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American Express inks blockchain deal: Will use tech to pay UK folk who bank with Santander

Blockchain tech found another friend in American Express and UK customers of Santander. Well, sort of. The firm has slipped inside its international payments platform the network of the digital startup Ripple, according to a press release. The network allows select American Express business customers to make payments to …
Andrew Silver, 17 Nov 2017
American Express

Amex 'fesses up: Your credit card data was nicked ... and it's taken three years to admit it

Update American Express has told the California Department of Justice that some of its customers had their credit card numbers stolen, and that it happened almost three years ago. We're told Amex's security was not directly breached by criminals, rather its customers' details were leaked by a clumsy intermediary. The fact it took …
Iain Thomson, 17 Mar 2016

Visa's tokenisation scheme to debut in Australia

Australian and European shoppers will be able to use a throwaway Visa card token to shop online in a bid to reduce fraud. The scheme is being rolled out across Australia and Europe to Visa-allied banks and merchants. Shoppers will be issued tokens that will be matched to their cards. Validated transactions will map tokens to …
Darren Pauli, 25 Feb 2015

Apple reportedly inks deal with American Express for its iPhone payments system

Apple has reportedly agreed to work with American Express on its new iPhone 6 payment system - which is now just nine days away from being unveiled by Cupertino. The latest rumour once again springs from the Re/Code blog, which cites those ever reliable (or not so much) sources familiar with the situation. But there will be …
Team Register, 31 Aug 2014
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#Forwhy: American Express lets you pay by tweet

Credit card company American Express has launched a service that lets customers buy things using Twitter. The new Card Sync service from American Express syncs customers' credit cards to their Twitter accounts and allows Twits to burn the plastic from the comfort of of their Twitter app. "You can turn a hashtag into more than …
Anna Leach, 12 Feb 2013
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Why embossed credit cards are here to stay

Embossed numbers on credit cards are here to stay, and probably for a very long time, say the big three credit card issuers. The raised numbering on credit cards may seem anachronistic given that EMV chips are increasingly being adopted around the world, while magnetic strip cards have been with us for decades. The long …
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AmEx 'debug mode left site wide open', says hacker

An alleged vulnerability on American Express site exposed customers to a serious security risk before the credit card giant closed down a portion of its site on Thursday afternoon. Researcher Niklas Femerstrand claimed the problem arose because the debug mode of the site had inexplicably been left on, thus …
John Leyden, 7 Oct 2011
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Pay-by-mobile plan taps up UK consumers

Britan got a new pay as you go mobile provider this morning, which will put paying for things other than mobile service at the centre of its business model. Simply Tap is backed by Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy Europe, but is part of an explosion in ways of paying for stuff that's coming our way. The service will be run by …
Bill Ray, 29 Mar 2011
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Mythbusters RFID episode axed after 'pressure' from credit card firms

Update: Since we published this story MythBusters host Adam Savage has backtracked on claims that Discovery Channel caved into commercial pressure in canceling a planned show on RFID technology. See new story here. Discovery Channel prevented the exploration of RFID security by Mythbusters, the popular science television show, …
John Leyden, 3 Sep 2008

Arrest made over data-stuffed eBay laptop hard drive

Police have made an arrest in connection with last week's eBay sale of a computer hard drive containing personal data. The latest information security lapse has happened in Charnwood in Leicestershire, where taxpayers' personal details were found on a computer which was sold for £6.99. The details are said to include bank …
OUT-LAW.COM, 2 Sep 2008
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French train tickets go USB

The French National Railway Company is trialling contactless tickets with USB connections, replacing the ubiquitous ISO7816 for online top-ups and data storage. The trial, which involves 1,000 tickets, is to start in the autumn in four as-yet-undisclosed regions of France, reports the RFID Journal. SNCF already uses …
Bill Ray, 28 Aug 2008
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Million bank details sold on eBay

A computer hard disc containing one million sets of bank details was bought on eBay for just £35. The secondhand PC contained details of customers from American Express, NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland. The files included names, addresses, sort codes, account numbers, credit card numbers, mobile phone numbers, mothers' …
John Oates, 26 Aug 2008

Law Lords back protection for credit card purchases abroad

The House of Lords has supported the overturning of an earlier court decision that could have damaged confidence in ecommerce. The Lords ruled against Lloyds TSB, Tesco Personal Finance and American Express on Wednesday (Oct 31). Consumers will still be able to claim refunds on goods from credit card companies even if their …
OUT-LAW.COM, 2 Nov 2007

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