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NSA parody T-shirt

NSA lays out its reforms post-Snowden (they can fit on back of a stamp)

The NSA has published its first "report" on signals intelligence "reform" in the US. If you were hoping for sweeping changes in the wake of Ed Snowden's whistleblowing, you're in for disappointment. The factsheet, covering the year to date, was written up after some prodding and tutting by President Obama in January 2014. It …
Iain Thomson, 5 Feb 2015
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US wireless not competitive enough - FCC

The FCC has published its annual report on the competitiveness of the US wireless industry, and says there's not enough of it - despite industry howls to the contrary. The report covers part of 2008 and most of 2009, and leaves industry body the CTIA "disappointed and confused as to why [the FCC has] chosen not to make a …
Bill Ray, 21 May 2010
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Congestion charge means less traffic, more congestion

Transport for London has published its sixth annual report into the impact of the congestion charge on the city's traffic, with the surprise finding that fewer cars are entering the zone but congestion is as bad as it was before the charge was introduced. The number of cars entering the original congestion zone is down 21 per …
John Oates, 6 Aug 2008
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Citizens's panel demands policing for DNA database

A "Citizens' Inquiry" into the Forensic Use of DNA and National DNA Database is calling for proper public debate into the issues raised by the database, education of the public about their rights and an independent body to oversee the development of the database. The Citizens' Inquiry was made up of 30 people drafted in to …
John Oates, 30 Jul 2008
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Report fingers prints as ID scheme's point of failure

Yet more trouble assails the government’s £4.4bn National Identity Scheme (NIS), as an official report puts the boot into the preferred scheme for “exception handling” – and a bunch of techies show how the recommended system can be beaten. Official trouble comes in the form of the latest annual report (pdf) from the Biometrics …
Jane Fae , 10 Jul 2008
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Criminal record checks: More often wrong than right

Sleight of hand by the Home Office doesn’t quite cover up the fact that last year the number of people wrongly branded as criminals was actually more than the number of people identified as having committed a sex crime. That is the picture that emerges if you take the time to wade through the morass of ever-so-slightly skewed …
Jane Fae , 9 Jul 2008
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IPS ditches e-passport system

The Identity and Passport Service has written off £10.8m in dropping a scheme for electronic passport applications. The management board of IPS has decided to abandon the electronic passport applications (EPA2) scheme, which it started in 2005 and opened in May 2006, according to the agency's annual report (pdf). The system, …
Kablenet, 8 Jul 2008
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IPS finds no nuggets in ID checking goldmine

Government plans to position the Identity & Passport Service as the UK's de facto identity services broker seem not to have entirely caught the imagination of the private sector, figures in IPS' annual report and accounts suggest. Although IPS recruited 44 new customers for its Passport Validation Service (PVS), income from this …
John Lettice, 4 Jul 2008
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UK is not a surveillance society, MPs claim

The Home Affairs Committee has called on the government to follow a "minimum data, held for the minumum time" approach to British citizens' personal information in its long-awaited report into surveillance. The Committee has decided, after a year long investigation, that the UK is not becoming a surveillance society but warns …
John Oates, 8 Jun 2008
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SOCA says: We are hitting serious criminals

The UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) has said it is making progress in the fight against high-impact crime. The agency published its second annual report on Thursday highlighting increased seizures of Class A drugs and the confiscation of criminals' wealth. Earlier this week the agency came under fire for abandoning …
John Leyden, 15 May 2008
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German cops will track G8 crusties by their smell

German police are compiling a Stasi-style "scent bank" database of potentially violent crusty protesters against global capitalism, according to reports. An article in today's Guardian, dated from Berlin, reports that federal prosecutors confirmed German media reports of the polizei B.O. files yesterday. Reportedly, the German …
Lewis Page, 23 May 2007
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80% of complaints to EU privacy watchdog are misdirected

The number of complaints to the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) almost doubled in 2006, but only 20 per cent were valid complaints for the privacy watchdog of the EU institutions, its annual report has said. The number of complaints remained small, rising from 27 in 2005 to 52 in 2006. All but 10 of the complaints …
OUT-LAW.COM, 3 May 2007

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