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Commonwealth Bank

Commbank data loss: Non-disclosure was pretty reasonable

ANALYSIS “Australia's Largest Bank Lost The Personal Financial Histories Of 12 Million Customers” screams the headline at Buzzfeed. It’s a great story: the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) can’t say with 100 per cent certainty that two tapes containing data used to prepare bank statements were securely destroyed. And those tapes were not …

Petition calls for Adobe Flash to survive as open source zombie

A group of developers have taken to GitHub with a petition to save Adobe Flash following the Photoshop giant's largely welcomed decision to end support for the oft-reviled software in 2020. The petition to open-source Flash acknowledges Adobe's reasons for killing Flash, namely that it's been superseded and is woefully …
Simon Sharwood, 31 Jul 2017
Old scrolls at the National Archive

Flash, holograms? Where will your archive end up?

Whether it’s unstructured rich media, traditional business documents and files, or the audiovisual library of a media company, there is more data about than ever before. And more than ever, it has potential value – whether that is to build new content, to improve customer relationships, to answer the demands of regulators, or …
Bryan Betts, 3 Sep 2015
Flape HW costs

Flash data storage: Knocking TAPE off the archiving top spot

It was a bombshell when Facebook's Jason Taylor said he would like to use flash solid-state storage as an archive medium, but his reasons made perfect sense. Facebook users had lots of photos stored in their albums and rarely accessed them. But when they did want to look at them they wanted them to come up straight away, …
Chris Mellor, 10 Sep 2014
EMC Vatican Library Video still

Spot the joints: You say backup, I say archiving

If you have ever been asked to recover an old, lost or deleted file, you will know just how hard people find it to tell the difference between backup and archiving. The administrator's workload has grown so much that backup companies have even added user self-service portals to ease it. The problem has accentuated as companies …
Bryan Betts, 27 Jan 2014
VMware logo

VMware pulls more control freakage into vSphere stack

Sometimes, it takes a bundle to make a bundle. Like most large software companies, VMware has two different customer sets: large companies that have enterprise licensing agreements with all kinds of deals, and SMBs who buy software occasionally and who don't usually get much of a deal. In its conference call with Wall Street …
Still from 1960s American spy-fiction TV series "The Man from UNCLE"

WikiLeaks' secrets weren't, says former MI5 chief

WikiLeaks' revelations of the “secrets” of global diplomacy weren't that secret, says Dame Stella Rimington, novelist and former Director general of MI5. Speaking in Australia, where she today delivered an address to the International Council on Archives conference , Rimington told The Reg that one of the issues public sector …
Simon Sharwood, 22 Aug 2012
The Register breaking news

Data retention, FOI and the storage budget

You the Expert We set you a challenge. How do you resolve the conflicting requirements of data retention rules, the Freedom of Information Act and managing a storage budget? Email, as you know, clogs up your storage boxes like nothing else. And if your policy is “hang on to it, you never know when you might need it” you could find yourself …
Lucy Sherriff, 9 Nov 2011
The Register breaking news

Autonomy engulfs 5-petabyte Iron Mountain cloud

Autonomy is paying $380m for Iron Mountain's archiving and online backup business. The Cambridge-based company said the purchase showed the truth of its prediction of the merging of regulatory archiving and search functions for businesses. The deal adds five petabytes of company data and 6,000 customers to Autonomy's cloud …
John Oates, 16 May 2011

Storage start-ups fail to set the world on fire

Comment Try this point of view on for size: there is no general large scale file storage problem. Companies set up to deal with that problem have failed to set the world on fire and over-invested ones, like ONSTor and Copan, are facing difficulties. Meanwhile, block storage SAN re-invention companies, such as 3PAR and Compellent have …
Chris Mellor, 24 Jul 2009
Optical Disc

Startup crafts DVD-Rs for the 31st century

A US startup has developed a new DVD-R technology that it claims will be readable for 1,000 years. Millenniata's tag line is "Write Once, Read Forever" - and if forever can be defined as 40 generations, that's exactly what its Millennial Disc Series promises. Millenniata president and CEO Henry O'Connell told The Reg that the …
Rik Myslewski, 23 Jul 2009

What Exchange 2007 can't do

This week we rummage through the Reg Library for papers about email and archiving and stuff. We kick off with the corporate daddy, Exchange 2007. Exchange 2007 risks and migration strategies So we thought that running Microsoft Exchange was a pain for small businesses. According to this Dell white paper about Exchange 2007, …
Team Register, 27 May 2009

Mimecast and file server destruction

Analysis Mimecast is a UK-based supplier of unified email management services. Around the end of 2002 it started to build an appliance function that would unify the many daisy-chained email functions, (anti-spam, anti-virus, data leak prevention, signaturing) that were all implemented as separate boxes through which emails had to flow …
Chris Mellor, 25 Mar 2009

Data Domain sends de-duped files into unalterable state

Data Domain is teaching its de-duplication boxes a new storage retention trick to satisfy those picky government regulatory-types when they come sniffing the machinery. It's adding a Storage Lock option to all its de-duplication systems. The software lets administrators keep de-duplicated files in an unalterable state for …
Austin Modine, 23 Jun 2008

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