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Orange juice squeezing

Crushed Juicero now officially a fruitless endeavor

On Friday, embattled "smart" juicer startup Juicero shut down. Executives announced that the company would be suspending sales of its juicers and "produce packs" and looking to sell what's left of its business to a larger chain. This after Juicero said in July that it was cutting staff and looking at ways to drop the price of …
Shaun Nichols, 1 Sep 2017
NASA images of Antares explosion

No spin zone: Samsung recalls 3M EXPLODING washing machines

Samsung says it will recall millions of washing machines that are prone to blowing up. The South Korean electronics giant says that 34 models of top-loading machines are covered by the massive US-wide recall, which was sparked by hundreds of reports of units violently tearing themselves apart mid-cycle. According to the US …
Shaun Nichols, 4 Nov 2016
Woman frustrated while trying to make mobile phone call... Photo via Shutterstock

Level3 switch config blunder blamed for US-wide VoIP blackout

Updated Backbone provider Level3 says an outage that knocked out VoIP service for much of the US Tuesday morning was the result of improperly configured equipment. It seems the outage, which smashed call services offline for much of the country, was not the result of any fiber cuts or facility damage, but rather some classic bad …
Shaun Nichols, 5 Oct 2016
cisco asa 5505

Patch Cisco ASA ASAP: DNS, DHCPv6, UDP packets will crash them

Cisco has issued a firmware update to address four security flaws in its Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) that open up the gear to denial-of-service attacks. By exploiting these bugs, six models in the ASA family can be forced to repeatedly reset, rendering the hardware useless. Vulnerable products include the Cisco ASA …
Shaun Nichols, 23 Oct 2015
Fritz Pfleumer with his magnetic tape recorder

Appliances are the new data centre onesie

It has been a fun and very profitable couple of decades for upstart IT server and systems software makers. They have thrown new server technologies at venerable mainframe and minicomputer systems and blasted the data centre into a thousand shiny metal bits. Then they lashed it all together with networks running distributed …

IBM takes on Oracle with PureData appliances

Big Blue is getting sick of Larry Ellison taking up all of the oxygen in the data center when it comes to appliance servers tuned for specific workloads, and so it is expanding its line of PureSystems preconfigured machines with a family of boxes called PureData that take on some of the same work that Oracle is chasing with its …
Generic cloud picture

Coming to a cloud near you: dirty laundry

Panasonic has announced an Android application to control home appliances. The only catch: users also have to be prepared to shuffle their data through a cloud service for it all to work. The Panasonic Smart App will be available from September, and the company says it will be able to control devices as diverse as air …

Chocolate Factory moves into the fridge

It’s hard to decide which is worse: the breathtaking triviality of the patent, or the idea that Google doesn’t just want to see your fridge, it wants to track changes of ownership. The patent in question, US 8,091,772, was granted on January 10, part of a clutch winding its way through to publication in the last fortnight to …
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Oracle and IBM fight for the heavy workload

IBM and Oracle agree about little these days, and they are coming at it from different angles, but both IT giants believe that some companies don't want general-purpose machines; they want machines tuned to run a specific stack of software for a particular kind of workload. IBM calls them "workload optimised systems" and …
DVD it in many colours

AlertMe network power-meter kit: Suitable for techies?

Review Simply measuring and monitoring energy usage helps people conserve, and helps avoid unexpected high bills while 'leccy prices are rising as quickly as they are now. Consumption monitors save cash and the planet, which is why is keen on getting smart meters in every home, although these are probably rather less polished …
Jura Impressa F-90

WTF are... connected appliances?

The ‘internet fridge’ is a much-loved staple of futurologists. In some rosy and not-too-far-off future, many kitchens will have one, magically replenishing itself so that you never need run out of black pudding or milk. When you’re low on such essentials, the fridge will automatically order new ones from the supermarket, and …
Nigel Whitfield, 21 Jun 2011
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The enterprise data warehouse vision

Traditionally, enterprise data warehouses (EDWs) were regarded as systems of record. Thought of simplistically, queries were either run directly off the EDW or from a data mart that referred back to the EDW as and when necessary (hence its status as a system of record). However, it is now clear that that definition of an EDW no …
Philip Howard, 29 May 2007
fingers pointing at man

Dataupia: a utopian vision for databases?

Over the course of the last few months I have written a couple of times speculating on the development of appliances that might be more generally deployed than the very specific products we have seen to date. In particular, in my last article on this subject I discussed the scope for improving the performance of merchant …
Philip Howard, 15 May 2007

Cryoserver back from the dead

Email archiving system Cryoserver is back, and now it's an appliance. The software has been bought up by Dublin-based developer FCS (Forensics & Compliance Systems) which has used it to build a tamper-proof sealed system able to archive all one's messaging, both for regulatory compliance and for storage management. "It's a …
Bryan Betts, 25 Apr 2007

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