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Lovefilm Player for iPad iOS app icon

Lovefilm Player for iPad

iOS App of the Week Well it’s about time. LoveFilm may be the UK’s main disc rental and video-on-demand service, but it’s taken it a disappointing amount of time to get its act together as far as iOS is concerned. Apple’s loathing of Flash video isn’t Lovefilm's fault, of course, but plenty of other companies have already produced iOS-specific …
Cliff Joseph, 6 Oct 2011
Meter Readings icon

Meter Readings

iOS App of the Week With energy prices going through the roof, I recently decided that it was time to pay a bit more attention to my meter readings. There are a few apps for reading gas and and electricity meters, but most of these seem to come from individual energy companies, such as EDF and npower, and only let you take one reading for your …
Cliff Joseph, 29 Sep 2011
HeyTell Android app icon

HeyTell voice messenger

Android App of the Week Like the mutant offspring of the text message and the walkie-talkie, HeyTell is perfect for anyone who wants to relay vocal messages but who doesn’t want the palaver of having an actual conversation. Once you have selected a contact in the app, you simply hold the talk button down, speak and a voice message is sent to them. It …
Alun Taylor, 27 Sep 2011
Flipboard iOS app icon


iOS App of the Week Flipboard has been around for a year or so now, and has garnered all sorts of awards along the way. However, it was updated recently and has just gained the tech industry’s ultimate accolade: that of being imitated by Google, which is reported to be developing a "Flipboard killer" under the codename ‘Propeller’. Flipboard iOS …
Cliff Joseph, 22 Sep 2011
Elixir Android app icon

Elixir 2

Android App of the Week It’s hard to know where to begin with the Elixir 2 toolkit because it does so many different things. It’s part user interface, part system status indicator and part control panel. For me, the option to put widgets into the status bar is the killer feature. It’s a great way of saving screen real estate and means you have …
Alun Taylor, 20 Sep 2011
Bike Hub

Bike Hub

iOS App of the Week Following my inaugural experience with one of London’s ‘Boris bikes’ I considered reviewing the slick Barclays Bikes app – the bank is the main sponsor of the cycle scheme in the capital. Yet apart from being too London-centric I didn’t want to find myself saying anything complimentary about the banking industry. So I checked …
Cliff Joseph, 15 Sep 2011


Android App of the Week With so many connected devices now carrying a DLNA or UPnP sticker, shunting media from or through your phone – to a Wi-Fi enabled music player, telly or gaming console – is fast becoming an everyday requirement. Skifta QR code   Skifta QR code Getting started with source options Some handsets have built-in tech to handle …
Alun Taylor, 13 Sep 2011
Adobe CreatePDF icon

Adobe CreatePDF

iOS App of the Week There are plenty of PDF viewer apps available for iOS devices, so it’s a little surprising that it’s taken this long for Adobe - deviser of the Portable Document Format - to release this CreatePDF app. Its job is to convert documents in any of a variety of formats - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Photoshop, Illustrator, …
Cliff Joseph, 8 Sep 2011
Hologram Android app icon

Hologram Live

Android App of the Week Android’s live wallpapers offer the kind of personalisation that iOS users can only dream about in their most fevered imaginings but I’m still not a fan because they don’t do your battery any favours and more often than not they make it difficult to see what else is on your screen. But now I’ve found one - suggested by a …
Alun Taylor, 6 Sep 2011
Paper Camera icon

Paper Camera

Android App of the Week I’m not a big enthusiast of mobile phone photography. As long as the end result is in focus and the lighting doesn’t make it look like it was taken on the surface of some distant planet orbiting a green sun, I’m happy. If I want better, I use a real camera. But if your photographic emphasis is more on fun than verisimilitude, …
Alun Taylor, 30 Aug 2011
Autodesk Fluid FX app icon

Autodesk Fluid FX

iOS App of the Week A very long time ago, graphics guru Kai Krause - a name sure to make any Mac user over a certain ago go all misty eyed and nostalgic - created an app - or 'program', as we called them then - named Goo. It allowed you to morph and distort photos in various, vaguely amusing ways. It was primarily just a bit of fun, but Goo did …
Cliff Joseph, 25 Aug 2011
British Library 19th Century Books

British Library 19th Century Books

iOS App of the Week The British Library already has a ‘Treasures’ app that is a kind of ‘greatest hits’ romp through the Library’s archives. However, this new iPad-only app specifically focuses on books and documents from the 19th century – the era of Dickens and the great Victorian explorers and travel writers. British Library 19th Century Books …
Cliff Joseph, 11 Aug 2011
Björk Biophilia

Björk Biophilia

iOS App of the Week Yeah, I know – the moment you let a bunch of musos loose with new technology they start to come up with waffle like “an extraordinary multimedia exploration of the universe and its physical forces” – when all you’ve really got is a bunch of songs and some fancy graphics. Björk Biophilia Main interface Click for a larger …
Cliff Joseph, 4 Aug 2011
Dual File Manager XT

Dual File Manager XT

Android App of the Week The Android Market is awash with good file managers, so a newcomer really has to cut the mustard to be worthy of recommendation. In this instance, I think the new Dual XT app slices the Coleman’s to perfection. Dual File Manager XT   Dual File Manager XT List view on left side and thumbnail view on right What separates it …
Alun Taylor, 2 Aug 2011
Camera Prime

Camera Prime

iOS App of the Week After taking some really rubbish photos at a friend’s birthday recently, I decided I needed some sort of timer app for the camera on my iPhone. Camera Prime Besides timed capture, Camera Prime offers a framing aid There are a number of very simple timers – most of which are free to download – but then I started to think …
Cliff Joseph, 28 Jul 2011


Android App of the Week If you’ve ever wondered what your environment looked like in the past, or just like looking at old photographs of places you know, then Historypin is well worth a download. Searching for pictures couldn't be more easy. The app shows them pinned to Google Maps so you just pan around to any places of interest. Tap on the pic …
Alun Taylor, 26 Jul 2011
Files Connect

Files Connect

iOS App of the Week I use Dropbox to sync files between computers and mobile devices, but the problem with Dropbox is that you can only sync files and folders that you’ve already placed into the Dropbox folders on those devices. I’m not that organised and when I’m using my iPhone or iPad I often find that I’d like to quickly browse my desktop …
Cliff Joseph, 14 Jul 2011
Dinner Spinner

Dinner Spinner

Android App of the Week Dinner Spinner is a classic example of the slick and inventive apps that have made the iOS App Store what it is today. It’s also a good example of the way those same apps are now migrating to Android. The idea is blindingly simple and perfect for anyone who - like me - thinks that cooking involves a telephone and knowing the …
Alun Taylor, 12 Jul 2011

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