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Shouting match

Capitalize 'Internet'? AP says no – Vint Cerf says yes

While nerds have the pronunciation of "gif" to argue over, the rest of the world continues to battle over whether the word "internet" should be capitalized or not. This week the Associated Press stepped into the breach and announced from here on in, it would use a lowercase "internet" and a lowercase "web." Starting today, AP …

Forget black helicopters, FBI flying surveillance Cessnas over US cities. Warrant? What's that?

The FBI has confirmed it is using shell companies to fly surveillance aircraft with cellphone scanners and video cameras over US cities on a daily basis – and without the need for warrants. The aircraft were spotted over Baltimore last month monitoring the protests and riots in that city. An AP investigation has confirmed that …
Iain Thomson, 2 Jun 2015
Nicaraguan meteorite investigated by soldier

NASA said a 60ft space alien menacing Earth wouldn't harm us: Tell THAT to Nicaragua

Pics The Nicaraguan government reckons a meteorite that created a huge hole in the ground just outside its capital's main airport may have been part of the 2014 RC asteroid that skimmed past Earth at the weekend. Some NASA experts aren't so sure, however. In fact, they've practically ruled it out. Nicaraguan meteorite Nicaraguan …
Iain Thomson, 8 Sep 2014
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Government admits seizing two months of AP phone records

The Associated Press reports that government investigators seized two months' worth of telephone records from its staff last year and hid that fact until now. "There can be no possible justification for such an overbroad collection of the telephone communications of The Associated Press and its reporters," said CEO Gary Pruitt …
Iain Thomson, 14 May 2013
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Oi, journos. Try NOT to get hacked again. Lots of love, Twitter

Twitter has warned news agencies that hackers could strike again unless journalists take basic precautions - like using a decent password. The micro-blogging site wrote to a number of news outlets warning that hackers consider them "high value" targets. Their note of caution comes as the Syrian Electronic Army continued their …
Jasper Hamill, 30 Apr 2013
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Hacked AP tweet claiming White House explosion causes Dow dip

A group calling itself the Syrian Electronic Army is claiming that it successfully hacked the official Twitter account of the Associated Press and is responsible for a tweet that briefly wiped billions off the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Tuesday. The tweet, issued from AP's main account, warned that there had been two …
Iain Thomson, 23 Apr 2013
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Hope springs eternal for Obama poster plagiarist

Associated Press has settled one of its copyright infringement lawsuit with artist Shepard Fairey over the once-iconic, now-ironic Obama "HOPE" poster. The two parties came to an out of court agreement this week, but several other AP claims against Fairey's commercial empire are still to be resolved. And these could prove …
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Jan 2011
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News gatherers urge court to protect 'hot news' doctrine

Major US news organisations have filed papers with a New York court arguing that the controversial 'hot news' doctrine should be preserved and that they should be able to sue anyone who republishes their news quickly. Associated Press (AP), Agence France-Presse (AFP), the New York Times, local paper giant Gannet and others …
OUT-LAW.COM, 25 Jun 2010
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The Internet's most evil company?

Information wants to be free? Au contraire, information wants to tell you all about itself, where, how and if you can use it, and it reserves the right to sue the crap out of you if you don't pay attention. Or at least, that seems to be the way a growing number of traditional publishing organisations view it - the internet has …
John Lettice, 31 Jul 2009
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AP may have to take on entire blogosphere

A major news agency has claimed that a blog's quotation of its stories is copyright infringement and has demanded they be taken down in a case which could redraw the lines of acceptable blog behaviour. The writer behind the blog has told OUT-LAW.COM that if AP continues its case it will be taking on the entire blogosphere. " …
OUT-LAW.COM, 17 Jun 2008
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Comcast busted for bagging BitTorrents (again)

New tests have confirmed that Comcast is throttling file-sharing traffic. Citing tests run on machines across the US, The Associated Press reported today that the big-name internet service provider "actively interferes" with attempts to swap files over P2P networks like BitTorrent, eDonkey, and Gnutella. The Reg first …
Cade Metz, 20 Oct 2007
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(Agence) France(-Press) surrenders to Google

News agency Agence France-Presse entered a ménage à deux today with Google en lieu of a $17.5m lawsuit over its news stories appearing on Google News. Google will pay to use AFP content that drives online traffic to AFP affiliates. Financial details of the dénouement were not disclosed. The contretemps began in March, 2005 …
Austin Modine, 6 Apr 2007

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