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London's Gatwick Airport flies back to the future as screens fail

Updated London Gatwick Airport’s shiny new cloud-based flight information display system had a hard landing this morning as its vision of the future was brought down to earth with a bump. While collecting the Cloud Project of the Year award at the Real IT awards in May, the airport proclaimed its new screens were "an innovative, cost …
Richard Speed, 20 Aug 2018

Apple grounds AirPort once and for all. It has departed. Not gonna fly any more. The baggage is dropped off...

Apple is officially getting out of the home networking business. The Cupertino phone flinger has confirmed it is phasing out the AirPort, its wireless router line unveiled in 1999. The current stock will be allowed to run out, and new models are not planned for the foreseeable future. "We’re discontinuing the Apple AirPort …
Shaun Nichols, 27 Apr 2018

Genoans flout terror ban with bumper basil hand baggage policy

Heightened security at airports clearly doesn't apply to all liquids, at least not in Italy. An airport in Genoa is now allowing flyers to travel with jars of the local speciality sauce – pesto. Cristoforo Colombo Airport said that receptacles of the green stuff made with basil, cheese, pine nuts and olive oil – even jars over …
Paul Kunert, 22 Jun 2017
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Hundreds stranded at Manchester Airport due to IT 'glitch'

A technical "glitch" at Manchester Airport has left hundreds of passengers stranded for hours this morning. Several airlines were affected including Virgin, SAS, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific flights. Manchester Airport ascribed the "technical failure" with the check-in system as being due to "an issue with overnight …
Lily Moore, 13 Jun 2017
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London City airport swaps control tower for digital cameras

London’s City airport is replacing its air traffic control tower with zoomable cameras worked from a base in Hampshire, according to reports. City, a small business-focused airport tucked into the capital’s Canary Wharf district (aircraft landing from, or departing to, the west of the airport actually fly between the area’s …
Gareth Corfield, 19 May 2017

Apple unplugs its home LAN biz, allegedly

Apple has pencilled in the end-of-life date for its 17-year-old AirPort product line. The news comes courtesy of Bloomberg, which probably got it right even if it does describe routers as "access points that connect laptops, iPhones and other devices to the web without a cable." The report notes that wireless networking isn't …
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Idiot flies drone alongside Flybe jet landing at Newquay Airport

A drone was involved in a near-miss with a Flybe passenger flight on approach to Newquay Airport on Tuesday, putting the aircraft's 62 passengers and crew at risk. The flight – BE804, which arrives at Newquay from London Gatwick airport and shares codes with Virgin Atlantic and British Airways – was at 900 feet and about two …
Gareth Corfield, 11 Aug 2016
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Your next flight is to Glorious China, Owners Of All South China Sea

Flight information screens at Vietnam's two main airports were hacked over the weekend to spout pro-Chinese propaganda. AP reported that the public address system of Hanoi's Noi Bai airport and the Tan Son Nhat airport, which serves Ho Chi Minh City, were also hacked on Friday evening. The hackers used the systems to make …
John Leyden, 1 Aug 2016

Idiot brings gun-shaped iPhone to airport

Pic Cops at Stansted airport in Essex, UK, couldn't believe their eyes when a passenger turned up for a flight with what looked like a gun in his bag. The unnamed pillock had chosen to protect his iPhone with a black case that sported a realistic-looking handgun built into the base. It's difficult to see the attraction of such a …
Iain Thomson, 8 Jul 2016
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AirPort owners: Apple's patched a mystery vuln

Apple has run out a security update for its AirPort routers, to fix a nine-month-old DNS parsing vulnerability. The firmware upgrade is here, and covers 802.11n AirPort Express, Extreme and Time Capsule base stations; and 802.11ac AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule versions. The Apple advisory states only that “A remote …

Did water rocket threaten Brum airport Airbus?

The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) last week called for action to control the use of drones, citing several examples from the the latest UK Airprox Board report (PDF) of UAVs menacing airliners. The report contains details of seven such incidents, four of which fell into the most serious category A, "where a …
Lester Haines, 1 Feb 2016

Did you almost prang a 737 jet with a drone over Dallas? The FAA would like a word

A small drone caused quite a stir at an airport in Texas when it crossed paths with a passenger jet. A landing Boeing 737 on its one mile approach to the Dallas Love Field airport came within a few hundred feet of the small quad-copter, we're told. The plane did not hit the drone, and was able to safely land without needing to …
Shaun Nichols, 8 Jun 2015

Stateside security screeners sacked for squeezing 'sexy' sacks

Two security strokers screeners at Denver airport got the boot after investigators were tipped off about gratuitous groin groping of certain male travellers, a police report reveals. The Office of Inspection of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) were informed of the pair’s pervy prowess and did a little probing …
Paul Kunert, 16 Apr 2015

Flying cars will take to the skies in 2017, if government allows

A Czech firm thinks it's finally solved one of the tech world's most desirable objects, the flying car, and says the first consumer vehicles will be ready to lift off by 2017, government regulations permitting. Youtube Video Speaking at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas, the AeroMobil company founder Juraj …
Iain Thomson, 17 Mar 2015

UK flights CRIPPLED by system outage that shut ALL London airspace

All London airspace was closed to incoming and departing traffic for just under an hour on Friday afternoon due to a computer outage at the National Air Traffic Services – Blighty's air traffic control authority. According to the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation, a machine failure resulted in all airspace …
Kat Hall, 12 Dec 2014
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San Franciscans: Lyft and UberX want to take you to the airport

Bay Area residents looking to get to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) received another option this week when Uber announced it had agreed with authorities on a plan to allow UberX and Lyft drivers to travel to and from the airport. The airport said that the deal would allow the amateur driver service to make trips to …
Shaun Nichols, 22 Oct 2014

Cops apologise for leaving EXPLOSIVES in suitcase at airport

Australia's Federal Police force has apologised for leaving explosives in a suitcase at an airport. The force says the explosives – all 230 grams of them – were a “canine training device” inadvertently left in a suitcase used during a training exercise at Sydney Airport. The suitcase was then forgotten but eventually “a woman …
Simon Sharwood, 12 Sep 2014
A U-2 "Dragon Lady" takes off from the Osan Air Base, South Korea, flightline Oct. 21, 2009, during the base Air Power Day air show. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson)

LA air traffic meltdown: System simply 'RAN OUT OF MEMORY'

A computer crash that caused the collapse of a $2.4bn air traffic control system may have been caused by a simple lack of memory, insiders close to the cock-up alleged today. Hundreds of flights were delayed two weeks ago after the air traffic control system that manages the airspace around Los Angeles' LAX airport went titsup …
Jasper Hamill, 12 May 2014

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