Marvell has become 40 per cent bigger today by completing its $6bn Cavium gobble. As is customary in such situations, Cavium CEO Syed Ali said the merger would "unlock significant opportunities", which you'd assume would include the "synergies" also mentioned in the press release. The firms have …
Chris Mellor, 9 Jul 2018
New Galaxy tablets were the focus of Samsung's MWC announcements

Give Samsung a hand: Chaebol pulls back Arm to strike Intel's chips

Samsung has said its chip foundry building Arm Cortex-A76-based processors will use 7nm process tech in the second half of the year, with 5nm product expected mid-2019 using the extreme ultra violet (EUV) lithography process. The A76 64-bit chips will be able to pass 3GHz in clock speed. Back in May we wrote: "Arm reckoned a …
Chris Mellor, 6 Jul 2018
Oracle balloons photo via Shutterstock

Oracle Linux now supported on 64-bit Armv8 processors

Oracle’s announced that the version of its GNU/Linux for Arm processors is now generally available and signalled its intentions to help “build out a very viable server/cloud platform for Arm.” Big Red revealed its efforts in November 2017 with the debut of an unsupported developer release of Oracle Linux 7 Update 3. Come …
Simon Sharwood, 25 Jun 2018

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