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Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth under construction in Rosyth. Crown copyright

'No decision' on Raytheon GPS landing system aboard Brit aircraft carriers

The Ministry of Defence has insisted it has made “no decision” to install the US Navy’s JPALS aircraft carrier landing system aboard HMS Prince of Wales, the second of the Royal Navy’s two new 65,000-tonne aircraft carriers. US defence contractor Raytheon this week said it was in talks with the MoD over fitting its JPALS …
Gareth Corfield, 22 Jun 2017
Screengrab of a control room in new Royal Navy aircraft carrier. One of the screens sports unmistakable Windows XP desktop

National Audit Office: Brit aircraft carrier project is fine and dandy... for now

The National Audit Office has confirmed that F-35 fighter jets should be flying from new British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth by the year 2020, if all goes to plan. The Delivering Carrier Strike report from the UK watchdog said: “The current target of accepting the carrier from the Aircraft Carrier Alliance by the end …
Gareth Corfield, 17 Mar 2017
Harriett Baldwin MP and Tony Douglas, chief exec DE&S, Ministry of Defence

HMS Queen Elizabeth is delayed, Ministry of Defence confesses

Defence chiefs have confessed that the 70,000-ton aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth’s delivery date is getting later and later – with one Tory minister openly mocking an MP who asked a straight question. Minister for defence procurement Harriett Baldwin, appearing before Parliament’s Defence Select Committee yesterday and …
gold abacus via shutterstock

National Audit Office: UK's military is buying more than it can afford

Military kit costs are going to skyrocket, according to the National Audit Office, which claims the Ministry of Defence now needs to slash an extra £5.8bn from its budget over the next 10 years. “The affordability of the Equipment Plan is at greater risk than at any time since its inception,” intoned Sir Amyas Morse, the head …
Gareth Corfield, 27 Jan 2017

US Navy runs into snags with aircraft carrier's electric plane-slingshot

The US Navy is having difficulties with its latest aircraft carrier's Electromagnetic Aircraft Launching System (EMALS) – the same system which the UK mooted fitting to its new Queen Elizabeth-class carriers. The US Department of Operational Test and Evaluation (DOTE) revealed yesterday, in its end-of-year report [PDF] for …
Gareth Corfield, 11 Jan 2017

Royal Navy parks 470 double-decker buses on Queen Elizabeth

Today saw her Maj QE2 smash a bottle of Islay malt whisky over her floating namesake at Fife's Rosyth dockyard, as she hailed "a new phase" in Blighty's glorious naval history. The carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is a 280-metre-long behemoth which promises a maritime capability equal to that of its voracious appetite for …
Lester Haines, 4 Jul 2014
The X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System at its rollout ceremony

Top guns doomed as US Navy demos first carrier-launched drone

The US Navy has successfully completed the first carrier launch of its unmanned X47B drone, a programmable stealth strike aircraft with a range of 2,100 miles and the skills to allow automatic in-flight refueling, which could give it global reach. #BREAKING: #USNavy history is made! Was airborne at 11:18A. More to come. MT @ …
Iain Thomson, 14 May 2013
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USS Enterprise sets out on its final mission

The US Navy's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise, has set sail on her last mission before being consigned to the scrap heap. After 51 years as a serving warship, including multiple circumnavigations of the globe, the Enterprise's final trip will be a short one from its home port of Naval Station Norfolk …
Iain Thomson, 2 Nov 2012
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Ex-NASA space shuttle to touch down on aircraft carrier

In a move sure to delight aerospace fans everywhere, it has been announced that one of NASA's retired space shuttles will make a landing in the harbour of New York City next year – onto the deck of an aircraft carrier. Orbiter Enterprise launches from the back of a carrier jumbo during 1970s test flights. Credit: NASA JSC …
Lewis Page, 25 Nov 2011
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Colossal dead black neo-sphere approaching Earth

A gigantic, spinning, dead black spherical object dubbed YU55 and approximately of the same bulk as a nuclear aircraft carrier is expected to make a close pass by planet Earth on Tuesday night, coming well inside the orbit of the Moon. NEO YU55 imaged by the Arecibo radar telescope. Credit: NASA Looks a bit like that thing …
Lewis Page, 7 Nov 2011
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US Navy laser cannon used to set boat aflame

Vid US Navy boffins last week carried out their first test of a raygun mounted on a warship, using the beam to blast a small rigid-inflatable boat and set its engines on fire. The boat-blaster trial comes as part of the Maritime Laser Demonstrator (MLD) programme run by the US Office of Naval Research (ONR). It took place near …
Lewis Page, 11 Apr 2011
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HMS Ark Royal goes under the hammer

We at El Reg have always fancied our own navy, so we're seriously considering making a bid for the recently-decommissioned aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal. The MoD is offloading the venerable vessel down at, along with Type-42 destroyers HMS Exeter, HMS Southampton and HMS Nottingham. Anyone interested in …
Lester Haines, 28 Mar 2011
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Robot naval stealth fighter takes to the air

Vid The disappearance of swaggering pilots from the flight decks of US naval aircraft carriers came a step closer on Friday with the first flight of the X-47B robot tailhook stealth jet. The X-47B is intended to demonstrate that unmanned aircraft can take off from aircraft carrier catapults and land back on deck again using …
Lewis Page, 7 Feb 2011
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Wreck of 1930s flying aircraft carrier dubbed 'historic'

The US government has added the crash site of the most powerful flying aircraft carrier ever built to the National Register of Historic Places, 75 years after the event. USS Macon above San Francisco Fleet Week really meant something back then The airship USS Macon - comparable in size to the even more famous and equally …
Lewis Page, 12 Feb 2010
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Royal Navy to get two carriers - but only one air group?

Analysis The British press is full of reports today that the Royal Navy has agreed to "give up" one of its planned two aircraft carriers - or, more accurately, to give up one of the planned air-groups of F-35 stealth fighters which are intended to fly from them. The revelations stem from a story in the Times, which claims that a firm …
Lewis Page, 26 Oct 2009
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UK Carriers safe: Other war-tech ripe for the chopper

Analysis The UK government has confirmed to shipbuilding executives that it will shortly place orders for two large new aircraft carriers, after years of uncertainty. But the move has been accompanied by renewed wrangling over Ministry of Defence (MoD) accounts, and seems likely to foreshadow cuts to some other major equipment programme …
Lewis Page, 18 May 2008

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